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September 1, 2012

Searching for Buzzwords to Describe Republicans; Revisiting 2004--

By Rob Kall

SFgate.com columnist Jon Carroll says, "The cacophonous right wants to use buzzwords and flash phrases to obscure the nature of the debate. It wants us to be ashamed. How about some words that will nail the right wingers' hides to the dung heap wall where they belong (or post office wanted posters.).


I was browsing through some of my old articles. I wrote this one back in either 2003 or 2004, before the Bush Kerry Election. OEN didn't date articles then. They were hand created and FTPed up to the site. The article does seem as relevant  today as it did eight or nine years ago. And it's fun that I was playing with 95% as a part of a meme. i was off by 4%. 
The original article, posted before OEN moved to a PHP MYSQL content management  system, is still posted here.
For nostalgia's sake, here's the header the site had at the time.

Searching for Buzz Words To Describe Republicans

by Rob Kall


(in the spirit of right wing political pundit William Safire, who's also a word pundit, this is the fourth op-ed in a series on words and language.)

SFgate.com columnist Jon Carroll says, "The cacophonous right wants to use buzzwords and flash phrases to obscure the nature of the debate. It wants us to be ashamed of the word "liberal." Not me, baby."

While we're working on taking back America,  and putting the Bush administration into the unemployed filthy rich category, we need to take back the language, and the word liberal. And while we're at it, we can take over some words that will nail the right wingers' hides to the dung heap wall where they belong (or post office wanted posters.).

The far right republicans have put together a batch of  buzzwords to dismiss derisively dismiss democrats and left-leaning progressives. These include, to be followed by a hallelujah or Hozannah:

big government, Tax and spend

They use these terms over and over. Google finds 23,000 pages withTax and Spend and 125,000 for Big government.

There are other terms, by the most reptilian of the far right, like Anne Coulter, Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh, but they're not worth bothering with. Consider them fodder for future punditry.

Let's start with "big government." The truth is, George Bush-- take your pick, either the semen supplier or the spawn (Daddy or Junior W.,)  made government bigger, sloppier, less accountable, more secretive, more corrupted by big business.

But the trick in these political mantras is to keep them short, especially if you're trying to grab people who do not intend to be fooled by Bush in the next election. So we can't say "humungous, corrupt, sloppy, less accountable, more secretive government."That's too long. We need to shorten it, and we don't necessarily want to just react to their language. That's a fair criticism they often levy against us, that we just complain about them. Let's allow the ideas to percolate while we look at the next phrase.

Tax and Spend is a term the right wing uses to disparage "liberals" who put money into social programs, and who attempt to equalize the tax and income playing fields. The truth here has been made crystal clear-- the far right-- they used to call them royalty, the moneyed class, the aristocracy, and now we call this greedy group of fat-cats the top 5% or 1% of the income bracket-- wants to live off the rest of the people. They want to get disgustingly high salaries and they don't want to pay any taxes. They want to be unrestrained in their efforts to make money, regardless of what it costs environmentally, socially, diplomatically, even in terms of lives lost to war, pollution, accidents caused by poor product design or low, un-regulated industry standards.

Ironically, this joke, this fraud, that democrats or liberals spend more, has also been laid bare. Here's what one right wing, townhall.com (a right wing web site forum) regular Jonah Goldberg says,

"In general, Bush has been spending money like a man with a week to live. The GOP-led Congress deserves some blame, too. But even when they overspend above his overspending, Bush refuses to use his veto power."

So, let's review.

For government, we have : "humungous, corrupt, sloppy, less accountable, more secretive

For Tax and Spend we have "Spending like a man with a week to live"

Then, of course, there are areas that do not symmetrically match the labels the Republicans give the Democrats--

  • anti worker
  • Raping the commons
  • fundamentalist
  • corrupted by big money and big corporations--
  • big debt, huge, unbalanced budgets
  • willingness to restrict constitutional rights
  • fundamentalist
  • extremist
  • Greedy
  • they declared class war on us.
  • Deregulation of industry
  • Privatization
  • vote stealing

Clinton screwed an intern. Republicans Screw the bottom 95 percent, screw the worker, screw the people, screw America in the name of globalization, rape America's resources, make huge deficits and bigger government, and when you watch their lips you see lies, secrets, deceptions...

Okay that's still to long. After all, tax and spend, big government is only seven syllables.

How about, spend and screw America, big deficit corporatist traitors ?

Nah. That's too intense, sounds a bit too much like radical socialist, or at least, easily framed that way. The idea is to use terms that the middle can embrace.

Screw-the-bottom-95%, big-deficit, big-business-sellouts.

This is even longer, and it fails the syllable count, but it does consist of three simple phrases

Hey. It's a first try. We desperately need to have a one liner that sums up the minuses of the the right wing.

Me, personally, I'd go a step further and say

Rape and Screw-the-bottom-95%, big-deficit, big-business whores.

Ever since the Supreme Whores sold out the country by handing Bush the presidency, the word WHORE has seemed a natural one to describe the party of Nixon, Agnew, Bush, Cheney, Oliver North, Trent Lott, Phil Graham, Enron, MCI, Halliburton, Karl Rove, Katherine Harris, Grover Norquist, Richard Mellon Scaife, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Tom DeLay...

I guess my version may not grab the 27 percent of the population who are fundamentalist religious zealots who put papal decree and trumped up moral fantasies over the constitution and democracy. 

But that still leaves the un-hypnotized middle. What the heck, even the fundamentalists understand fornication. And after all, fornication of and defecation on the bottom 95% is what the republicans are all about.

Maybe that's the big syllable answer:

Big deficit, big business whores, Fornicating and defecating on the bottom 95%

I know. It's not there yet. But it does get to the point. Any suggestions? America is waiting for the magic phrase that turns the right wing's faces purple with apoplectic annoyance.

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