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Selected Politically Progressive, Powerful, Poetic, Pointed Replies to S.F. Chronicle (Online) Arcticles

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(c)2008 by Sandy Schoenfeld - www.howlingwolfphotos.comn
May be forwarded/shared IN TOTO (no, not the dog) or IN PART
with the above credit. Why should the FBI be the only one to have all that?
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Comment on: Bush warns 'entire economy is in danger' at 9/24/2008 6:51 PM PDT
NO BAIL OUT. PLUNDERERS TAKE THE FACT THAT THE CHICKENS HAVE COME HOME (IF NOT THE TROOPS YET) TO ROOST OVER YOUR HEARTLESS HEADS AND TAKE THE DUMP ON YOUR GAMES THAT SHOULD JUST KEEP GOING AND GOING AND GOING because that is exactly how Capitalism works..... NOT WELL  NOT LONG  NOT AT ALL  NOT REALLY.. JUST PLAIN F'N NOT... NOT FOR MIDDLE CLASS  NOT FOR THE POOR  NOT FOR THE WORLD  NOT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT  NOT FOR THE FUTURE.... THE STUPID ARCHAIC MODEL OF GREED AND DERANGED COMPETITION IS OUTLIVED... when we all share the same basic needs from birth until death.... Now, Wall Streeters who funded Hitler (Prescott Bush!) etc. are hopin' to get the blessings of the swan song dying effort of THE WORST EVER PUPPET PREZ of the CHENYDOM blabbering extortion racket speech. Bush looked ready to cry. His place in history ain't going up... not up anything we wanna have it be up. NEW DEAL AND FREE BASIC NEEDS FOR ALL WHO HAVE THEM AND THAT'S ALL. WORK TOGETHER ON BASICS NOT SHAMEFUL GREED. JEEZ!
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Cut and run, Mc$ame... Diddy bop outa your debate and start walking (off) point, like your rhetoric and lies... no jail cell here to hold you, tiger cage or pig cage (or elephant) cage... Maybe he's too unable to surrender coz he can't raise his arms above his shoulders? But how did he give all his consent "heil Bush" salutes so many yammering complicit years... musta done the low casual style heil. well, not to worry, just turn macho idiot frost queen loose on Wall Street in her full hunting drag... no, she only attack the poor.. so, better yet.. have HER come to the debate... she can show how ready they are to work when the elections are rigged to blame fictitious numbers of Palin votin' PUMAS to cover the surprise total... and when she jumps on his womanizing frail bones to off him with her jogger's endurance and opportunistic fanaticism in the ovum office on night one... she can then express her true thrust -- toward conceiving that Armageddon she's so wishin' to have a part in..... no bail out, no cop out, all neocons out, and wall streeters TO THE CURB ONLY
Comment on: Democratic leaders ask for a smaller bailout at 9/24/2008 3:34 PM PDT
the Bush family & wall streeters financed Hitler*, and now they want (to continue ) to finance fascism here... there's a lot of "good nazis" who are "just following orders" in WashDC...not to mention the ones imported directly to run some pentagon services (i.e. Eastern Intel Ops -- no doubt now happy retired on Swiss bank soc. sec. ) Be sure to CALL AND FAX reps of all persuasions to NOT DO A BAIL OUT...some great and validating comments here (for a change) and let's hope it does some of that... change.. and not just small change left by rip and run plunderers with tacit sanction by the oligarchy in power at this time
Comment on: Democratic leaders ask for a smaller bailout at 9/23/2008 5:10 PM PDT
LET THE PLUNDERERS FALL - CAPITALISTS HEAPING AND HEAPING AND HEAPING YET AGAIN... HEAPS OF TROUBLE NOW? TUFF SHAT.. FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS OR LITTLE GUY WHATEVER: A NEW DEAL WILL FORM FAST TO AVOID TRUE AND REALISTIC SOCIALISM, LONG AGO OVERDUE prevented only by Gold Rush in 1800's and New Deal earlier this century. Real American's know what is right, if given the chance to fill their brains to wake up and find their hearts again. And at a glance.. jeez, LET THE PLUNDERERS FALL. The dogs of war(bucks) chase their own fouled tails and would bite off all heads of all in their current pain. Are we supposed to pity the GREED IS GOOD GEEKS? Let them do some chain gang real work. NO BAIL OUT, NO JAIL OUT. And that cuts across all party lines... TELL ALL YOUR REPS .. NO BAIL OUT even a tinkered one is an insult and assault to all... PLUNDERERS MUST... YOU KNOW. YOU REMEMBER.. IT'S JUST A FEW WORDS ABOVE.. :) AND IT'S FALL... NOW.
