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Conditioning For Fascism

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Conditioning For Fascism

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In a culture so desperate for survival, we often overlook the repercussions of what is going on all around us and focus more upon maintaining safety and security (the outcome) than upon the ramifications and side effects of the techniques employed (the method). This is certainly true about the processes our government has practiced over the past fifty years and beyond. For it is well documented that our leaders allow and endorse the use of clandestine operations, secretive research, provocation and propaganda in efforts to assure the American public that they are acting in our best interest, while committing atrocities from torture to preemptive war, citizen assassinations, crimes against humanities and economic suicide.

Capitalism is our inbred core-directive; we live and thrive through the benefits capitalism bestows upon us, casting aside other systems such as communism &  socialism. But what happens when Capitalism reaches it's limits, when a few hold all the capital and the masses are left at their mercy?  Fascism begins to take hold, and the society descends into the downward spiral of socio-economic class divisions. The American-Dream of upward mobility is stopped, dead in it's tracks; for the ability to get-ahead in life becomes a non-possibility. In a Fascist society you must remain in your socio-economic class to serve the masters (those with all the capital) and your country (bought and paid for) above all else. 

Fascism is an outcome, driven by the result of Capitalism running it's course all too successfully. When money is concentrated in the hands of a few, the few are able to purchase the government that serves them best, to write the laws that perpetuate their wealth, power and control. They own the ability to demand incarceration, punishment and removal of all who oppose them. It's happening all around us, and few Americans are aware of the plight in-store for the next generation of Americans. Most people today live in the illusions of freedom and democracy, working hard, playing hard, raising families, practicing religion and even paying their taxes if employed. They  cannot see the bear coming over the next hill, as they remain occupied eking out a living. They are "followers" to an authoritarian few who assure them that they are safe and secure; while covertly undermining the principals of democracy.

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Ah, you say, it will never happen here. But I assure you it has already begun. The key to Capitalism is money " cash to be spent as one sees fit. Consider how money is created with a fractional banking system. The bank holds one dollar in reserve for every nine it loans out to others, theoretically. Changes to Finance & Banking laws (Congressional negligence) has resulted recently to the practice of banks holding one dollar in reserve while generating 40 more to be selectively loaned out. The pages found in a multitude of blog-sites will confirm the dire situation we are now facing and the reluctance of our "elected" representatives to change the situation. NO-ACTION is an action in itself, it is an endorsement of the status quo. The US Justice Department is complicit by refusing to prosecute those responsible for financial malfeasance, ensuring ongoing wealth accumulation by the upper 1%

In his article The Botox of Late-Stage Capitalism , Phil Rockstroh paints a vivid picture of the realities we refuse to admit. Everything looks attractive to the average American on the face of things, but few realize that what they see is a persona generated by the  propaganda from government sources and distributed by consolidated media. The poison of deceit eats away our values and freedoms just as assuredly as a parasite destroys the host. Rockstroch asserts :"And decaying beliefs make excellent compost." 

The fractional banking system and the printing of money from thin air are what has kept our economy humming along for so many years; however the ramifications of such a practice has devalued our currency making the cost of everything higher in it's wake. While the official (spun) government statistics point to a more or less 3% inflation rate/year, reality demonstrates otherwise and the cost of food and transportation (basic necessities) are escalating at a much higher rate. Like the Official Unemployment Rate, government statistics show only what they wish them to show, and disregards the rest.

Inflation, the government's method of introducing money into the system, is government's tool for paying off it's debts with cheaper currency. The Bretton-Woods agreement created the Federal Reserve to monitor and manage our money supply, but it has never been a part of our government, it has always been a privately owned consortium of bankers, headed by the Rothschild family of England. Since 1913, the Rothschild family has controlled the Federal Reserve and the American money supply; the tyranny we tried to escape in forming this country is back to haunt us once again. Those who write the laws can be managed and their allegiance easily bought. Mayer Amschel Rothschild once said "Let me issue and control a nations money and I care not who writes the laws. "  I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain's money supply control the British Empire, and I control the British money supply". 

And the same power holds true with the media. Freedom of the press belongs to those who own the press; "The news is what we say it is." William Randolph Hearst crated a media empire based upon "yellow journalism"; sensational stories with dubious veracity. The news media has been swayed from reporting factual information to reporting what they are told by their owners. Ask Dan Rather about reporting truth when it is inconvenient to the powerful (Bush was AWOL and Rather lost his job for reporting such). Propaganda, twisted facts, spun realities and biased opinion become the "news as they say it is." And it is all a part of conditioning the masses to accept fewer rights and freedoms imposed by those-who-will-be-Fascists in tomorrows leadership positions.

We are being conditioned for the upcoming Fascist state in many ways. The many laws written to assure our safety and security in the "War on Terror" are eliminating freedoms, rights, due processes of law and the essence of our founding principals. On the surface, these appear to be necessary, but how free can one feel if they must be constantly vigilant and suspicious of everyone around them ? These new laws have been put in place to condition the masses into accepting the developing Fascist government rule without objection. 

How many people must go through the humiliating and unnecessary TSA pat-downs and searches before someone is actually arrested as a terrorist? Why do we need to expose ourselves to needless radiation at the airports when there is not a single report of anyone being captured as a terrorist with a bomb up their anus? It's all a matter of training the public to accept government intrusion into their private lives; Conditioning

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Warrantless wiretapping, email surveillance, phone tapping, intercepting cellphone communications, internet tracking, intelligence gathering, data-mining, cameras everywhere, strip-searches for minor offenses, a privatized & profitable prison system with more incarcerations per capita than anywhere else on earth; Conditioning. 

A healthcare system that doesn't want to cure disease, but rather profit from treating the symptoms, a pharmaceutical industry based on creating life-long consumers for their addictive medicines; Conditioning.

An Educational system which does not educate or teach people to think critically, lowers our expectations. The elimination of government services, police, fire, public works, water purification & distribution are all going to private "for profit" entities; preparing us to expect less from our representative government; Conditioning.

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Mike now spend his time in critical-thinking about social injustices, equal justice for all & the system of due process, government corruption, secret agreements & hidden agendas, political misdealing, cultural dysfunction, separation of Church from (more...)

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