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It's clear that the partisan lines were drawn with this decision by the Court.  Conservatives on One Side, Liberals and Neo-Progressives on the Other.  It's obvious where everyone stood.

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You can see the Senators such as Lyndsay Graham and Governors such as Jan Brewer are doing the Snoopy Dance of Happiness.

Graham: "Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act was a necessary tool to preserve voting rights, but due to the reform and advances in South Carolina election law, it is no longer necessary," he said in a statement. "The Supreme Court noted this tremendous progress in South Carolina's electoral system and it was the underpinning of their decision. I concur with the Court that our state has made tremendous progress."
Brewer: "It's hampered us for a long time," Brewer told reporters Tuesday. "It's another blow. it's another strike for states rights. I think we were being punished by the Voting Rights Act for indiscretions, for bad things that took place decades ago and those don't take place any longer. We have grown and so it was the right thing to do so I'm pleased."
This coming from the Governor of the State that Houses Sheriff Joe Arpaio who is up to bushy eye-brows in Discrimination Suits.

Yeah, that stuff used to happen years ago and doesn't take place any longer... except that it does, and everyone knows it.

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