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TV Commercials, Which Inspire The Young and Impressionable Condones Killing!

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TV Commercials, Which Inspire The Young and Impressionable Condones Killing! From a mix of false Christians, wishing evil unto others, to those who are allegedly being paid millions to air what they feel are war commercials exempt from criticism, to those who claim to be Christians and object to violence in Video games and movies, but are attempting to lure youngsters into killing for a living, to the failure of conscience of those who fund such enterprises and the cowards in public office on both sides of the aisle, to true prophets, to the lack of Critical Self-Analysis of Americans and due diligence in either party, the press, and the populace, one is stunned, now at nothing the fascists attempt. TV Commercials, Which Inspire The Young and Impressionable Condones Killing And Insult The Intelligence of The American Public "Thou Shalt Not Kill!" In the grand scheme of things, vain and overwhelming materialism is sinking our democracy. The shameful timidity of the congress, reflects that materialism in its most serious flaw, fear of death, is a force that is stifling new ideas, playing into the hands of the intellectually challenged Right, and the fundraising guru's of the scattered and clueless Left. That leaves a hole large enough in the center of the line of defense for a solid victory, which goes unexploited by American politicians. Well, as far as the Democrats are concerned, raising campaign money is the goal, and to blazes with the hole in the center, ethics, moral philosophy, justice, right and wrong, they probably can't even see either the hole or the reasons to exploit it. To the Bushites, however, although avarice is a strong factor, without which they feel little can be accomplished, power is the more important goal-because, as Cheney allegedly says, "...they don't tax power..." The Democrats have made the greatest mistake any political warrior can make, allowing their opponent to define the rules of engagement and the Republicans, despite their lack of majority, have the Democrats on the run. The Democrats have made another mistake and continue to make it-they do not explore new advisors, continuing to stick with those for which failure is the norm rather then the exception. And like the anthropological test, a comparison of intelligence between ape and chicken experiment, the Dems make the same fatal mistakes, over and over and over and over again, displaying for those few enlightened ones, that the Republicans come-off as the brighter apes and the Democrats (as unlikely as it seems) as the hopelessly, dense, chickens. The reason? They refuse to look for new talent, relying on a time worn and mistaken adage of sticking with those you know. Now the Republicans, once a respected and patriotic political party, have allowed muckrakers, criminal billionaires, power-mongers, sadists, fools and mass-murderers, to draw into their web of profit and hatred. Not content with that, now they have seduced naïve' families and individuals just back from the present morass, either dead or seriously injured, to participate in the making of commercials endorsing the continuence of this disaster which the Democrats, foolishly continue to call a "war" just as they continue to call Saboteurs, "terrorists", playing right into the hands of the Republicans, allowing them to define the rules of engagement. In WW II, we were the innocents and eventually the heroes against the uncontrolled desires of the fascist, Nazi, War Criminals, which the entire world not allied to them, saw as intrinsically evil and despicable. However, in the former politicians, running this nation, who are most decidedly, NOT patriotic Americans, are the fascists, villains, War Criminals, supported by a segment of the population which are an intellectually disadvantaged, naïve', uneducated, ignorant, un-or ill-informed, bigoted, greedy, segment of the populace. populace. Their opponents in America, are a diversity of confusion, without vision, ethics, or staunch morality also usurped by a thin veneer of the faine'ant, lowest class of immoral, and questionable humanity; murderers of, unborn, babies-fetus exterminators and they have, almost, single-handedly, along with those who voted for George Nader, and the 60% of single, working females who voted for... no one, have been the cause of this "war," by allowing the Bushites to win, twice! However, any comparison between this "war" and a real war like WW II is a blasphemy and a mistake by the Democrats because this one was invented for wealth, power and control, while WW II was forced upon us by a world in jeopardy placed there by Adolph Hitler, a megalomaniac, demoniac, sadistic mass-murdering, fascist, Nazi War Criminal, supported by an intellectually disadvantaged, naïve', uneducated, ignorant, un-or ill-informed, bigoted, greedy, segment of the populace. What the Bushites call a "war," is nothing more than a cover story for a wild west, Texas Mob/Outfit/Mafia style robbing and mass murdering, oil, and trillions in cash, stealing criminals. Come to think of it, I have unintentionally insulted the "Outfit," "Mob," Mafia, by comparing these creatures with them, because during WW II Italian American Mobsters, supplied our government, with invaluable intelligence which facilitated a crucial landing in Italy, assuring our command that while the Italians, disloyal to the fascists, would offer only token resistance, and then lay down their arms to the Americans, the Nazi's stationed there would fight on to the end. This mob, unlike the mafia, whose profits came from those who desired their illegal