Someone Has to Ask Really Big, Crazy Questions
 By Rob Kall 9   

Why Don't Americans Want to 'Soak the Rich'? It's a Trick Question
 By Jim Naureckas 20   

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Fox News Suffers Worst Ratings In Thirteen Years -- And That's Not Their Big Problem
By Daily Kos  

Podcast: Jeremy Heimans; What New Power Looks Like
By Rob Kall  

Obama Says Critics Of Trade Deal Sound Like Palin Touting Death Panels
By Dave Johnson  1 

Contractors Belie Myth of Leaving Iraq and Afghanistan

No autism/vaccine link, study finds

How Can Our Senators and Representatives Vote for Giving Away Our Monetary Sovereignty?

Obama's "Openness" and Deceit
By Robert Parry  3 

A "Path To Yes" On Trade, But Paul Ryan Blocks It
By Dave Johnson  1 

President or Pundit? Mike Huckabee must decide sooner than later.
By Quiana Fulton  1 

"Civil Rights for Cell Tower Corporations? You've Got to be Kidding!"
By Katie Singer  

COON-GATE: Arkansas Politician Fails At Social Media... And Risks His Seat due to Racist Facebook Slurs
By Michael McCray  1 

Inglorious Goobers: Progressives Line Up to Defend Corrupt Clintons
By Chris Floyd  1 

What's Behind Michael Dyson's Over the Top Take Down of Cornel West?

The tragedies in the Middle East and Ukraine:" Who can de-claw the cat?
By Neal Herrick  2 

Iran says nuclear talks making gradual headway

Why Obama Should Pardon Don Siegelman by Jeffrey Toobin, the New Yorker

Rewarding "Flu" Farmers With Our Tax Dollars
By Martha Rosenberg  2 

Censorship at Southampton University

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Death of the Republic
By Ellen Brown  1 

Start an All-American Anti-Corruption Party
By Robert Cogan  1 

The Merry Pranksters, Hippies, and Sgt.

Talking About My Book, "America is Not Broke!" on radio show "It's Out Money - with host Walt McRee"
By Scott Baker  

The Solution to Climate Change Right Under Our Feet

Health of World's Ocean 'Collapsing Before Our Eyes'

Quotation: what in the world is this work if in it one cannot go through and learn everything,

Quotation: The only realist option is to do what appears impossible within this system

Russell Brand - The Emperor's New Clothes...

The GOP Will Still War on Lynch

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