Podcast: Interview With Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mairead Maguire: Is the Nobel Peace Prize Nominating Committee Failing to Perform its mission?
 By Rob Kall 3   

Is Disney's Policy to Replace American Workers with Imports?
 By Joan Brunwasser 4   

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Listen to Syrians: The Media Jackals and the People's Narrative
By Ramzy Baroud  

The Billionaire Hypocrisy of Helping the Poor
By Thom Hartmann  1 

The Snowden effect: new privacy wins await after data transfer ruling
By Trevor Timm  

The Doctors Without Borders bombing is a symptom of foreign occupation

The Impulsiveness of US Power

Why a US Congressional Special Investigative Committee (CSIC) must be created to investigate the MSF hospital bombing

War Party's New Line: Vladimir Putin is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
By Thomas Knapp  13 

Comfortably Numb
By Kathy Malloy  2 

Portugal: European Left Batting 1,000

Hillary Clinton comes out against Obama's Pacific trade deal

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Are You Nuts?

Clinton's Opposition To TPP Marks "A Critical Turning Point"
By Dave Johnson  

'We're sorry': America's Latest War Crime is the Murderous Destruction of a Hospital in Afghanistan

Why the U.S. Owns the Rise of Islamic State and the Syria Disaster
By Gareth Porter  1 

Watch Climate Denier Ted Cruz Bully Sierra Club President in Senate Hearing
By EcoWatch  3 

The Second Amendment's Fake History
By Robert Parry  5 

The Deadly Epidemic of Mass Murders Spreading Across America
By michael payne  3 

Here's How the Man Murdoch Calls a "Real Black President" Will Govern

Tomgram: Michael Klare, Tipping Points and the Question of Civilizational Survival

Bipolar America
By Bob Burnett  1 

Podcast: David Swanson: Pushing the Nobel Prize to Do Its Job.
By Rob Kall  

Hajj tragedies to be dealt with bravely, openly
By Eric Walberg  3 

The Death Rattle Of A Fake Scandal

The Absence Of Real Commitment To Peace
By Alon Ben-Meir  1 

With Renewables on the Rise, Dirty Fuels Losing Competitive Edge

This Florida charter school sounds like every parent and teacher's education nightmare

Kiesha Jenkins-- a Murdered Transgender Woman : 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Obama Boots Syrian Peace Chance
By Robert Parry  5 

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