services, is forcing upon the world their evils and has no set of ideals or ethics, and the people have no choice; it is driven incorrigibly by avarice, power-lust, and sadism, just as were Hitler's mob. In memory, aside from Caligula, Nero, Stalin and Mao, the Bushites are the newest to attempt assassination, spying, torture, genocide and chemical warfare, against his own people. Prophetic Truth Many believe that the fascist inspired men in power, have stolen by contract awards of one-two trillion dollars, at least, for the enrichment of those which Eisenhower and Macarthur blamed for starting WW II, and we expanded, to the Military, Medical, MSM Industrial Complex. In recent times, they have conspired to begin the depopulation of America, by forcing Americans to all take toxic drugs which will shorten their lives and cast them into horrid suffering to drain their physical and intellectual, resources. They will initiate this as they did this "war," by lies and manipulation and the Democrats will not stop them because they want to be a part of it because of the corporate money. The ploy will be that anyone who refuses to participate, is guilty of genocide because there are terrifying diseases which are virulent, highly contagious and could wipe out the population and anyone who refuses such medication is a "carrier," therefore a traitor and will either be hunted down and forced to take the slow-suicide drugs or injected with the disease and sent back home to show what occurs when one does not properly care for their health through inoculations. This has already begun in communities across America with the useless spraying to kill the Adult Mosquito population in most cities and those who refuse to go along are subjected to the spraying anyway and worse. The mosquito spraying for Adult Live Mosquitoes is a sham killing from 1% to 07% of unhatched mosquitoes, but is a serious threat to all adult and children for cancers, Parkinson's and Alzheimers and a cadre of other horrific diseases. They kill few mosquitoes, but millions of Americans, ... but very slowly. In carrying on this fraudulent "war" they have depleted of the treasuries of two and possibly three nations, thereby robbing more than 400,000,000 people, so that a handful can live in kingly luxury. They have by sold gasoline which costs $00.02 cents a gallon (and $1.00-$1.50 a BARREL fully refined and delivered) at $4.50 gallon (in Florida, this summer) and that amounts to not the $80.00 a Barrel advertised in the stock wholesale price for sweet crude, price but $198.00 a barrel, a profit of 8500%. The Loss of One's Soul The Neo-con Masterless -minds has surmised that commercials made by those whose sacrifice is palpably visible, are invulnerable and therefore impossible to critique, without critics enduring harsh rebuttal and condemnation. Prayers for those disabled in this "war," never stop flowing from my prayer schedule, even those who I believe are either deluded or in error. However, their suffering does not mean they are sainted or above reproach or even correct in what they believe to be truth, without researching all of the options. Many Americans made enormous sacrifices over their lifetimes, some heroic in battle, other's heroic in other impassioned vocational and/or volunteer works, some merely doing all they can possibly do to help others, often heroically, often putting themselves in harm's way and doing so unarmed, Charles Lindbergh was such a person, but he was wrong, and proven to be so, unquestionably. Some gave greater sacrifices, but without having to break God's ban on killing. Thou, Shalt, Not Kill! There is no equivocation here, it is simply stated. If one tries to use the "self-defense" argument, any who enlisted in the armed service is, by self-incrimination, banned before God to use the argument, because they enlisted without being well informed and the act of enlistment, means they signed sans due-diligence, on to the killing. Had they been drafted, the self-defense argument might be applicable. If one looks for a fight, or puts oneself in the "occasion of sin," one has given oneself tacit consent to kill whomever, for whatever reason. One has surrendered one's morality, body and soul to the whims of another, that in and of, itself is tantamount to loss of soul. With empathy, I strongly feel their losses, those who have lost loved ones in battle and those who have been physically or mentally impaired, and I know what it is like to be disabled, I was a polio victim as a child, paralyzed and in severe pain for the better part of two years. I never, during that time cried, and I never took out any anger against anyone, nor God, nor was I jealous or envious of those who could walk and run and play. I used the time to learn and read, to draw and daydream. So, I know about suffering, and about loss having lost most of my family and friends over the years. Moreover, the doctors told me years later that I might, as I get older, meet with skeletal-musculature degeneration, and I have, so the suffering has returned. Having said that, while few question the sincerity/motivation on the part of some of the families of those dead, or the words of those wounded, neither death nor injury, bespeaks a correct analysis of what has happened, nor knowledge of all of the information available, the billions wasted, the poor armor and protection of our troops and the motivation which put them in extreme harm's way for billions of profit for oil companies and contractors, used against innocent American citizens and others, who have been spied upon, arrested, spirited away, and perhaps killed in "accidents," because they have done thorough research and are writing the non-fiction versions of the "war" in Iraq. Our troops, the