Trayvon Martin Rally-0113-14-Jul-2013-Manhattan by The Eyes Of New York

More than a year afterward, the news is still filled with the story of young Black American Trayvon Martin, shot by an overly zealous white volunteer neighborhood law enforcer in Florida. The middle-of-the-night massacre of nine small Afghan children in their homes in US occupied Afghanistan by an white America soldier, that happened a few days before Trayon's murder, remains of little interest.
The attractive Black American boy's photo is again featured on network news programs and in news publications, because Trayvon's white killer has been found innocent. The white American soldier, who murdered the nine Afghani children in the same week last year, also has made it back in the news (but just barely), for having escaped the death penalty, to the bitter anger and outrage of Afghans. The nine murdered Afghani children were never particularly newsworthy for Americans. The AP report of his killer's trial was carried on the inside pages of a scant few newspapers, without human interest coverage of the children.

Perhaps nearly a billion people have seen the photo of young Trayvon Martin wearing his hoodie. The world has not seen photos of the nine Afghan children when they were alive in their colorful clothes, before being slaughtered by a drunken American in US Armed Forces occupied Afghanistan - only photos of blankets covering little bodies in the back of a truck. This writer remembers a photo of their alleged US Army killer and the wife of the alleged killer, who was interviewed out of compassion for her being distraught.

The world has learned of the agony felt by young Trayvon's family and friends; learned of this wonderful well-liked boy's character, his dreams, favorite enjoyments. Within non-white Majority Mankind there is compassionate interest to read as well of the agony of the parents, siblings, grandparents of each beloved, but dead, Afghani child; to see how these nine boys, girls and infants, unidentified by name, looked when alive; hear also of their individual one-of-a-kind personalities, whether a few were old enough to have aspired to be doctors, teachers, sport stars, or brave enough to fight the armies white invaders of their nation.

Majority Mankind is uncomfortably apprehensive watching US and European controlled international media, extoll undeclared American and NATO white man wars within its neo-colonized non-white nations. It has come to expect miserably undemocratic satellite media to highlight only one of the ten sorrowful deaths of other- than-white children in the early days of March 2012 at the hands of two white Americans.

It's natural, it's human nature, and fully expected, that Americans have greater interest when one of their own children is shot to death - even more so, when a racial hate crime is suspected.  It is not so natural, and quite inhuman, when Americans show, by contrast, little or no interest in nine times as many children shot to death in their very homes by a drunken white American soldier in illegally and criminally occupied Afghanistan. White war-investor-owned media sees to it that Americans, especially Black Americans receive little or no information about the latter.

War-criminal investment banking owned media have blinded its audience from seeing an otherwise obvious link and inescapable historic connection between America's murderous treatment of non-white people in countries already poor from  centuries of plundering colonialism, and fearful racial profiling and continuing economic exploitation of Native Americans and Black Americans in the US. (Black Americans are descendants of innocent Africans kidnapped and murderously transported to labor as slaves for the enrichment of American colonialists in what in what became the United States of America, which these enslavers created. Africans today have been neo-colonized and Colonial Power weaponry is always at the ready. Remember Libya.)

However, within non-white Majority Mankind, those who have heard of the killing of Trayvon, have no difficulty in seeing very probable racist colonialist roots in the tragedy.

Obviously, in the face of the continued savage White solidarity of the world ruling Colonial Powers with their organs of cruel domination, G8, WTO, UN Security Council, IMF, World Bank, Bilderberg, NATO, etc., what is needed is international non-White solidarity; a solidarity that was felt by Black Americans in earlier history; a solidarity of victims of centuries of mindless automaton criminally usurious rule by commercial then industrial then supra financial speculative investment banking conspirators, a racially bonded conspiracy of awkward, socially uncomfortable descendants of fierce Viking and other primitive Germanic tribes. 

