More versus Enough-- time to re-set our values
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Labor Day Assignment: Educating the Uninformed
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The 6 Principles of the New Populism (and the Establishment's Nightmare)

You Don't Know What "Libertarian" Means
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"Carrying" in Chicago is dropping crime says Washington Times as 42 are shot and 5 die last weekend
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Obama's "Catastrophic Defeat" in Ukraine
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Six Libertarian Ideas That Prove They're Insane

GOP Sen. McConnell's campaign manager resigns

More than 50,000 U.S.-backed Troops Are Fighting in Ukraine's Civil War. Why?
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35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections' - Slashdot

Another Republican Gives Up Obamacare Fight

India is where?
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Harry Reid's Name Removed from Building at His Alma Mater

Senegal Confirms First Case Of Ebola

Satanists use Hobby Lobby ruling to block pro-life propaganda

Rand Paul: If "Hillary Clinton worked for Bill Clinton, she'd probably have been fired"

Judge dismisses challenge to Sen. Thad Cochran's runoff victory

The War for Nothing
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A Kentucky Objection to McConnell's Pandering to Millionaires and Billionaires
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Borders, Borders
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Mitch McConnell Runs Away From Reporters After Leak Of Secret Speech To the Kochs

Old Bones
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Podcast: Daniel Shaw: What Is Narcissism, Victim Process, How It Develops, Cults, Tea-Party, Clinton...
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Who Wears Fur Today?
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California Bans Plastic Bags
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From the "Victim" of a Pedophile

Salt Water Powered Car Gets European Approval

Humans Have Created A New Top Predator That Is Taking Over The Northeast - Yahoo Finance

Pentagon: Iraq operations cost $560 million so far

Peace psychology: Conversations (WHYY Philadelphia)

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