vast majority of which are brave, selfless heroes, in a "war," they would not have chosen had the choice been theirs, have been terribly ill used and ill-served. They have also been lied to and betrayed by men and women who have committed high treason creating this war and using American troops to do mercenary business to steal oil fields from the Iraqi's, and there is only one reason those men and women are not in prison for the rest of their lives and that is the cowardice of their political opponents, or shall we call them accomplices? Let us keep in mind that those who have been severely wounded, disabled or otherwise impaired, or lost the lives of their loved ones, perhaps subconsciously, in order to keep their equilibrium-perhaps even from plunging more deeply into grief, must somehow justify to themselves and others that their loss was not in vain, that they did not vainly follow a megalomaniac and give their sons or daughters, or their own good health up for the avarice of others with already too much money. What is worse, than the financial gain of profiteers/privateers who used the American Military to acquire and maintain their stolen profits? Therefore, most naturally for some of those so afflicted, supporting the continuation of the killing, gives them a comfort, which is, for them therapeutic. For others, probably most others, who have suffered the same or a similar loss, despite their own suffering, might look beyond their own needs to those of others, those still suffering and more heroically, try to end the suffering and the maiming and killing because continuing to support such an unjust cause would dissemble their consciences. For them, application of Jesus' words of the Golden Rule, Do Thou unto others, as you would have others do onto you or yours The true Christian does not wish an evil that has hurt them unto others. This "war" and the new commercials highlight the 53,000 American casualties, against a backdrop of tens of millions of other Americans who suffer because of this "war."

When I say that the commercials of which we speak, highlights about 53,000 dead and wounded veterans of this "war" against a backdrop of tens of millions of American children, what exactly do I mean? I mean the money thrown away on this war could have been otherwise invested in America and Americans-replenished the nation's population of the under-privileged and the less affluent. I mean that one can more easily sin by omission because few have the gift of abstraction to compute the evil existing in that omission. However, simplified, the cash allegedly stolen for/by, contractors and others, and needlessly used for the purposes of bringing death and unthinkable suffering, does so in more ways than overtly attacking and making war. The money so engaged, and therefore omitted from other uses, could have instead, been used for the enhancement of life and thereby benefitted tens of millions of people here and elsewhere. Such use and distribution would have been the act of men of God, not mass annihilation of a people for their goods, much coveted by the industrialists of the attacking nation('s). They have stolen money which could have been used for the health care, housing and food, and more, of tens of millions of Americans, but was not because some misguided people want to help a few billionaires steal even more billions over the bodies of malnourished, starving, American Children. And the democratic candidates who are too timid to say so, will not get my vote in 2008. Now, however, there is the blood of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's and 53,000 Americans and others on the heads of many in politics and those who supported them, of both parties. Most especially, those which initiated this plan and those who still support it and worse, those who profited by it-those are the ones, upon whose hands the blood will not out-and that blood once shed-was so drained, that others, a select few might profit mightily. One wonders why G W Bush could not have been honest with us and ask if we would agree to go after Iraq for their oil? If America had said yes, he would have gone with at least the blessings of a majority, but why did he find it necessary to lie, so abundantly? He did so because he knew, that unlike him, the majority of Americans suffer from a malady, which he apparently has never even experienced, the pangs of conscience. Yes, the pangs of Conscience would have prevented most Americans, once knowing why we were going to "war," from agreeing to do so... and the Bushites knew that, but they would not let America's conscience, stand in their way, therefore, how dare they mention God in connection with it? Here, had the trillions wasted not been used for killing, they could have offered benefits for vitality and life in America for our families. Now, instead, because of the greatest sin of all-the greatest evil of all, Avarice, we have, unrepaired, a failing, national infrastructure. When that infrastructure is allowed to fail, as was the first stroke of this Nero-like presidency, at New Orleans, they billionaires will leave America, and it will become the outsourced labor pool of those who live in incredible splendor for the rest of time, as toxic America becomes a wasteland of pestilence, death and disease which they will, by plane, exterminate every now and then, with Mosquito killing pesticides, the surviving Americans. This is among those possible futures, which can be changed, but not by those currently in any office in Washington DC. The future of true religious fervor focused not on Organized Religion, but on God, lies in the Far East, in China, and in Russia, and in Italy, and in one of two nations of South America. Even now, there are growing