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Memes to Beat Bush With

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Memes to Beat Bush With: BushConomics and Bush Victories

By Rob Kall

A MEME is a thought that spreads through society, taking on a life of its own. There are two meme-like concepts that hold promise as "idea-viruses " that could spread like an infection to help in the defeat of George W. Bush.

Bush Victory: It's a take-off on the Pyrrhic Victory. The Greek leader Pyrrhus gained such a victory over the Romans in 279 BC but was killed in the encounter. A Bush victory is a win that turns into a loss. After the first Gulf war, the term Bush Victory seemed a natural. Bush walked away from finishing the war, getting rid of the tyrant Saddam Hussein while all the US troops were there and the generals were willing and able.

Of course, it would be nice, if politically, the Iraq war turns into a Pyrrhic victory for Bush, with Bush losing the next election. But Already, it is clear that this Iraq war is another "Bush" victory. The Iraqis see the US as occupiers, not liberators. The US military has been a miserably incompetent failure at holding up its responsibilities as a conquering liberator. From stolen museum and archaeological site antiquities, to lawless looting and civil chaos, the neocon-run Bush Military has proven itself to be a team of arrogant nincompoops.

BushConomics: And then we have our brilliant economic salvation plan-- a tax package that, at the last minute punishes the working poor. There are the people who are a hairs breadth from welfare. So what does the BushConomics  Genius team do-- they screw the poor and take away their tax break so the tax on rich folks dividends can be cut. Of course a tax break to the poor would have been felt the most, since it would be the largest percentage of their income. 

It was the economy that did Bush the father in. I say, give moronic Bush economics a name-- BushConomics. After all, at least the father had a brain. Bush the younger is doing vastly more damage to the economy than his father did.  Already, the dollar has fallen 30 percent in relation to the Euro. And it will get worse. Bush denies this drop being intentional-- an acknowledgment that he is screwing up another way. Repeat this mantra: Clinton Screwed one intern. Bush Screws millions of Americans.

Try it again. Clinton Screwed one intern. Bush Screws millions of Americans.

We need to get the word BushConomics out there big time-- as in I'm not a BushConomic Millionaire. I've been screwed by Bush. Every mention of  the economic troubles of the states should be attributed to BushConomics. Problems with inadequate funding for NASA, for schools, health care, homeland defense should all be attributed to BushConomics. This is a term the public can relate to. It builds upon the failure of the father. It builds on the BushCo image of Bush the thief who stole the presidency, of BushCo, the neocon regime.

BushConomics rolls nicely on the tongue. Write it in your e-mails. Use it to refer to sweet deals for fat cats and megacorporations-- "BushConomic Deals".  Post it on bulletin boards. At the writing of this Op-Ed, there are zero references to it in Google. Blast the number up to the thousands. 

George W. gave the world another Bush Victory-- a dud that will bring more terrorism and hate of the US to the world. Let's use these ideas to turn the Bush presidency theft into a Bush Victory-- a single term presidency with reversal of the laws he put into place. Bush victories do cause long term damage to the side Bush is on though, so we will be stuck for a generation with the right wing judges he placed. But we still have a shot of taking back the senate. Republicans are not all stupid or fanatical. (Did I say that?!? <G>) And some are starting to see the gross pattern of lying and deception that the Bush Neocon cabal has foisted on America.

Memes are irresistible thought viruses that, once implanted in the brain, grow and expand. BushConomics is stealing our savings, raising our state and local taxes, hurting our schools.  Our second Iraqi Bush victory found no weapons of mass destruction, failed to create democracy, has led to the Iraqi people hating us, has ruined our credentials diplomatically.

Get these thought viruses out there. Let them create an epidemic for Bush to deal with.

I'm starting to have more hope that we can throw this bum out, and the thugs  in congress who follow his slime trail along with him. Repeat this meme after me. Former president Bush.

Rob Kall rob@opednews.com is publisher of progressive news and opinion website www.opednews.com and organizer of cutting edge meetings that bring together world leaders, such as the Winter Brain Meeting and the StoryCon Summit Meeting on the Art, Science and Application of Story. This article is copyright by Rob Kall, but permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog, or web media so long as this credit is attached.

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