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The 9/11 Truth "LIHOP vs. MIHOP" is "BS that Must STOP!"

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Message Bill Douglas

In a brilliant blog article of January 28th, a blogger known as Arabesque, begins his insightful article with  N.Y. Times best selling novelist Steve Alten’s interview with Michael Woolsey on Visibility911 Radio.  Regarding the ways the 9/11 truth movement is kept ineffective and splintered:

In an interview with Michael Wolsey, Shell Game author Steve Alten supplied a relevant and important criticism of the 9/11 truth movement.

Wolsey's asked, "Do you personally believe that the attacks were allowed to succeed... or do you believe that there was participation... 'inside job'... and if the latter is the case, did you intentionally tone that down to invite other people in who might be hostile to that idea?"

Alten criticized the 9/11 truth movement while supplying his answer:

Steve Alten: "...My take on this is that if a real investigation were to happen--a real one, that the trail of evidence would lead directly back to the white house... they would be found guilty of treason. For me to say "let it happen" versus "made it happen"... my objective is to stay above the fray of the 9/11 truth movement.... the 9/11 truth movement, for the terrific work it has done is fragmented. That doesn't help anybody...We need to spread this information out to the masses... let's put it this way. A crime happened. The biggest crime in the history of the world. The perpetrators got away with it so far. The trap has been placed within the movement... I've had people email me and... I've been attacked on blogs... 'Alten doesn't believe in this and Alten doesn't believe in that, so how could we possibly support his book?'... That's a trap.

Michael Wolsey: If you don't agree with everything I say, you must be bad... I've been attacked ruthlessly for that, so I can relate.

Steve Alten: doesn't solve anything to force your opinion on one group or another where you have to accept everyone's opinion... A crime happened. There was a reason for that crime.... The 9/11 truth "it must be bad because you don't agree 100% with what I believe, therefore you are a shill" syndrome is very apparent in some quarters. Ultimately, if the book can get people asking questions and doing research (along with presenting credible facts of its own), I think that would make it successful for what it is. Ultimately, we need many types of media getting people to look at the facts for themselves and get educated. 

Read this entire article at:
Listen to the entire “Steve Alten – The Shell Game” Interview w/ Michael Woolsey at:

From the beginning, and I’ve been at this for 7 years now, individuals in the 9/11 truth movement have used the LIHOP vs. MIHOP to fracture the movement.  That was what the above discussion was about.  For those new to 9/11 truth, “LIHOP” means “Let It [9/11] Happen on Purpose,” while “MIHOP” means “Made It Happen on Purpose.”
The reality is that most of us come to 9/11 truth by first realizing that 9/11 was LIHOP, or "let to happen on purpose" by people at the highest echelons of the Bush Administration in 2001.  HOWEVER, once people get involved in 9/11 truth seeking and get exposed to the work of Steven Jones, Richard Gage, Kevin Ryan, and Mike Ruppert’s early insider stock trading work, as well as David Ray Griffin’s brilliant research (see for links to their work), you quickly realized that the events of 9/11 were most likely engineered and executed by those high level officials in the government, and not by 19 Arabs.
It is possible that these Arabs were patsies used to make the event look like a foreign attack, but several, we now know, were trained on US military bases, and one lived with an FBI informant and we now know that the ISI Chief in Pakistan which is virtually a sub-division of the CIA, sent $100,000 to the so-called hijacker Muhammed Atta just before the 9/11 attacks were carried out. That ISI Chief quietly resigned after an Indian newspaper published that.
So, 9/11 was a complex web of a mixture of cultivating “terrorist” patsies, and using them to execute a plan that had all the precision of a highly sophisticated military professional strike.  The flying done on 9/11 was far beyond the capability of what the so-called “Arab terrorists” were capable of.  Plus some were seen at strip joints in days before 9/11, which doesn’t jive with dedicated Muslim devotees preparing for a suicidal jihad.  It’s obvious that at least some of these people were in on it as govt. agents (our govt.), yet used as patsies, led to their death probably unaware they were even going on a suicide mission until it was too late.
The execution of the events of 9/11, again, was far too sophisticated and executed in far too perfectly to be their work.  No one will know exactly how everything happened until a full investigation is conducted.
We may have gotten to that point by now, if not for a screaming, kicking, shril, and vicious section of the 9/11 truth movement who has at the drop of a needle screamed deafening attacks at anyone who suggested 9/11 was LIHOP.  As I said, I quickly realized 9/11 was MIHOP, but your first gut feeling was it was LIHOP because when you first come into the movement you have less information to work with.
Could it be that a COINTELPRO operation was set up before 9/11, as a plan C, in case questions were asked by people about 9/11, whereby they realized that some people may suspect that elements of their govt. let 9/11 happen.  So, how could they keep people coming to this from LIHOP from going any farther in 9/11 truth seeking and in fact to drive them away from it, thereby keeping the movement small and crippled.  What if they planted COINTELPRO agents who would scream at and insult and make life miserable for anyone new to the movement who didn’t fully embrace MIHOP.
Also, if MIHOP was screamed from the rooftops early on, which it was, wouldn’t that shock and push away the mass public . . . whereas . . . coming at the public from the more tangible angle of “where was the Air Force on 9/11” would have been something the public and media reporters may have wrapped their heads around.  MIHOP WAS SCREAMED AT EVERYONE FROM THE BEGINNING.  
Anyone who came toward 9/11 truth who suspected LIHOP was insulted, ridiculed, made to feel stupid or accused of being an agent, etc.  Was this a campaign to keep the movement small, knowing that most new people would come in through the LIHOP door before they got educated enough to see that it was MIHOP.  In this way the screaming insulters fool the 9/11 movement into confusion because they believe that these screaming insulting MIHOP agents are really 9/11 truth activists?

