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Why We Should Be Ashamed Of Congress and Our President.

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I happened to catch the Dateline video segment on American Home Foreclosures yesterday. Have you seen this? Video footage of reluctant police officers going to home after home saying "I'm sorry, but we have come to remove you from this house, the bank has foreclosed and the courts have ordered you out." It is truly heart breaking. One man sits and sobs to his daughter that he is so sorry he was unable to keep a roof over her head.

Jesus Christ.

Over 220,000 homes in this country are in some form of delinquency. Here is where I can't comprehend where all of the heads lf Liberals are at- why do you demand and insist that these people, while unable to even support their families by keeping a roof over their head, still be forced to pay the income tax rather than their mortgages? How does that benefit the greater good of this nation?? How is it better for their money to go to Wall Street, the Dept. of Defense, and social programs than to pay for their own homes??  Maybe you're one of those people that has bought the propaghanda for the "need" for the income tax. Did you know the income tax only generate $1.1 Trillion dollars a year and only accounts for NOT EVEN 1/3 OF THE FEDERAL BUDGET? Did you know not a dime of it is used to fund roads, infrastructure, education, social security, medicare, or medicaid? Did you know that $800 billion of it was just handed off as a gift to Wall Street, with another $190 billion handed off to AIG? That is 90% of the income tax right there- if we need it so badly, how can we afford to just give it away to the financial sector? Answer? Because we don't need it. How was that money better used as bailouts rather than as a rebate to the working class? These people are being thrown out in the streets, but not before you have Liberal congressmen shove the IRS's hands into their pockets and rob them of the very little money they have left. These poor people already pay property taxes, sales tax, medicare, medicaid, social security, taxes on their electric bill, water bill, phone bill, gasoline; every last product they buy, be it clothing, food, or even bottled water, comes from a corporation that must pay large corporate taxes, which only inflates the final price to the consumer, not to mention that the members of that corporation must pay all of the above said taxes that the consumer is paying, further inflating the cost! And you wonder why we are in record home foreclosure and bankruptcy?? And what do all of you say? "Higher taxes! More spending!! Take more! I want more "from the government"! I want free healthcare! I want medical benefits for illegal immigrants! I want low interest school loans! I want more social programs! I want free abortions! I want I want want! and I don't care who has to pay for it!!"

If you were to see the face of the people paying for all of these things you think you are somehow entitled to- how would you feel? Saying "Sorry you're homeless, but at least my state got some federal aid for some highways!" Can any man with a beating heart in his chest honestly say anyone who makes $36,000 a year is better off handing over 30% of it to the government rather than using that money to pay his rent or mortgage? It is better for him to be thrown in the street and go to a taxpayer funded homeless shelter than to keep his own roof over his head? It is a better use of the money to ship it off to Wall Street, AIG, and the Big 3 in Detroit to keep them from failing (which they will anyway) rather than to let a working man use that money to feed his children?

Maybe you don't think that. And thank God! But Barack Obama does. As does Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and every other worthless Democrat in Congress. They see nothing wrong with continuing the income tax (which by the way only produces $1.1 Trillion in revenue, and this year alone over $800 Billion of it went to Wall Street firms in the TARP bailout, so quite literally 72 cents of every dollar you pay in income tax this year, you will receive absolutely nothing in return.) Again, how is that better use of the money than to use it to pay mortgages? This is the America you liberals have dreamed of? This is the change we can believe in? Men weeping as they see their children with nowhere to sleep, while their hard earned meager salaries are cannibalized by the treasury and shipped off to irresponsible banks who deserve nothing more than to be utter collapsed and bulldozed to the ground? Again I ask, where are your heads?? Where are your hearts??

And let's talk about that ridiculous legislation for a minute. Let's not even get into how abhorrently unconstitutional it is, or how it infringes on 3 separate articles in our very own bill of rights- let's discuss the whole approach! If they wanted to stimulate the economy and create jobs, why didn't they just divide up that $800 billion among all the taxpayers as tax rebates?? Doesn't every last bone in your body tell you that for an economy to grow, it needs an influx of new money. If there is more money to be spent, there is more money to be made, so there is more production to be demanded, and more jobs to be created, and more salaries to be paid. How simple is that? So why in God's name did we ship off $800 billion to Wall Street? What does that accomplish?? Would it not have been exponentially better to rather than spend all that money, just freeze the income tax and not collect it? To give every American in this country an almost instantaneous 20-30% pay raise which they could use to bring their debts current, or spend how they see fit? WOULD IT HAVE NOT BEEN BETTER USED TO PAY DELINQUENT MORTGAGES SO THESE HORRIFICALLY UNFORUNATE PEOPLE COULD PROVIDE SHELTER FOR THEIR FAMILIES?