into adulthood, new prophets in those paces who will begin the long and time consuming ascent to the heights of spirituality. Meanwhile, here and now, we have commercials glamorizing the Culture of Death, war, murder, assassination, torture, capital punishment, stealing, rape, lying, coveting and profits of/by the few, at the expense of the very, very, needy, many by misusing a handful of individuals, the dead and wounded and their families a very few of which have starred in commercials created by subversive billionaires-billionaires who are out to steal everything they can get their scabby, grubby, bloodied, Hell-soaked hands upon. Their tenure in Hell is assured, but why must they drag other down with them? The Rarity of Critical Thinking There is in America today, a sort of mentality and inability to discern righteousness from fraud. This is evidence of a lack of critical thinking. Colleges and parents have failed their children, and that is why we have such things occurring. They have failed to teach the critical thinking classes, we, in our generation, thrived upon and learned from. They have fallen from a high perch set ages ago by education in the mercies of life resulting in empathy. The resulting lack of critical self-analysis, and critical analysis of others, has allowed this "war" to begin and go on as the oil companies drain the oil from its rightful owners, thus displaying contempt of/for God-and this, God will not forget. Several organizations have manipulated messages aimed at the least informed, the least intelligent, the most gullible, the most fearful/cowardly and the least patriotic of those living in America. Fascism in all its horror, for the second time in the last 80 years, has gripped both political parties and the nation, and the course of freedom and patriotism has been defecated upon by one party for oil and riches, and the other for riches and God knows what. It is said that a number of billionaires are behind the war for obvious reasons, they are, directly or indirectly, making for themselves and/or their friends, huge amounts of profit-profit taken out of the mouths of Americans-among which are sick children, lacking any, or even adequate healthcare, and adults from which those same billionaires have usurped jobs, "outsourcing" so they can profit even further. Many of them are paying Chinese natives and others $00.14-$00.25 cents an hour, with no benefits, while working with toxic, Chinese death inducing plastics and glues, sending us toxic plastics and food and other materials, by a political party which cares not how many die, because they are dedicated to depopulating America anyway, to steal the land and wealth belonging to approximately 275,000,000 Americans, just as they are doing in Iraq, which is their laboratory for that which they plan to do here. That is why laws have been passed to bar Bankruptcy in citizens but not corporations. That is why they have passed a Confiscation bill which, says, in essence; if a rich man sees and covets a piece of commercial property that you own which he could replace with a higher revenue business, he can, by a new form of Eminent Domain can take that land, just as the government can now for municipal purposes-BUT, wait there is much, much, more-If a rich man sees your home sits on a piece of property upon which he would build a larger home, more edifying visually and brining higher taxes to the municipality, he can set a price and take tour home, regardless of its value, at the price he states, because, he says in the long run the monetary value the city will realize, is of far greater benefit to the community and therefore out weighs the importance of a benefits to an individual (YOU!). It is said that an Organization called "Freedom Watch" is behind the deceptive commercials, once again tying 9/11 to Iraq. "Freedom Watch" is an apt name, because they appear to be "watching" all right-they watch freedom, so they can remove it from citizens and give it to those to which, at great profit, steal America's resources, as shown above and throughout my writing. No one has asked how much former Bushites aids like Ari Fleisher, are being paid for making these commercials, allegedly he is being paid millions for his efforts. I wonder how much, if anything he is paying those who appear and endorse his work? Freedom Watch, how much are you paying those who have suffered losses to act in your commercials? Congratulations Mr. Fleisher, Sir, we hope you thoroughly enjoy your blood money for the moment, because soon you will be added to the Prophetic Painting of Hell Dwellers and those certainly on their way to join them. Seducing heroes and the families of heroes to make the filth Freedom Watch is producing is not clever merely unethical and blatantly immoral. It is not a perfect attack because the Democrats are timid, it is an evil attack because Ari Fleisher is making use of the uninformed, exploiting their grief, and muddying and tying their losses to the filthy profits of those who pay him. Many people have had the same thoughts Freedom Watch has had, but morality prevents them from so sullying the images of those Freedom Watch has tricked/seduced into performing for the profits of those running it-what a way to make a living. Well that is the step down from prostitution, because prostitution at least delivers, with joy, a certain degree of happiness for its clients, while the results of such advertising filth will only deliver more death to many and wealth to a few at the top of the effort. It is all about greed and power, and to some an outlet for the sadism of those who are behind the "war" commercials, shamelessly selling death, narrated by obviously, sincere, but naïve' veterans or their families, go a long way