Non-white solidarity is not reverse-racism, merely a logical protective response to the invented- racism bonded solidarity of the Colonial Powers. The cannon and then Gatling gun toting merciless conquerors initially noticed their culture to be woefully undeveloped by comparison with the more refined and rich in the arts and sciences cultures of most of the non-white world they voraciously conquered with a brutally basic unthinking human drive inherent in their more primitive Northern European cultures. Perhaps they felt their white skin was what best distinguished themselves.(These descendants of Vikings and other hunter-gatherer German forestial tribes had furiously looted and raped and razed the cities towns and countryside of Europe for hundreds of years before the first Portuguese ships set sail with cannon in piratical commercial venture in Africa and Asia.)

Many white skinned people, like this writer, have long ago already defected from the rather stiff white run society of mindless materialism and genocidal imperialism. (Yours truly owes what peace of mind he enjoys to having lived and worked half his lifetime within happier, more intelligent and kind, non-white cultures of Majority Mankind. Work taken me to some sixty-seven or eight countries. Most of them bombed by Americans. The least industrialized breathed the  most wisdom. In China where reading and writing took place three thousand years earlier than where my ancestors came from, good friends seem to appreciate my assuring them that I knew I was a barbarian. In New York City, I only feel happy in Chinatown and only feel relaxed in Harlem.

Conversely, and inevitably, some non-white people will feel constrained go over to the side of their frightening but wealthy and powerful white imperial persecutors. But, a general overall solidarity of the six billion non-white victims would lead more quickly to their being free from the noose made possible by the race based solidarity of the white colonial powers.

Black Americans looking fearfully at their children and seeing them as potential targets, would have a powerful six billion strong ally if they could be aware and outspoken in understanding their fears are part of a world wide phenomenon of billions fearing for their exploited non-white children. Worried African American parents would also be more likely to see through the parade of lame excuses for collateral murder of other-than-white children in a dozen US Muslim nations invaded and bombed today, as dozens of nations in South East Asia and Latin America experienced American genocide a generation or two earlier. These white media lame excuses for the slaughter of non-white children; such square-assed  tricky lies, are sadly believed with indifferent childlike acceptance by a majority of citizens distracted by the onerous personal and family pressures of the desperate American way and in relief occupied with following its sporting events.

It would seem Token Obama appreciation has blinded Black America from seeing, recognizing, the inescapable historic connection between Trayvon's murder, and the continuing murder of other-than-white  kids throughout  Majority Mankind constantly under attack by American firepower and covert operations for economic plunder. This hideous connection was Martin Luther King Jr.' message, namely, Americans must stop their overseas crimes against humanity, which will allow economic and racial crimes against humanity at home to be stopped as well. [1] 

For forty-five years, American genocide promoting mass media has made sure no mention of King's linking overseas and domestic racism is ever heard. Nor his condemning America for atrocity wars and covert genocide on three continents and using Black boys discriminated at home to kill and maim and be killed and maimed. Even close friends and colleagues of Martin Luther King Jr., who held the dying King in their arms, have betrayed their leader, and made political careers in the government King dismissed as "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world," serving an establishment hailing its wars of the American empire. At the dedication of the King Monument in Washington DC., their speeches contained not single word of King's blistering condemnation of America's war in Vietnam and elsewhere for and immoral and genocidal capitalism.[2]

However, a few prominent African Americans like eminent Prof. Cornel West, Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford, Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright, who are true to the blistering anti-imperialist war and anti-capitalism teaching of Rev. Dr. King during his last year on Earth, are making a rising number of citizens realize how their minds have been conditioned to betray the most basic human instincts of compassion, fairness, cheering for the underdog and imagining oneself in the shoes of those murdered in the cradles of civilization by undereducated and brainwashed young men off the farms and from city ghettos of capitalist America, serving in ignorance the predatory investments of merciless wealthy bankers. 

What happened to the international Black solidarity of the 1930s through the 1960s that faced off international White solidarity in its relentless exploitation of non-White in the days of Marcus Harvey, W.E.B. Debois, Langston Hughes, Paul Robeson, Black Panthers, Fred Hampton, Malcolm, Martin Luther King Jr. and others.