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George Bush -- The Contemporary Benedict Arnold of the Proto-Fascist Republican Triad

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Don't look for any scholarly footnotes here. This is my personal account of what I believe to be happening to our beloved America because of the cruel scams now being perpetrated against the nation. We are in a financial and freedom death struggle with a narcissistic triad of no more political, religious and financial manipulators than could be carried aboard one Boeing 747 on a single flight. These greedy schemers include the three hundred-fifty or so ruthless financial abusers who currently control ninety percent of American wealth. They are ruthless abusers who are constantly running scams to keep the last few crumbs from falling from their sumptuous tables into middle class hands. Because they wanted power to dominate us, the aristocracy used their propaganda machine to trick us into electing president an inept Texan who would have peaked selling used cars in Midland, had he not been a highly privileged and artfully born again Bush scion. The elite also created the near psychopathic reactionary Republican coalition in order to maintain their domination of society at our expense. Of course the aristocracy now ravaging the America Republic from within the White House and the Congress neither bloody their own hands nor do the heavy lifting in their assault on America.

The ruthless financial aristocracy recruits neurotic and paranoid wannabes from within the ranks of reactionary politicians, fundamental preachers, radical print journalists and hate radio babblers, in order to propagandize the naïve voters of America. I feel very strongly that our American democracy and the late great middle class that made our land so successful, are deliberately being sold down the river into the snake, spider and scorpion infested cane fields. I very clearly perceive that we patriotic citizens who fought America's wars, worked hard all our lives, worshipped devoutly and played by the rules, are being crucified because we and our families believe we deserve to share in the American dream. Of course, we must realize that the disastrous results of globalization are not an inevitable outcome of capitalism -- but a deliberate scheme by the financial aristocracy to sweep all of the world's wealth into their own coffers. We must understand that no economist can honestly deny the reality of this scam with his drivel about the economy doing so well on Wall Street. So it does, for the benefit of the elite -- because global finance was designed to give them the wealth, even as middle class America is swiftly losing the purchasing power needed to keep our economy strong into the future.

As I see it, after I have spent lifetime of psycho-spiritual researching, teaching, preaching and counseling, the aristocratic globalization scam is being used to divide the American nation into a handful of extremely powerful families and their more numerous panderers -- while forcing worker bee Americans into poorly paid serfdom so the elite users and abusers can seize virtually all the power, possessions, pleasure and prestige. There are many reasons why men and women will sacrifice their humanity to gain great wealth but the unconscious factor that flogs them on and on is almost always a wounded ego. No emotionally or spiritually healthy parent will sacrifice two or three families to divorce, addiction and neuroticism in order to become wealthy and so powerful that one can never again be devalued or challenged. This is the stuff of mental illness and it is a form of overcompensation from infancy and childhood when one was forced to feel inept and useless, to internalize free floating anxiety that continues to drive the wounded person relentlessly. When neurotic sufferers become enormously wealthy and powerful, they virtually always start portray themselves as important personages who have attained god-like significance. People who need thousand dollar shower curtains, a hundred two thousand dollar suits or gowns and two hundred pairs of hand made shoes, in order to feel good about life and their place in it, are desperately trying to sooth a crippled ego. Alas, most of them fail, for there isn't enough power, prestige or possessions in the world to plug the bottomless hole in the egos of such men and women. As I wrote about neurotic persons in my book The Liberated Soul, most strongly acquisitive men and women who are fiercely driven to appear important and find lasting security, are consumed by terrible anxieties about their own mortality. They are trying desperately to gain such power and prestige that even death itself will yield to their determination to be spectacularly significant and God-like. Even men like Andrew Carniege and John D. Rockefeller were forced at last to make amends for their greed by giving much of their wealth away when they realized the could neither spend it all nor take it with them to the grave. And I cannot think of any current public figure who reveals his ego wounds more clearly than George W. Bush.

I believe all loyal Americans should enthusiastically welcome the current return to sanity reflected in the declining presidential and congressional polls. We have long needed to come to our senses during the vicious political, spiritual and financial war now being waged against the middle class by the ruthless cabal of proto-fascist Republicans of whom George W. Bush is merely the front man and most visible member. It is long past time we voters realized that the emperor and his yapping hate mongers are wearing no clothes. For a generation now, the greedy abusers called neo-conservatives have waged a war to dominate the world's economy. They have fostered the great financial scam called globalization in which the half century long Cold War, the Indochina and Iraqi wars and even the compromise of democracy and the looming destruction of the Republic, are but skirmishes. The ultimate scam of wicked reactionary politicians, fundamental preachers and authoritarian plutocrats is to deliver more and more wealth and power to the new breed of global robber barons for whom America means nothing more than a major market. Any country will suit them just fine if it offers more wealth. Of course, the term neo-conservative is no longer adequate to describe this narcissistic triad of manipulators currently dominating our nation for its own benefit. The truth of the matter is far more complex.