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GEEZER & SKEEZER 2K08? This pathetic mess is Ike's military-industrial complex on meth. The dogs of war(bucks) chase their own fouled tail. I only hope they don't rig it as the last 2 were, listing so-called lie-totaled PUMAS as some big FAKED imaginary SKEEZER vote. Voting for Mc$ame and the idiot Frost Princess of the North would be like stepping in front of a moving truck to show someone how you were once before hit by a moving truck. WHO in their right mind, heart, soul, dream or sense of reality can take this crew seriously? It's America's shameful failure to keep up with humanity that can even have such misfit out-of-touch sociopathic exploitive abusive twits being praised by the lemmings, sheep, media? who seem to have been scared, unloved, talk-show brainwashed (or bribed) out of their minds or worse, their hearts most of their life who'd even consider this aggressive deranged backwards war-loving geezer and lying, out-of-her-league, book-burning creationist hypocrite skeezer)
*** a week after that appeared an SF-based T-shirt maker sells
"GEEZER and the SKEEZER" t-shirts online for 38 bucks...  ~X. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr ***
Comment on: George W. Bush Sewage Plant plan is on ballot at 7/18/2008 5:08 AM PDT
When I have to defecate, I always say I'm goin' to make a statue of Bush, so this matter seems to be the perfect naming of where those organic sculptures end up. I hope the voters have the intestinal fortitude to pass it.... butt the stink of Bush's presidency is something no sewage treatment plant could expect to handle.
For children, the mythical boogieman or monsters under the bed become so fearful and believable because, in their psyches, they have: a) developed some anxiety, consciously only free-floating, with actual cause and objects involved unclear... to defend stability of sorts emotionally... so while the true source (family politics or worse) is vague, it then: b) when some outside object, imaginary or not, is seen or heard described... takes a content to that process of fear, taking a shape, name, orientation - although deranged in that it's symbolic. This NEW YORKER cover does exactly the pathetically too-common sheeple who feel helpless from terrorism (real or not), all-against -allism, racism, fomented by paid neocon culture pimps i.e. RushL. At the very least the cover reinforces their even deeper boogieman anxieties covered up to survive some form of lovelessness, abuse or whatever, from their own crap childhood, and tangibly offers a shape to the ignorant neocon lemming mind.
Comment on: Cancer claims ex-Bush press secretary Tony Snow at 7/12/2008 4:40 PM PDT
I have met a helluva lot of stone cold evil people... in many walks or treads-on of life.. and, to a monster, almost all of them could, at times, affect or even be in ways, a nice guy/gal way at times. Who f'n cares. This snowjob's final legacy was to have been the hired shill and lackey and assistant manipulator to the worst and most harmful regime we have ever had in stolen office. To focus on their niceguyness to the point of being in denial about the damage they helped cause at home and abroad is deranged. Even at a somewhat early by curve death. How many deaths did this dude help put into the mix. That's not words of hater or liberal but just straight reality. If we don't face that stuff within us or in the systems we are part of, it just comes back to us again as fate.
Comment on: Oakland to pay $2 million to officer's victims at 7/10/2008 6:21 PM PDT
The trauma and culture shock alone that a newcomer feels when so abused, misused and in fear to the extent that boundaries and one's own body is allowed access to against one's will .. combined with the intrinsic rape nature of such groping under force of badge... is not to be taken lightly . It can trigger PTSD and worse.... those who whine about taxpayer loss and invalidate or diminishing the abuse as described in the article clearly sound like those who can't relate well to women and sexual abuse as to it's true nature and harmfulness... one out of six women has been raped or worse (abused blatantly or seductively by family member, caretaker or neighbor as child as well as adult...and by our governor too... and most have suffered groping by peers, but... by use of law, trying to get a hopefully timid unwilling complicitor (aka newcomer Asian female) this pig should be doing hard time and made to pay back the city his lifetime. I find no problem his victims getting even more.
Comment on: Ex-EPA aide tells of White House censorship at 7/8/2008 9:15 PM PDT
Cheney, the hand up the hole of the sockpuppet Bush, thus the brains up the butt of Bush... America's own Heinrich Himmler and classic arrogant schmuck. Spiro Agnew, eat your heart out.
Comment on: Alleged Elie Wiesel attacker pleads insanity at 7/8/2008 12:39 PM PDT
be 79, be cornered, held, alone, surprised, with no help, after decades of sharing the reality of the past... with wannabe hitleroid turdball losers such as we see posts from here still around, THEN say you don't feel fear. Even highly trained commandos feel fear, and in fact we don't want those who don't, they'd be sociopaths and not team players. The tiny unit, brain-dead, deranged sociopaths stanking of self-hatred, in denial, and yammering out "holocaust denial' as if it has any value except to delude themselves into avoiding the reality that they and their ilk are just plain phuc'n dumbasses, desperately crazy and worse... For that matter, incarceration where such is okay enough for those who speak it outside their slimy holes is too kind ...
