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Hidden in Plain Sight

Series Created By Joan Brunwasser (3 articles.) (View How Many People Read This)

the story that refuses to die, From MyPhotos
the story that refuses to die
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This series contains the three installments of my interview with Paul Thompson, author of The Clinton Email Scandal Timeline, where readers can, for the first time, access thousands of articles written on the subject, arranged in chronological order. With this more exhaustive context, we can connect the dots and understand the scandal in its entirety and decide for ourselves what to do with this knowledge.

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1 Article 05/17/2016 Hillary's "Damn" Emails? Or "Damning" Emails? (View How Many People Read This) 19 19 Comment Count
2 Article 05/18/2016 Did Clinton Foundation Pimp Out State Department? (View How Many People Read This) 7 7 Comment Count
3 Article 05/27/2020 Alley Art Spiffs Up Evanston Neighborhood In a Big Way (View How Many People Read This)