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Hillary, the Link to Impeachment

Message Dominic Jermano

Hillary, the Link to Impeachment! 

Hillary’s comeback is no surprise given the inside course of action and strategy in reviving her campaign after the Iowa voters shoved Hillary off her platform into the Iowa mud, leaving her teary eyed and conceding to Barack Obama in Iowa’s Primary. With New Hampshire’s win the news is that Barack is against Impeachment and is actually half Republican according to sources, making him seem to be a candidate of choice for Republicans, never mind Democrats who think he is there for their agenda.

This election is about News, and Big News that will sell for the Big Media Networks. Impeachment of Cheney and Bush is a no starter for Obama and so this ends his prospective chances in gaining Media attention on an issue so important to the American fabric.

What will make the headlines and News and assure Hillary her rightful seat in the White House is if she goes forward with Impeachment, and exonerates the Democrats humiliation over the ridiculous sex scandal Republicans hashed out in trying to ruin the reputation of the Honorable William Jefferson Clinton.

Now that she sees the reality from her lost in Iowa, I think she will be more aggressive. Having Hillary go after the Republicans with an impeachment will energize the party and take back what they did to Bill.

Some will claim it will be a vendetta impeachment, but I think comparing them which will happen, will bring into focus how totally wrong that assumption is.

Compare Bill with a sex lie, to the murders committed by Bush, not to mention the lies about War, 911, anthrax, and torture, and we can see clearly this story will calm the air about what is impeachable and what is not. 

At the present everyone is focused on Hillary's no confidence in Iowa because she voted for the War in Iraq while Obama did not. Well, we were all lied to about it, and fell for their lies, but that doesn't mean we don't get the chance to make them right. Hillary deserves that right and she can do it when she supports Impeachment.

First Hillary needs to tell the American People she will support Impeachment of Bush and Cheney. This is a very important button to push for the voters. The advantageous stir in the Democratic Party will change her fate over night.

People will want to follow her because of the obvious truth that this entails and will bring forward for the American people. Certainly the Impeachment of Bill Clinton was not a time of impeachment. Trying to impeach the President over a sex issue is hardly impeachable grounds.

It is not easy being a man in this world with so many lovely and beautiful women. In fact several Republicans admitted their liaisons to include Newt Gingrich.

In fact it is a curse to men, and an overwhelming problem we men suffer from. It is biological in nature. It is actually a medical problem caused by Sexual Hormonal Physical Encephakinesis.

People may laugh at this, but in fact our nation suffers greatly from it, given the rampant pornography that can be found so easily on the internet. It is a medical issue, and one that millions of Americans need to face as well.

Hillary’s 2nd commitment will be to reinvestigating 911, and subpoena those people in charge of the Brokage Trade Houses who know the names of those who authorized and negotiated the thousands of Trade Call and Put Options just prior to the 911 attack.

The following is an article about the Impeachment Phobia in the United States. Please read it.

It is a factual historical read, that shows the cognizant checks and balances to when we should impeach and when we should not.

Given that my research on this article shows a long succession of the Executive Branch Presidents who got away with lying, it brings to bear the urgency of the fact we need impeachment to stop this abuse. Because if we don't, it will continue as the years have cumulatively proven.

The Congress and Senate have in my opinion failed the American people in their duty in administering Impeachment, and gaining a rightful conviction. Certainly the Bush Cheney Administration needs to face Impeachment given their long history of ties and lies to the corruption that caused the War problems in Iraq, namely their arming Iraq in the first place. Saddam Hussein's trial was no trial, it was a lynching.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will and should take note a see what a real High Tech Lynching looks like.  

I asked Mr. Obama his position on Impeachment and this is what he said: 

Response to Your Message to Senator Obama

 Dear Friend,

Thank you for contacting me to share your thoughts on impeaching President George W. Bush.  I appreciate and share your high level of dissatisfaction and frustration with the President, his actions and his priorities.  I disagree with him on many issues, ranging from the war in Iraq to the future of Social Security to funding our children’s schools.

I support robust Congressional investigations into his administration and the highly questionable actions it has taken in areas such as domestic spying and the U.S. attorney firings.  He has horribly mismanaged the rebuilding of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.  The Democratic Congress has achieved important progress this year, but we are still stymied by a President who is out of sync with the American people, vetoing legislation to responsibly get us out of Iraq and to support increased stem cell research.

America needs to move forward again and I don’t believe that continuing this era of bitter partisanship is the best course of action.   As I travel the country campaigning, I hear the call for a new direction and a change in our politics, a thirst for something more.  I don't believe impeachment answers this call.  I believe if we begin impeachment proceedings we will be engulfed in more of the politics that has made Washington dysfunctional. 

We would once again, rather than attending to the people's business, be engaged in a tit-for-tat, back-and-forth, non-stop circus.

Instead, I will continue to move forward with a positive agenda in the Senate and on the campaign trail.  I hope you will stay involved and work for progress on the issues that matter most to you. Thank you again for writing.