I know to anyone new to this, this may seem far fetched, but I assure you the machinations of the black ops machine created with US tax dollars and unleashed around the world for the last 50 years uses tactics just like this in countries around the world to destroy labor unions or democracy movements that threaten corporate power, etc.  These are old "divide and conquer" tactics that our CIA or covert operations programs have honed to a razors edge.  To believe they only employ them "over there" and not "right here on us" is a dangerous naïveté.
The bottom line is that the only way a massive 9/11 truth movement will become massive is by accepting all new eyes and ears into this movement to demand a new 9/11 investigation.  In a mass movement there will be many different reasons, many different people and groups will want a new investigation.  That is the nature of mass movements.
Steve Alten, author of the new explosive book “The Shell Game”, has been attacked as LIHOP.  His explosive new novel, without giving too much away, is definitely a MIHOP story . . . BUT, even if it were LIHOP, it provides enough real 9/11 research in it to stimulate the average American into not only questioning 9/11, but being angry enough to demand some answers after finishing the book.
Its website leads people to 911 links and respected 9/11 truth activist and research sites that provide enough information for people to quickly realize 9/11 was MIHOP.
However, if so-called “9/11 truth” activists continue to insult and nitpick this profound novel that has emerged at a critical time for the movement to help us break 9/11 truth info into the mass mind . . . if these so-called 9/11 truth seekers continue to try to get other 9/11 truth seekers to turn away from this opportunity . .
. . . then it will be lost.
And use the “911 Book Trailer” and the “Oil War Trailer”, two 90 second videos that not only educate the public about the lies that led us into war, but also will help spread the word on this book.
We as a 9/11 truth movement are more than large enough to not only drive “The Shell Game” to #1, but to break sales records. “IF” we pulled together and did this, we’d force this issue into the public mind.
The NY Times best selling author had no problem getting novels published . . . until “The Shell Game.”  Finally a visionary publisher discovered “The Shell Game” and not only published it, but believed in it enough to purchase prime front store display space in all the major bookstores across America for 90 days.
90 days is the timeline the 9/11 truth movement has to exert its muscle and act as a united front to have a profound impact on the national psyche.  After 90 days, if this book has shot to #1, it will not only stay in the front of stores, but it will be bought up by super markets, car washes, gas & sips, truck stops, etc. etc.
Joe and Martha America will see “The Shell Game” everywhere and millions will read it.  See to understand how profound that will be.
So, you will see attacks from so-called “9/11 truthers” on “The Shell Game” just as you’ve seen new people attacked in the truth movement for all these years.  It will be attempts to keep the movement small and constipated.  Will we allow it to happen again at this crucial time when we desperately need some MASSIVE BREAK INTO THE PUBLIC MIND?
Will we allow the gift of a New York Times best selling novelist who has laid his career on the line for truth . . . to be flushed away as we turn our noses up because someone on some blog told us to?
What if this 9/11 truth telling novel broke sales records?  Would this empower other medium publishers to not only tolerate 9/11 truth telling books but to seek them out because they realize that they will be financial successes?  YES.
Now, some so-called “9/11 truthers” will tell you that you shouldn’t support “The Shell Game” because someone may find financial success from it.  I don’t know about you, but I didn’t realize that to demand 9/11 truth meant that everyone demanding it had to be Marxists.  What if CNN or NBC suddenly found their soul and did real 9/11 truth reporting.  Would you not tell anyone about it because CNN and NBC are profit making industries?  I seriously doubt it.
So, why do so-called 9/11 truth seekers get so huffy about a new truth telling novel and its publisher’s potential profits if the book succeeds?
Perhaps, because they know that CNN and NBC will NOT FIND THEIR SOUL and their real desire is to make sure the mass public never becomes aware of just how much CNN and NBC have lost their souls when it comes to 9/11.
You may have read lies and innuendo about “The Shell Game” and turned away from the excitement you should be feeling for it if you want a new 9/11 investigation.
They say a lie travels around the world while the truth is still pulling its pants on.  Well the truth in “The Shell Game” is an opportunity to explode 9/11 truth through the mass mind.  If we can muster the will to email, blog and urge all 9/11 truth groups and organizations to rally their people to not just buy multiple copies of “The Shell Game,” (for friends and relatives) but to urge all they know to do the same and to also write articles, blogs, etc. etc. about it, we can CREATE A WAVE OF INTERNET BUZZ ON IT.  SPEAK OF IT RELENTLESSLY FOR THE NEXT 90 DAYS.
We can not only awaken American, but foreign publishers will pick it up and it can spread the cautionary tale of false flag terror, a stolen democracy and illegal oil wars around the world so the world will NEVER be fooled into another 9/11-Iraq-Afghanistan lie.
Do everything you can.  We have 90 days.


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