The financial aristocracy is currently being served very well through the egoistic ambitions of the Bush family, with clever handlers such as Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove and until recently Card, who are used and well paid but never admitted into the elite inner circle. The Bush family also uses congressional bullies like Tom DeLay, Rick Santorim and many others. Some religious leaders in the cabal yearn for a theocracy which they control rather than a democracy in which the people are free to worship and vote as they please. This element of the triad includes James Dobson, Pat Robertson and most of the Southern Baptist and Roman Catholic hierarchy. I believe the very strange political bedfellows that come from fundamental backwoods churches and very expensive Dallas and Houston country clubs, must be seen as proto-fascistic neurotics.

We never have had any guarantees that the Republic would survive the greed of our ruthless home grown abusers. When a Philadelphia woman asked Ben Franklin what he and the other founders had accomplished, he quipped -- We have given you a republic, Madam -- if you can keep it. Old Ben was no fool -- he knew that there are always egoistic abusers driven by psychological and spiritual wounds to seek the illusion of personal significance by amassing great wealth and power. Some persons think about nothing but wealth and power and how to acquire them for thirty or forty years. They go through spouses and families like they were swapping used cars. Lord Charles Babbington of McCaulay, wrote perceptively in his superb history of the British Empire. (I paraphrase) Every noble family, royal kingdom, profitable company and vast civilization eventually destroys itself by creating so many vested interest groups that it cannot adapt in time to survive when it must surrender something important or perish. Franklin who lived in England about the time Lord McCaulay was writing, understood that of the twenty-two civilizations which left their footprints on Earth, all but two collapsed because of their narcissistic internal contradictions. That isn't to say there wasn't some younger, more flexible society waiting in the wings to give a final shove, but the defeat was almost always self induced. What makes you think that twenty-first century America is any different? Do the names of China, Brazil and India come to mind as our egoistic abusers are busy devouring the American middle class through which the powerful Republic was supported? Never, since the Civil War when Lee's Confederates occupied Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on the way to Philadelphia and possibly New York, has the Republic been in such danger. Eternal vigilance is indeed the price of liberty! We still have in our hands the power of the ballot to hamstring the wicked abusers who betray America by bleeding us white by concentrating even more of the world's wealth into their grasping hands.

Because of our anxiety about terrorist attacks and ignorance about Islam, we were traumatized on 9/11 and relentlessly propagandized to believe at least three impossible things the radical Republicans were peddling to naïve Americans before breakfast every morning. We immediately gave George W. Bush et al, the power needed to put many self-destructive scams into practice. No more than two dozen reactionary proto-fascists in the Congress and the White House propagandized America into supporting the disastrous Iraqi War that has America teetering on the slippery slope of a guerrilla conflict between civilizations. A great many Americans are just not bright or psychologically astute enough to see through the clever proto-fascist propaganda. It was as if our cultural memory about the ten years of the bloody Vietnam War had been erased by the aristocracy's seduction machine. We saluted and lined up, ready to sacrifice our kids and our wealth all over again when the war drums began to beat. Even ninety percent of the American Army's worker bees at risk in Iraq, have been so brainwashed by their officers that they still believe Saddam and Osama planned the 9/11 attacks together even though the men despised and distrusted each other. The soldiers still accept the spin, even after the Bush administration admitted in public it had been mistaken to make such an assumption.

We were so seduced that the neo-Confederates of the south and west, those rural minded true believers claiming the greatest patriotism, have joined political forces with the country club set that despises them as white trash, elitists that are doing everything possible to starve the middle class. Politics do make strange bed fellows! Fundamental preachers control the generally sexist and racist NASCAR bunch that never forgave the Democratic Party for forcing civil rights legislation down their throats a generation ago. The clergy rant about the wicked forces of liberalism and the eternal security of fundamental worship. On the other side of this strange equation, the financially affluent and politically sophisticated country club set sees through the financial scams but vote for proto-fascists politicians anyway because of the vast wealth in play.