Barack Obama
Paid for by Obama for America

Obama thinks crooks can get away with breaking the Law? Might as well be Willy Horten running for President right? The evidence is so overwhelming, I hardly see tit for tat anywhere? Any candidate not willing to bring justice to the thousands of innocent kids murdered by Bush and Cheney in Iraq.....doesn't deserve my vote, and won't get my vote.

Being President means not letting Political Criminals run loose.

Give me Impeachment or Give me DEATH!

Now a closer examination of our real choices, and probably stuff people don’t want to hear, but you can bet the Republicans will use it if Obama wins the Democratic nomination. 

I do see Obama as someone who is a liar. Obama voted against the Iraq War but is for sending troops to Pakistan. He is more Status Quo than Hillary. He thinks he can use the crimes committed by Bush as leverage to get his deals for the American people.

He is totally without a clue to that false reality.  He is being primped and tailored just like Bill Clinton was when he was first elected, and they will roll over him just like Bill, and probably worse, because Obama isn't their white man black guy. 

Really Obama's anti Impeachment posturing is so Republicans will favor him, while knowing he will rescue them from the crimes this administration has committed. We don't have a balanced Senate and Congress with equal equity in concern to race, and we think Obama will have a fighting chance to become President?

And I can just imagine the American landscape when he is in power and racism becomes the issue, for example another Rodney King riot, or another OJ Simpson verdict, which let O.J.’s son get away with murder.  

I hate to think about it, but do you really think America is ready in concern to the racial prejudices that is so apparant in it's society, and is ready for a Black President?  I don't.  We still haven't been able to pass legislation for Black America Day in memory of Slaves who built America during its first 100 years from slave labor. We are to believe that Martin Luther King Day is about the people who were slaves in those days? Certainly not, his memory is and was about his fight for Civil Rights during America's Vietnam Era, when blacks were mere cannon fodder as they are now in this fabricated lying war that is still on going in Iraq. Really we can do better than that. 

The idea that Iowa an all White State having chosen Obama is an indication that race is not an indication of electability, certainly did not raise the question of his stand on Impeachment, and what should be done to administer justice to the record on American Politics. If the people knew that he was against Impeachment I am certain the outcome would have been a different story.

You think the United States Congress and Senate are going to support passing Black American Day in memory to Black Americans who were slaves to america for over 100 years? I don't.  If they don't recognize something like that or even recognize the basis of America having been founded really by Native American Indians and providing a National Observance to Native Americans as well in concern to being the Foundational Original People of the  United States, how in the world do we expect a Black President to solve the racial divide, or even be a real viable choice for the Democratic nomination?

Shouldn't we really have a Native American Indian candidate running for President?  So this Obama thing is really something that is quite risky, and without real thought, to the needed supporting grounds that shows America is ready for such a leadership position. Clearly it is not.

And mark my words if he is elected we are going to see trouble. What if he starts commuting prison sentences to the vast Black Prison population?  He could do a lot of pardoning, and do you think that is going to rest well with the people who had them locked up. 

We can't stop the racism of hanging nooses on College Campuses; we can't stop the rampant growing Black American prison inmate problem, we can't stop sending Black Americans into the military for jobs, we can't stop the drugs, and Black gangs, and we claim to be a free Nation? 

He has no Governor record showing how he handles criminal sentences. 

What we have done which is quite unfair is comparing Hillary to Bill. People think that we are getting another Bill Clinton Presidency. I think that is far from the truth. 

She will be instrumental in getting America ready for a Black Presidency by passing legislation that reflects such sensitive issues, only a woman could do. You know thinking I am a racist is not true, I would love to have a black President, but I don't think the country is ready, because of the racial troubles we clearly have.  Obama maybe ready to be President, but I don't think the Country is ready for Obama.

What comes first a Black President or a Woman President?  Toss a coin? Really I think if we are not racial we should elect the woman first, because Obama is a man, and men have always controlled the Executive Office.  

Clearly Hillary should be helped, but only when she supports impeachment.

Edwards had his shot, and lost the last time. Why do we need that rerun? If suddenly Edwards supported Impeachment because of his attorney skills, I think Edwards would be a viable choice. If he follows the Obama Impeachment rhetoric, Edwards in my opinion is another slice of burnt toast. 

Hillary needs to support Impeachment while knowing that she has the link because of what they did to her husband Bill. I think impeachment will go forward, and then we get the REAL CHANGE and Relief America needs at this moment in time. Democrat leaders need to convince her to support Impeachment. Anything other than Impeachment is the Status Quo. 

Our American History proves we need Impeachment given the above article,, it is part of our Constitution, it is our obligation, and civic duty to to free ourselves from the ball and chain of the Military Complex Eisenhower warned us about. If we do not and Hillary will not support Impeachment, I only regret with total dissatisfaction, and sadness that our America is without a doubt an incompetent lawless nation, that violates rights of people to the world. Claiming you are protecting rights while violating others, is no is hypocrisy and a crime. This is the Bush Legacy, and Impeachment will make it right for America and the world.

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