toward influencing innocent children with disinformation, a love of violence far worse than that of video games, which are bad enough, but inciting unenlightened Americans, to allow the WPM-THE WAR PROFIT MACHINE, to grind-out more billions for the enemies of America, the perpetrators of mass-murder and oil stealing, billions of profits for thieves in industry, contracting and mercenary Ox Bow incident supporters, and with it, the growth of anti-American sentiment. That the dead cannot speak for themselves, but others have been persuaded to speak for them to continue the death and madness, is in itself a disservice an d the continuence of an over shouting mob mentality. We know the horrendous suicide attempt rates, the rates of exodus from the service, the tens of thousands of servicemen and women who want out, those which have signed on to get the troops out and we know the false hero status about which a young, female, non-com informed us, wherein they attempted to mark her with hero status with which she, of strong character and high moral status, refused to go along. We know of the young fellow which, after yeoman and heroic service was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, who rather return to Iraq, went on a drunken binge which ended in a military assault by police and snipers which climaxed in his being shot to death-he a very ill young man, who had not fired upon his attackers, firing only one shot into the ground and another into the air. The state determined that the military attack upon the soldier never should have happened. However, there are in every packet and group of armed men placed in a state of alert, a tiny minority, a virtual handful who in their own minds in order to be seen as heroes, must kill others, even if the guilt of those others is unestablished. Those few are opportunistic, cowards-and even though they are a tiny minority involved that is still are far too many in the any and every sort of armed service, whether military or some sort of police work. Among the many men and women, throughout every nation who carry loaded firearms, there are those few, just itching to kill someone-anyone, to make their sick minds and impotent bodies feel a fleeting power moment. For that reason, we need to test men who are commissioned to carry loaded weapons, as much and more for a deep felt sense of ethics and morality as for physical fitness. Moreover, Pat Tillman, whose death was heralded as "heroic," was indeed heroic. As I predicted the week of his shooting, he was assassinated because he changed his heroic mind about the war and he was a professional highly paid and publicized athlete. He was apparently shot, as I predicted by American or mercenary troops, perhaps, as I predicted through the grace of God, because Tillman was planning to go public with his new realization of the true facts about the "war." It is no true war. It is, however, a mass assassination and murder, effort, as was Stalin's against the intellectuals, military commanders who disagreed with him, professors, doctors and other strong minds, over 41,000 Poles, mass executed and bulldozed into mass graves, which slaughter he blamed upon the Nazi's, in WWII. Pat Tillman was going to go public, he told his brother has disappointed he was, he had been used and now he was going to tell the story. However, such a high profile figure, the mentally unstable Bushites could not allow to go public, so someone among them had him "hit." Neither do we have any idea if the private thoughts of the dead now being desecrated by the living, which could not possibly know their private thoughts, which bytheway do not matter, because there are many more who also served who have opposite thoughts. So, why not give them all lie-detector tests and IQ tests to see who is smart enough to recognize when they are being bamboozled, and telling the truth besides? Being wounded or dead does not make one a political, religious, or intellectual giant. Nor does it make one any more well informed, nor does it make one a strategic genius, nor widely read, nor an intellectual. They say those who want to stop the killing and suffering are surrendering, that those who want to continue the killing want to win. However, I ask, win what? What will they win? I will tell you what some will win, they will win the death of anyone who stands in the way of their getting a contract agreed to by the Iraqi's giving American an Brits 99% of the oil profits-the same profits which at the start of this war GW Bush said would be put in a trust for the people of Iraq, because this war was about freeing them from terror and cruelty and allowing them democracy and about 9/11. If that is still the promise, we have seen no evidence that any of that has been carried out. However, the Bushites have obtained one victory, which no one can take away from them, a victory which in having broken any ties and allegiance to the Living God The Father and certainly from Jesus. Now we hear of more possible assassinations of American troops unhappy with the war, as two of the seven who wrote the NYT about the true state of the war were recently killed in a "Vehicle accident, and a third was found shot in the head. It was reported today that both Sgt. Omar Mora and Sgt. Yance, reportedly "depressed" at having written their articles, died in a the same vehicle accident in western Baghdad and a third writer Staff Sergeant Jeremy Murphy, an Army Ranger and reconnaissance team leader, was shot in the head during the writing of the article. He, however, may survive to tell how that happened after he was flown to a military hospital in the USA. Whether he makes it out of that hospital able to speak is an open question with few bookmakers giving positive odds.