Should you be tempted to discount the ability of rag-head tribal Muslims to cause even more American pain in a war between civilizations, as the Bush administration sold America a bill of goods about a splendid little war, try very hard to remember what only nineteen fundamental true believers did on that terrible day in September when we lost our innocence during the collapse of the Twin Towers. Can't you remember that not one Iraqi youngster attacked America on 9/11 and virtually no anti-American terrorists were operating out of Baghdad until we created them by occupying their homeland? Al Qaida came in later, but only after we made a multitude of enemies through our inept political and military occupation. Soon after 9/11, I wrote that a great many Arab peasants were going to die from a flood of American bombs and shells. I said at the time I hoped that a few of the slain would be guilty perpetrators, although I feared that most of them would be what is euphemistically called collateral damage by the military. Well, the count of collaterally dead Iraqis has already reached a hundred thousand men women and children. Of course, should you get your world news from hate radio ditto heads who propagandize incessantly to support reactionary politicians and fundamental preachers, you can blame the collapse of the middle class, the 9/11 attack and the ever more violent civil war on Bill and Hillary Clinton or Ted Kennedy and John Murtha and other liberals who want to get our kids out of the slaughter pens of the Middle East. You can even pretend that the Middle Eastern war isn't about dominating Middle Eastern petroleum by calling our neo-colonial war of conquest a justifiable struggle for the liberation of the Arab peoples, but that doesn't convert a lie into the truth. You can call a rabid skunk a loving Beagle, but you had better not invite it in as a house pet.

The radical Republican proto-fascists now slipping in the polls as the people finally realize who is betraying them and their military kids, did everything possible in their scam to deliver control of Middle Eastern petroleum to their oil barons. For, while the ideological users and abusers first argued that the Iraqi war was fought to protect us from weapons of mass destruction and then claimed to be converting vengeful and aggressive Afghani and Iraqi tribesmen to born again Jeffersonian democrats, few Americans and Europeans -- besides neurotic idiots and vested abusers -- still believe the radical Republican delusions. Only narcissistic true believers ignore the connection between the war and the billions and billions in windfall profits reaped by Texaco, British Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, Standard Oil and others after our invasion and the three years of drawn-out fighting sent energy costs through the roof. The Bush family has won millions of windfall dollars from their petroleum investments in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere while George has been in the White House. I believe this financial scheme is why Bush recently reiterated his mantra that we must win the war in Iraq at all costs -- and then keep an occupying force there indefinitely in order to defeat Al Qaeda's terrorists. Of course, I simply cannot believe that any member of the Bush family ever gave one hoot in Hades about delivering tattered and snaggle tooth Iraqi peasants from Saddam's clutches. The aristocratic first family simply doesn't think in those terms about the peasants of the world, according to the servants who have worked for the family through the years. The autocratic Republican view of personal freedom, certainly doesn't reflect the right of ordinary citizens to govern themselves and choose national policies through electing honest legislators. It is much more about relaxing regulations within authoritarian nations so their corporations can create lessez faire governments they operate on their own terms. That is proto-fascist democracy!

The Bush administration invaded Iraq to build a dozen or more permanent military bases in Iraq in order to dominate the Middle East oil fields with permanent American forces. It had absolutely nothing to do with democratic nation building until the WMD scam blew up in the president's face. These bases are why Iranian leaders are now frantic to produce a supply of their own nuclear weapons. The mullahs are not stupid, they can count to ten, and they have figured out that the United States, during the ten large and small wars we have fought since World Two, has never attacked a nation with nuclear arms. In our country where tens of millions of cargo containers are unloaded annually, with less than five percent of them visually inspected, a nation with its own nuclear bombs could smuggle a few ashore in any number of ways -- to be detonated aboard a boat near downtown Manhattan or from a truck crossing the Potomac Bridge into Washington. Obviously, they have no trouble finding suicide drivers. There was even a rumor that during the Cold War, the Soviets smuggled several nuclear weapons into New York and Washington and cached them in underground basements to use in the event of a nuclear war. The story is, they were surreptitiously removed when the Cold War ended during the Gorbachev era.

Obviously, George Bush is more than willing to continue trading American and Iraqi lives in order to increase the net worth of the already obscenely wealthy families who control the great oil companies. Why else would the Bush administration be building those military basses in Iraq while claiming to be creating a democracy? Bush and the narcissistic proto-fascist triad intended never to leave the poor desert nation, even if they must drown what is left of Iraqi society in blood. Moreover, can you really believe that while virtually every opinion page editor in America predicted the wartime surge in oil profits, the resistance of the Iraqi people to occupation and the civil war now in its opening stage, George Bush and his in-house proto-fascists couldn't foresee those consequences of their war? Obviously, a stubborn president convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still. They didn't want to see the consequences.

In his recent vow to continue the war for bringing his brand of freedom from taxes and restrictive regulations to the Middle East, Bush cleverly avoids defining either democracy or the conditions under which our weary troops shall come home. Some of the Guard and Regular units are now deploying for their third and fourth tours of duty in Iraq. And while they are magnificent young men and woman, (I served among their predecessors in the Brown Shoe Army Air Forces), too much is enough. Military marriages are breaking up and the V A hospital I use is filled with kids suffering terrible head wounds. Homes, automobiles and careers are being lost through continuous deployment. And the count now goes past twenty thousand wounded and dead American for the greater glory of Texaco, British Petroleum and several others.

