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Can Americans Stop Bush/Cheney From Attacking Iran? The Answer is Yes!

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The above may seem like a bold statement, but I believe it’s true. The United States of America is operated and kept alive by the American people, not the politicians that rape, pillage, and spend our money and our most precious resource, America’s brave soldiers that fight these illegal wars. Many of our “volunteer military” are not in the fight because of patriotism - but to support their families and seek GI benefits that will allow them to attend college when they leave the armed services.

Our economy is already in ruins, food and gas are becoming luxuries to the poorest families in America, and the middle-class is disappearing faster than Bush’s approval ratings. Millions of us are facing foreclosure, while the oil companies post profits that are obscene - and still receive huge government subsidies. The average American is now becoming aware that Bush and Cheney are war criminals, yet Congress refuses to impeach them, even though there is a mountain of evidence that supports their immediate impeachment, indictment, and incarceration for breaking our own and international laws. Congress is worthless, and as bad as Bush’s ratings are, Congress rates worse, symptoms that the public has lost respect and hope that any of them will find the courage to do what’s right! The only thing left to stop the destruction of our country and another war is the people themselves - but first, they have to know what to do. As we stated over a year ago, its time that America’s premier alternative news sites, Blogs, and every individual on the Internet get busy and come together in solidarity to take back our country.

Why, as we face the utter destruction of our economy and the American way of life do we refuse to come together in solidarity? We have witnessed other countries fighting bloody wars to seek democracy, yet we, who used to have it all, refuse to lift a finger in a meaningful way that would bring about change? Have we forgotten who we are - or how powerful we are when we speak as one? I am not a radical; I don’t believe that it takes violence to retrieve our democracy - but it does take all of us to work together, and the only way that it can be accomplished is if those that disseminate the news and commentary on the Internet band together and tell the people “how” we can force Congress to take action. Yes, I said force Congress to impeach Bush, Cheney, and Pelosi, a triple impeachment - and one that will send a message to the next President that believes that his will is more important than that of the people he is supposed to serve.!

It is vital that we understand what a war with Iran would mean to our country; Gas would likely reach five dollars or more per gallon, raising our food prices even more and would cause unimaginable suffering to the American people. Food will become scarce, and the food riots we hear of in other countries would surely visit us with a vengeance. The draft would likely be reinstated, and even more of America’s sons and daughters will die in a war that is the desire of Bush, Cheney, and Israel, not the American people. The Iraq War and mismanagement by the Bush administration has already brought us to our knees; what would another war with Iran bring to the American people? What if Bush’s folly escalates to World War III? What then? There has never been a time in the history of this nation when America has been in this much danger, all brought on by Neo-conservatives that have infiltrated our government - and still, Congress refuses to protect the people. There is a time for talk and there is a time for action, and now it’s time that “we the people” take the action necessary to force Congress to impeach all three that were named above, among several others - and then, if we want to regain any semblance of respect throughout the global community, hand all of them over to The Hague to be judged by the international community as the war criminals they are! Be sure of one fact; The Hague has cells awaiting all of them, and all it takes is for the American people to act in unison to make it a reality instead of a dream! Remember, only a dreamer can have a dream come true!

How do we accomplish this seemingly impossible feat that Congress can’t do themselves? Actually, it’s relatively easy; however it will take the courage and tenacity of those whom we look to for our news and commentary - and if they refuse to help, then, like Congress, their words and actions ring hollow as well…

Imagine The Huffington Post, BuzzFlash, Op-Ed News, Capitol Hill Blue, Raw Story, AfterDowningStreet.org, Rense.com, The BRAD BLOG, The Daily KOS, The Smirking Chimp, TV News and Lies, Alex Jones, Michael Moore, and the huge amount of Hollywood celebrities that could contribute to this cause! What if they all published editorials in unison calling for a general strike that would effectively halt all commerce and services throughout the United States? How would Congress react then? What choice would they have? This country cannot operate without you and me, the “average people” who don’t have a voice in government - but who could effectively, in a non-violent manner, shut-down this country until Congress is forced to do their damn jobs!

We could configure the strike to keep emergency services operating as usual, but non-essential transportation, stores, you name it - could all be shut-down IF all of the above sites would come together in a show of solidarity to save the American way of life. We have the ability to force Congress to do their jobs, but in order to do so, those who are constantly going off in different directions would have to agree that our future is more important than each of their private concerns, which do nothing to stave-off this war which appears to be approaching sometime before the November elections. I have heard on numerous occasions how cowardly the French are, and I’ve also heard the nasty jokes that state the French never fight, but always surrender - just as our Congress has done! Reality tells another story, one of protests, strikes and civil disobedience, traits that once were the hallmark of our democracy, yet seem to have been forgotten as we slide into fascism and complacency.

I wrote about this subject two years ago and was ignored; in fact, it actually angered some of the sites in question; why I don’t know, except that none were willing to agree on anything of substance - mirroring Congress in their indecision and abdication of their sworn duty to serve the people who voted them into office. I love my country and consider myself to be a patriot, and witnessing the country you love sliding into a police state is heartbreaking as well as frightening - but if we would only stop the partisan bickering for this one moment, we could make history, and with a little luck, survive the Bush administration, and we may actually live to see justice being served as it should.

All of you who are reading this post can make a difference. Paste and copy this article and send it to your favorite site and ask them to participate in organizing a general strike - not two months from now, but as quickly a it can be organized. If the majority of the Liberal/Progressive community would participate and urge all of the sites to join-in in solidarity, Bush and Cheney could be facing impeachment as soon as a couple of weeks from now, if not sooner. This is our country, and it doesn’t belong to the lobbyists, the politicians, or the corporations who believe they have the right to control our lives. This is a fight for our freedom as well as our children’s future.

It’s also important to remember that paid government propagandists have infiltrated the Digg Community, Reddit, and almost all of the social networking sites to spread disinformation and propaganda. Pay them no attention. They are liars and traitors, each and every one of them who support this illegal government - and believe me, they will attempt to lead you in another direction, one that will guarantee that Bush and Cheney succeed in destroying the country that most of us love and cherish.

William Cormier

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