Comment on: $35M worth of marijuana seized near Hearst Castle at 7/8/2008 7:50 AM PDT
Comment on: The Surprising Beauty of Snakes at 7/8/2008 7:48 AM PDT
keeping a wild animal in a cage is selfish unless perhaps it comes and asks to be the focal point of your entertainment and obsession and to live in one. even to oversocialize or anthropomorphize a human-friendly species member is in most cases doing no one a good service, not them nor you. better to commune with or observe them on their own terms, then you can see the depths of their being and in a much more real way. Even a mother aphid will intercede her body between a spider who is after her young... call it instinct or call it love , reflex or volition... a fine point and often misinterpreted because in the behavior end it's all the same. better to put the rain forest in order than grab a piece for an urban living room. how out of balance is that?
Comment on: Why some conservatives are backing Obama at 7/6/2008 10:49 PM PDT
At best, to elect a President (if elections aren't rigged and corrupted as at least the last two were) puts a nice new collar on the same stinking, rabid dog - its fleas and ticks the special interests infecting it with an all-against-all thoughtless heartless system of profits at any cost - where it's "okay" to abandon the abandoned in the name of self-help first and the word "exploit" is now the norm, joyfully admired in backroom meetings. Immune to tears or cares of those who serve it or are used up by it (passively or actively, anywhere) military-industrial masters appropriate that leash to sic the dog upon the world at large. Yet the dog now defecates ever-closer to its own house with every day. So, yeah, "lesser of two evils" is more refreshing this time, the very likeable Obama. Sadly, any better, systemic, viable and immediate option is nil, for the backwardly-complicit Same-Old's shill McCain wants us back in the '50's (1850's). Note Obama's mainstream enough for Libertarians.
Comment on: Immigrant sanctuary laws seen as practical at 7/6/2008 9:58 PM PDT
In actuality (the process of things being such) ... poverty itself is a more than sufficient definition of conditions inspiring and justifying need for sanctuary (or immigration by any means possible). To those who praise or whine about passports, many places WE (US citizens) can get passports to will still require renewal of exit/entry matters (going/coming) such as in the Philippines, every 59 days. For many if not most non euro countries, to get a passport as tourist or visitor to the USA is impossible. A Nigerian woman I know (social work grad, top airline employee) could get a visa to ANY euro country (and free fare on her airline) but could NEVER get one here, despite relatives and other willing "sponsors." In the Philippines a potential visitor must have a job, property, proof of other travels, and a TON of money (often formed temporarily via loans as "show money") to get here. Yet we (and their govt in our pocket) and the IMF and World Bank have ruined their economy now.
Comment on: Immigrant sanctuary laws seen as practical at 7/6/2008 7:36 PM PDT
first of all, read the Statue of Liberty's inscription and think... if you have never been in a country and/or closely associated with citizens in need of political sanctuary, or haven't needed such yourself, better think again. Secondly, sanctuary can be handled appropriately, not stupidly endangering public (as was the case this latest deal) Actually it seems lately last 8 years we can all use sanctuary from OUR govt. Best t-shirt I ever saw said U.S Out of North America. Well anyway.. be that as it may, think yet again. In our great state there are at LEAST 6 industries ABSOLUTELY DEPENDING upon ILLEGAL RESIDENTS... farming, senior care, roofing, gardening, day labor and nannies... most do hard work, living in fear, but choose to care for relatives back "home" or just...survive. And you DO know that biggest drug dealers have diplomatic pouches, right? Such money's very useful, priced high by Prohibition, criminalized beyond it's meaning (often) and funds can be and are channeled to fund 'black ops'
Comment on: Medical care's state of denial at 6/23/2008 12:35 AM PDT
doctors and health insurers should be forced to receive their OWN treatment exactly as the poorest of their members / patients or NON-members (who can't afford to pay premiums) do. There should be no profit as motivation or reward regarding the most basic five human needs, needs we all share and which children who didn't ask to be brought into the world also express from birth... the need for (and birthrights of): decent housing, healthy sufficient food, basic education, medical care, and safe loving connections to caretakers and institutions that are designed to serve them. Anything less = less humanity achieved or received, and more alienation serving no useful purpose


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Selected Politically Progressive, Powerful, Poetic, Pointed Replies to S.F. Chronicle (Online) Arcticles