To those who say there is/was no conspiracy in all of this, I reply to them, recall the words of the seer/prophet, "Everything that has ever happened, throughout all of time was a conspiracy, for men so-tempted and therefore coveting, are always planning to take, kill or steal, control or usurp others and their goods, women, money, and possessions. In addition, if they gain enough power, and see nations which entities they covet, they conspire to make war or otherwise hoodwink them of the coveted things. In short, nothing, except act of God, but-no event within the control of humans that ever happened did so by chance, but by careful planning, and even He-God plans His Acts." Slandering True Heroes Lest any of the Foxites or the Bushites, which are one in the same as they are with Bib Ladin's, say that I or any others have slandered the fallen, let us recall my restraint and respect shown here, and remind all that the Bushites slandered true Heroes throughout the three campaigns from 2000, 2004. And 2006, against men like Kerry and many others, men who were decorated while Bush hid behind his families skirts to avoid being where Kerry and others were because he was and remains a moral coward, marked by the Living God as anathema, along with his aids among which are the leaders of those forces making the blasphemous commercials which holds God in contempt and the intellect of men which God Created to oppose the Bushites, who were recreated from the atoms-the particles and blackened souls of ancient enemies of the Hebrews, of the Christians and thousands of years later, of the world in the Second World War. It is well to know that the more often the Bushites slander and assassinate, brave men, the deeper into lava rivered, bowels of Hell the Bushites, shall for eternity be denizens... and perhaps a good many of their supporters along with them-Thus Saith The Lord. The Lack of What Jesus and Paul Felt Should Be Most Importantly Evidential in a True Christian... Empathy! There is in America today, a sort of mentality and inability to discern righteousness from fraud. This is evidence of a lack of critical thinking. The colleges and parents have fallen from a high perch set ages ago, on education in the mercies of life. There is also a lack of critical self-analysis, and critical analysis of others. One fellow said to me, Professor, when I looked into the eyes or heard the voices of the poor folks making those commercials, I felt their pain and suffering. However, one would say, would they not want to protect others from such suffering, if they were sincere? Would they not be sensitive to those who are still suffering, or would they want others to suffer as they have? Which is the more measured and empathetic response? Which is the more Christian response? Would they not have wondered if all the trillions wasted in instruments of death and horror, have been better invested in our own people's good health and future, and in our crumbling infrastructure, of which New Orleans is a mildewing and stirring example? Those responsible for the killing, which condemn violence in movies and video games, and yet applaud and wish for more killing, even after losing a loved one to killing or having been maimed in the killing fields, are they not, doing greater harm, by selling war to impressionable youngsters, who might also be maimed and/or killed? Is that neighborly? I ask, Professor, how pornographic is selling hatred and slaughter to kids as something good. I feel sorry for and pray for those, which the puppeteers manipulated into being spokespeople for disinformation, mass murder, and fascism. How these people missed that Iraq and Al Qaeda were and remained enemies with each other until the Bushites with their mercenaries and the violence inflicted upon an innocent population-a population wanting only to live their lives as we live ours is beyond me. Apparently the puppeteers are using the maimed, the dead and the desperate, (sincere, perhaps, well meaning people), which the very people who are creating the commercials have caused to be dead and wounded, as unsuspecting shills to induce others to enter the horrors created by the (FOSP) Fascist Oil Stealers For Profits, to hawk a war for oil disguised variously as; bringing democracy to a nation bereft of it, to liberating the Iraqi people, to attacking the perpetrators of 9/11, to showing a people how to help themselves, to making the world safe from a potential haven for "terrorists." The thing they ignore is that Iraq was free of, and not a haven for "terrorists" until the Bushites their mercenaries and contractors, (some of which are incompetent), attacked, raped and ravaged the nation, it's people, its treasury, our treasury and every American child and person who is not in perfect health and most of those who are. Good Night and God Bless!

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