Barack Obama didn't think so, and niether did any other prominent Democrat. You know who did suggest this? Congressman Ron Paul. But of course we can't like him, he's got an R next to his name and he actually uses facts, figures, numbers, statistics, logic, history, rule of law and the constitution to make his case. He tells us the only solution is CUT SPENDING. A huge problem was too much government spending? Oh my god, cutting spending?! Maniacal. The problem is not enough capital in the market place, so OH MY GOD cut the income tax? Leave over a trillion more dollars a year to be spent in the market place?? This man's a kook! Yes, the Democrats are on a much better track! "The economy is in shambles because of too much government spending and record debt.. so the solution is to increase both. Let's print up $800 billion new paper dollars, let Congress earmark it, and this will change everything. This will be that one time where inflation actually brought back an economy, even though it has destroyed, without exception, every economy in all of history including Rome." Brilliant.

You know what's even better for these newly foreclosed homeless people? Barack Obama and the Democrats, with the help of the Federal Reserve, continue to insist on manipulating interest rates to keep home prices high, so now not only are they homeless, THEY CAN'T FIND ANOTHER PLACE TO GO BECAUSE THEY CAN'T AFFORD IT. You know why homes are losing value? BECAUSE THE MARKET IS FILLED WITH PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND I THAT SAY A 3 BEDROOM HOUSE IS NOT WORTH 10 YEARS OF MY SALARY COMBINED. We want the homes at prices we can actually afford! This is the market trying to correct itself- that's what a crash is! The people speaking out with their wallets saying "i'm not willing to pay that, so when you change the price to what it's worth give me a call." Instead of heeding the will of the people, the White House and the Federal Reserve choose to simply lower interest rates on new, artificially created paper and digital money, to make loan terms "less expensive" so people can afford the higher price tag. This money is not backed by anything, and it is literally no different than Monopoly money. It is paper and ink with official numbers and stamps on it. That's it. They flood the banks with this money at an artificially low interest rate, the banks can then loan it out at a low rate, making it now "affordable" to take on these large loans because the repayment terms are easier. HOWEVER THIS DOES NOT TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THE SIDE EFFECT OF INFLATION. All this practice of printing money at low interest rates does so at the cost of devaluing the dollar. It causes the prices of everything else to go up. What good is an affordable mortgage payment if gas goes back up to $5 a gallon?! Is this taken into consideration by the Democrats? Of course not. Why does it not make more sense to just CUT SPENDING, CUT TAXES, AND LEAVE THE VALUE OF THE DOLLAR ALONE?? The hypocrisy of liberals here is incredible- they want to help the poor, and rail against social injustices to no end by demonizing anyone who makes an above average income as greedy and undeserving, yet the one thing they could personally do to make housing exponentially more affordable to the poor is to allow housing prices to crash, and they refuse to do it. Why? Because these same righteous liberals are the same home owners who would rather let the poor stay in the shoddy housing they have now than to let their property values sink and allow them to afford nicer homes, and that is the truth. Because it would actually take a sacrifice FROM THEM PERSONALLY rather than pointing the finger at some faceless top tier rich guy. You want to help the poor? Tell the liberals to stop dumping money into the credit market and inflating the currency.

How can any of you possibly endorse this ridiculous system? My God. Would it not be so much more just, and in the true spirit of freedom to just stop all of this madness?? No more bailouts, no more 24/7 running of the Federal Reserve printing press compounding our deficits and causing mass inflation. Reduce corporate taxes so the corporations can afford higher salaries for the working class, so the 401k's of shareholders can earn higher returns, so the prices of the products being produced can become more affordable to working Americans and competitive across the world again. Reduce Capital gains taxes to encourage investment, and get this country back to people being able to afford their bills and not being forced to live a life of no savings and full reliance on a lifeline for emergencies from creditors. Cut all of these ridiculous taxes and let people pay their mortgages and finally get out of debt!!! Most importantly stop forcing people in this country to be dependent on the government. Rather than forcing their dependence and offering government service, get out of their lives and give them the ability to succeed on their own. Despite what you believe AMERICANS CAN TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES WITHOUT THE GOVERNMENT THERE EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY OFFERING TO HELP WITH SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY. ESPECIALLY IF WE STOP LETTING THEM HELP THE CORPORATIONS WITH OURS.

Liberals, socialists, and centrist leaning democrats, I beg of you. Stop this absurdity. Stop supporting Barack Obama's manipulation of the markets and let home prices crash. Let homes become affordable to poor people. Give someone making $20,000 a year the chance to afford their own home. Stop allowing the foreclosed and bankrupt workers to have their incomes garnished so Congress can send it off to AIG while their children go hungry or homeless. Don't let them use it to pay for medical treatment of illegal immigrants, or for the countless number of needless foreign military bases, or all this endless war! Just let people stay in their homes, for Christ's sake! If nearly 1% of the entire country is in foreclosure, all that means is that the government is taking too much, and appropriating it disproportionately- and that's a fact.

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