The Social Costs Of Capitalism Are Destroying Earth's Ability To Support Life

It is time to stop Monsanto's poisoning of the public with cancer causing Roundup
 By Kenneth G. Eade 18   

NYT Publishes Call to Bomb Iran
By Robert Parry  6 

Now We Know Why Huge TPP Trade Deal Is Kept Secret From The Public
By Dave Johnson  3 

Will Sanctions Fixation Kill Iran Nuke Deal?
By Gareth Porter  1 

Michael Moore for President
By Michael Moore  32 

Indiana now a 'right to discriminate' state--and what that means
By Daily Kos  

Court Accepts DOJ's "State Secrets" Claim To Protect Shadowy Neocons: A New Low
By Glenn Greenwald  3 

Manufacturing Dissent

Three Critical Inflection Points of American Racial History
By Herbert Calhoun  1 

Wall Street isn't happy with us

The Israeli Salvation Front
By Uri Avnery  2 

Another Week, Another War: The Iron Logic of America's Middle East Madness
By Chris Floyd  2 

Italian Court Overturns Amanda Knox's Murder Conviction

Harry Reid's Replacement Must Be Progressive and Effective
By John Nichols  1 

Hillary's Coronation? Not So Fast
By Scott Galindez  4 

Yemen in Crisis: Saudi Bombing Seen as Effort to Thwart Iran

Harry Reid endorses Chuck Schumer to succeed him as Senate Minority Leader

Stop Smoking the Democrack
By David Swanson  3 

Israel Faces Moses's Demand to Pharaoh

How the American War Machine Is Sucking Up Vast Amounts of Cash to Screw Up the World

Why I Applaud Ex-Oklahoma University Frat Levi Pettit for Confronting Racism

"Red Meat Can Kill You" by Dr. Andrew Weil

Why Good People Vote For Bad People
By Stephen Unger  11 

Upset by Warren, U.S. banks debate halting some campaign donations

Mornings in Blue America

What to Do About a Collective Unconscious in Despair
By Elayne Clift  1 

Countering the GOP "Sabotage America" Campaign
By Susan Strong  18 

A mile deep, ocean fish facing health impacts from human pollution

Common bacteria on verge of becoming antibiotic-resistant superbugs -- ScienceDaily

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