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Creationism vs. Genesis: Part 2

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Message Herman Cummings
The Errors of Old Earth Creationism:

The correct definition of Creationism is "the belief or doctrine that God created the Earth and universe, and deposited (originated) life therein". No matter if a person believes in "young Earth" doctrines, old Earth doctrines, or anything in between, the previous description applies.

In the previous article (Part 1: the Errors of "Young Earth"), Creation Science was proven to be both mired in foolishness, and in biblical error. Not only do they deny scientific reality (geologic history, prehistoric mankind), but their teachings do not (fully) align with the Word of God. They adhere to "literal interpretation" only when it is convenient. This article will examine the false teachings of various "old Earth" factions, and how they try to appease secular science, but at the cost of compromising the teaching of Genesis, even more so than the young earth believers.

First, let's examine the theistic evolutionists. They acknowledge the fossil record, and the geologic history of Earth. However, they deny that Genesis chapter one is inspired by God. They say that the text was written in response to the existence of neighboring viewpoints on origins. They consider that God is the Creator or "first cause" of life, and that God used the process of evolution to control the progression of life. They think that the days are long periods (or ages) of time, and not 24-hr days. In short, they call God a liar. They deny that God created life forms as fully grown adults all in one day, and that God directly conveyed to Moses what to write in Genesis.

In Genesis 1:24, it says that God commanded that the earth (dry ground) bring forth animals to roam on the Earth at the beginning of the sixth day. Later that day, in Genesis 1:26, God made mankind. God made these life forms as adults, fully formed. Why do the theistic evolutionists go against scripture, and teach otherwise? Also, Exodus 20:11 says that God made the Earth and universe all in six days. Those six days had the same length of time that God commanded Israel to march around the walls of Jericho. They may say that God's time is not man's time, but when God told Joshua to march around Jericho for seven days, did God mean something other than 168 hours? Finding of fact: the beliefs of theistic evolutionists are unbiblical. In their attempt to agree with the findings of science, they make excuses for the Genesis text, saying that it is allegorical, and not literally true.

In like manner, the day-age creationists are in error. These are believers in what is called a "geological age system", or the "day-age theory". They teach that the geological ages (such as the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, etc.) are what is being represented by what they call the "Seven Ages of Creation", rather than seven 24-hr days. Consequently they also, like the theistic evolutionists, call God a liar. They take the position that the writer of Genesis (Moses) did not get his information from God, but rather "made up" the documentary, using the limited knowledge and understanding of the ancient world. Finding of fact: their attempt to be Bible believers is a sad joke. They play with the Hebrew word "Yom", to present it as a long period of time. They ignore the fact that when Yom is numbered or ordered, it is referring to a 24-hr day. Just like the theistic evolutionists, they deny the literal application of Exodus 20:11.

The ruin and restorationists believe that God first created a perfect former world (original Earth), but it has since suffered from one or more extinctions (cataclysms) and restorations, which they believe best explains the actual fossil record. They adhere to Ussher's chronology, having the fall of Adam at 4004 BC, and the flood of Noah 1656 years later, in 2348 BC. They don't know this, but the correct dates for the expulsion from Eden is 4267 BC, the flood of Noah in 2611 BC, and the abandonment of the Babel Tower was in 2509 BC, which was 191 years before Abraham was born, in 2318 BC. They explain the Fourth Day is being nothing more than the removal of clouds, which were blocking the view of Moses of the cosmos. But that is a ridiculous premise. In Genesis 1:14, God said "Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven", not "Let the cloud cover fade away". Finding of fact: the ruin and restorationists are grasping for straws, trying to make sense of early Genesis, in light of the known geologic & fossil record. But they fail, not knowing the true rendition of the Genesis text.

Progressive Creationists basically believe that the seven days in Genesis were long periods of time, and that God took "progressive steps" in the formation of the Earth and universe, and also in the evolution of life on Earth, causing periodic jumps in the advancement of species. Finding of fact: the progressive creationists deny literal interpretation of Genesis, in an attempt to compromise with secular science, and are very similar to the theistic evolutionists, having the same inadequacies.

The Gap Theory assumes that a vast period of time elapsed between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. They interpret Genesis 1:1 as the first creation, which includes the creation of the heavens, the Earth, the plants and prehistoric animals, and mankind that preceded Adam and Eve. Next, billions of years elapsed, during which time Lucifer and his angels fell from Heaven and corrupted the inhabitants of the Earth. God then judged and destroyed the Earth and all its inhabitants. This is the explanation of the Earth being "formless and void" (Genesis 1:2). Then a second creation begins in Genesis 1:3 with the first day of Recreation Week, which is hardly any different than the "ruin & restoration" theory. They have the same problem explaining the Fourth Day, denying that God then created all other celestial bodies of the universe, such as the Moon, Sun, and other galaxies. Finding of fact: Along with the ruin & restorationists, the gap theorists look for a (perceived needed) defensible position for Genesis, not knowing how to explain it. They come closer than any of the other old earth believers mentioned in this article, but still have the baggage of misinterpretation and lack of understanding.

Final analysis: Each of the above factions are in error, and misrepresent Genesis. As far as scientific reality is concerned, they embrace what science has discovered, concerning geologic time, but fail to correctly align the text of Genesis with the scientific data. At least the young Earth camp gives a pretense of adhering to the literal truth of Genesis. But each of the above factions disagree with scripture in some way, and deny a unified authorship of Genesis. They embrace the false notion that Genesis has two creation accounts, written by different sources, in order to explain the storyline differences.

Also, along with not understanding the Fourth Day, they all deny the seven day creation. Yes, they accept a 4.6 billion year Earth. But they compromise with the conclusion of science that the universe is 13+ billion years old. Therefore, according to them, God was lying when He told Israel that He created all the universe, the Earth, "and all there in them is" in six days. If God created the universe in 13 billion BC, there would have to be a 9 billion year wait (or marking of time) until our solar system was created and finished. No way under Heaven can the universe be 13 billion years old, and the Earth being 5 billion years old, and Exodus 20:11 be true. From start to finish, God said in just six days, He created it all.

So who should we believe? They try to explain this by saying that the part of the Bible that explains creation is allegorical, and not literal. Their abuse of scripture is uncalled for, and reveals a severe lack of belief in God and understanding the Bible. Let God be true, and every man a liar.

Part three (of three) will examine the reconciliation of scientific reality, and the literal truth of Genesis, which is all there is left to turn to, if we are to believe God's Word.

Herman Cummings
PO Box 1745
Fortson GA 31808


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Author of the book, "Moses Didn't Write About Creation!", and promoter of teaching "the Observations of Moses".
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