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Rafi Rotem - Israeli Tax Authority whistle-blower

Series Created By Joseph Zernik (6 articles.)

Abused for over a decade by the Israeli courts, while the justice system refuses to investigate the corruption, leading directly to the offices of curreent Prime Minister Netanyahu and former Prime Minister Olmert.

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1 Quicklink 09/02/2008 Whistle-blower Rotem, Judge Almagor, and medieval-digital corruption of the Israeli courts (View How Many People Read This) 1 1 Comment Count
2 Article 05/05/2014 ISRAEL: After years of abuse, Tax-Authority whistleblower Rafi Rotem wins the right to be deposed by State Ombudsman (View How Many People Read This)
3 Article 05/17/2014 Tel Aviv courtroom drama exposes new evidence of organized crime in highest levels of government in Israel (View How Many People Read This) 2 2 Comment Count
4 Article 05/26/2014 Request filed with Amnesty International in the case of persecuted Israeli Tax Authority whistle-blower Rafi Rotem (View How Many People Read This)
5 Article 09/29/2014 ISRAEL: Attorneys from a non-existent law-firm appeared as Public Defenders for whistle-blower Rafi Rotem... (View How Many People Read This)
6 Article 11/10/2014 Israeli Ombudsman refuses to accept whistle-blower complaint against PM Netanyahu - smuggling, murder of a "source" (View How Many People Read This) 1 1 Comment Count