Drivers, Beware: The Costly, Deadly Dangers of Traffic Stops in the American Police State
 By John Whitehead 1   

Killing of Lions Goes All The Way to the White House
 By Martha Rosenberg   

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Seventeen Reasons to Vote Democratic
By Rob Kall  

Only in the US Can Criminals Legally Buy Guns
By John Little  

After Medicare Celebrations End, Let's Push Harder for Single Payer
By Joanne Boyer  

Remarks by Senator Sanders at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Western Imposed Holocaust
By Mark Taliano  1 

Are immigrants stealing American jobs?
By Amer Zahr  1 

When Israel/Neocons Favored Iran
By Robert Parry  1 

Just Listen to What Western Officials Are Saying About Russia
By Conn Hallinan  5 

House GOP Panel Grills John Kerry on Iran Nuclear Deal

White House: "Pardon Edward Snowden? LOL!"

The Republicans Have Been Trumped; Democrats Can Organize Better Debates
By John Nichols  1 

Hawking, Musk, Woz: We Must Ban the "Kalashnikovs of Tomorrow" ie., Robot War Machines
By Common Dreams  1 

Tomgram: Peter Van Buren, Washington and Tehran Come in From the Cold

Poverty and Child Brain Damage
By Thomas Riggins  3 

Of Prophets and Loss
By Richard Girard  2 

Escape from Clinton Correctional Facility exposes the need for reforms

Thoughts on Encounters With Extraterrestrials
By Rob Kall  28 

Varoufakis reveals cloak and dagger 'Plan B' for Greece, awaits treason charges

Obama Buys False Iran Narrative

Even If Sandra Bland Did Commit Suicide...
By Dave Johnson  

Media vs Reality, Part II
By James Quandy  

Donald Trump's Fiendish Plot to Destroy the Human Race by Jack Balkwill
By Jack Balkwill  1 

The Triumph of the Individual
By Hugh Colmer  1 

A Unitarian Universalist Message: Marriage Equality and Dignity
By Janet Mason  1 

10 of the Oldest Known Surviving Books in the World

A 1774 Book On Ancient Athens Thomas Jefferson Recommended
By Rob Kall  3 

Bottom Up Decision Making: Holocracy and Consensus a Path Towards an Empowering Future?
By Burl Hall  1 

Living in the Clouds
By David Glenn Cox  1 

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