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Yo George


Yo George…I know you have the Secret Service protecting you 24/7, but grow a "set" for the first time in your life, be a real man and meet me face to face. I have a lot of things to discuss with you and as an American citizen I demand answers.

I'm willing to meet you mano a mano in the Rose Garden, the Oval Office, at your ranch in Crawford or anywhere your heart desires. If you have the guts, come to the ghettos of Camden, New Jersey near where I grew up or in South Philly where I was born. Anytime, any place.

You see I have a bone to pick with you. On 9-11 you failed to protect my brothers and sisters. Nearly 3,000 innocent souls lost their lives that day because you refused to listen to threats of impending terrorist attacks and did absolutely nothing to defend the American people.

I've come to know a lot of the people who lost their loved ones on 9-11 and my heart breaks a bit more every day when I hear about how these folks are suffering. It was your direct responsibility as Commander-In Chief to protect those lost that day and I don't know how you can look your face in the mirror knowing that they died as a direct result of your incompetence.

George, it is also apparent that you lied to us about the reasons for going to war with Iraq. Now, besides those innocent souls who lost their lives on 9-11, our sons and daughters are losing their lives on a daily basis because you chose to send them into a situation that was based more on political motives than on real threats to our national security.

For someone who has never had to face a real gunman face-to-face, you have real balls. For someone who has never had to send a family member to war, you make me sick. Think for a moment what it would be like for Barbara and Jenna to strap on a flak jacket in 130 degree heat and then visualize them taking fire from Iraqis who hate your guts for killing their family members and occupying their country.

In my neighborhood, we were raised to be honest and to take care of each other. We may have had differences, but in the end we were always there for each other. I graduated from the New Jersey State Police Academy in 1972 and the first thing the Troopers told us in our very first moment of our very first class was to "take care of our brothers."

I've never forgotten those words George and that's why I'm standing up for my brothers and sisters now. That pledge I took to take care of my brothers meant more to me than protecting the men and women who chose to wear a blue uniform and place a badge on their chests. It meant to me that I had a responsibility to protect and serve everyone everywhere to the best of my ability. I will take that pledge to my grave.

So thats why I'm calling you out George. I'm standing up for the 9-11 Families and for the families who lost loved ones in Afghanistan and Iraq. I'm standing up for the millions who have lost their jobs under your watch while your cronies like Ken Lay remain free even though they bilked their companies of billions and left their employees broken and battered and without the pensions they had earned. I'm standing up for the homeless, the poor and for all of the kids living in poverty even though you made a pledge to "leave no child behind".

You are a hypocrite, a poser and a fraud George and its time somebody got in your face and called you out.

Let me know the time and place and I'll be there with bells on.

Allan Duncan is a Social Worker who lives in New Hope, PA.  This article is copyright by Allan Duncan originally published by Permission is granted to forward this or to place it on a website if the article is included intact, including this statement.


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