The financial elite are spending so much money corrupting radical politicians and fundamental preachers that the strengths of democracy are collapsing around us. Radical legislators with well filled coffers and reactionary Supreme Court justices with overcompensated egos now serve the proto-fascist aristocracy rather the middle class in virtually every important issue. The greedy manipulators, as personified by three or four generations of the Bush family, understand that they don't need to conduct a banana republic type revolution to control virtually everything they choose. All they need do is spend one ten thousandths of one percent of their profits to bribe a few hundred greedy members of congress. That expenditure is a great deal less than paying living wages to twenty or thirty million middle-class workers. The formerly highly placed economist within the Federal Reserve, Milton Friedman, stated that the only moral responsibility of a business organization is to increase profits. At all costs? By dumping poisonous wastes into your community's drinking water to save money -- or by hastening global warning or by spreading carcinogenic chemicals far and wide by refusing to waste money on scrubbers for your smokestacks?

Bought and paid for reactionary economists, obviously reject the idea that taxes are the price we pay for civilization with sound public schools, good roads, opportunities for disenfranchised families to come into the middle class, affordable medical care and decent retirement benefits. Their narcissistic patrons want it all. The vast Bush tax reduction program made him a hero from the beginning of his first administration. It must have soothed his wounded ego for a few months for he was soon back asking for another fix. Kitty Kelly reported that the Bush family mind set includes just two kinds of men and women. Most people are among the inconsequential workers of society who salute and obey their betters. Then there are the real people, the few members of elite country clubs with whom the Bush family plays golf and tennis. All of which leaves them virtually no interest in and no concern for a working middle class except to fight their wars and do the labor needed to keep their enterprises profitable across the world. After all, the middle class bees siphon off far too much wealth that would otherwise go into their own coffers.

From the beginning of the current administration, even as Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld began the continuous drum beat to gain support for the Iraqi War with their weapons of mass destruction scam, the invasion really was about controlling Middle Eastern oil. No one could stop them; even as George was pretending to seek ways to avoid an invasion, he and Tony Blair had already resurrected the British dream of a born again Middle Eastern Empire. This pretense was only one of the many deceptions Bush used to pull the wool over American eyes. It was easy after the proto-fascists had a firm grip on the levers of American power. The White House, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and much of the Supreme Court were firmly in their hands. They still are, as Chief Justice Roberts and Associate Alioto convinced the neo-fascists of their parallel mind sets during a very careful vetting before their names ever appeared on the evening news. The Middle East campaign was really about oil and wealth while everything about weapons of mass destruction, defeating Iraqi terrorists and bringing democracy to the unwashed peasants of the region has been a stream of deceit spun to manipulate Americans by the proto-fascists of the Republican Party. Unfortunately, when it turned out so wrong, as the victory was botched, the happiest man in the world about our occupation of Iraq must have been Osama Bin Ladin. The ignorant and hubristic members of the administration delivered him a golden opportunity on a silver platter. Osama recruited fiercely anti-American suicidal youngsters against whom there is little defense except protecting everyone and everything of value in the Green Zone of Baghdad. Many anxious or naïve American gave the narcissistic proto-fascist triad of politicians, preachers and plutocrats every opportunity to succeed in their debilitating scam. The reactionary Republican Congress gave the manipulators carte blanche from the beginning. They were like two fisted drinkers, filling and refilling the whiskey glass for the President. The manipulators created a massive national debt for our descendents to suffer 0ver by spending massive amounts of treasure on a scam war while cutting taxes for the proto-fascists. The autocrats betrayed the Constitution and its Bill of Rights. The greedy turned the Clinton budget surplus into a massive debt for the next generation to struggle under, with the pretense that the vast tax cuts would create an economic boon that would more than restore the difference. It was all an ideological lie.

Fortunately, as Lincoln said; While you can fool some of the people all the time and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. A majority of the American people now see how poorly Bush and his administration has done. About two thirds of the American people and nine tenths of the Western World's citizens no longer believe much of anything Bush says nor trusts him to make sound decisions. Like Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon during the Indochina era, he yearned desperately to heal his wounded ego with the healing balm or power and prestige, to become known as one of the greatest American presidents. He challenged history to put him on a pedestal with Franklin Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan. But he entangled himself as did Johnson and Nixon, in a disastrous scam for all the wrong reasons and now has guaranteed for himself the scorn of history. Alas, it is not in their unlucky stars that men falter and fail -- but in their very souls. The psycho-spiritual failings of George Bush, come right out of his soul's ego wounds. Bush had an opportunity to do great things for America after the 9/11 attack but although he seemed to be off to a good start, he soon faltered and chose to betray America to give greater wealth and power to his aristocratic manipulators. Most Americans now believe that he is a man in over his depth, who faltered when his high office ambitions put him to the test. Beware, your sins shall find you out. It need not have been so, he could have been one of the great presidents had he served America half as well as he took care of the proto-fascist aristocracy.

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