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May 2013

Friday, May 31:

How Do You Finance Your Writing Habit? (4 comments)

Got Dueling Perceptions? (1 comments)

108 Movements to a Meditative Mind State, The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation (2 comments)

Short Story: "Kendrik House" (5th in a series) (1 comments)

Thursday, May 30:

Catherine, a Sandy Hook Angel (3 comments)

National Short Story Month: Five Questions with Five More Writers (1 comments)

Wednesday, May 29:

Help Giraffe Heroes' Ann Medlock Celebrate Her Birthday with Great Project

True Humor Demands Courage (3 comments)

I am successful turning

Shakespeare Didn't Need College Algebra (11 comments)

Tuesday, May 28:

Spring Poem, "Hope" - YouTube

Space Oddity; First Music Video Shot in Outer Space; by Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield (7 comments)

A Summer with Freeman (novel review) (4 comments)

Overcoming a Type of Resistance to Studying (4 comments)

Monday, May 27:

Penguin And Author Solutions Sued For Deceptive Practices

Sunday, May 26:

Embracing and Embodying Our Multi-Dimensional Reality: A Reflection of an Interview with Alia Chandler (7 comments)

"Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's"?

Horse Tripping in Oregon (6 comments)

Is Moving to Ecuador A Revolutionary Act? (1 comments)

Saturday, May 25:

Why Don't Dogs Live as Long as Humans? (3 comments)

Surprising Secrets for a Long Life Revealed (6 comments)

Friday, May 24:

Revisiting Murrow's "Orchestrated Hell"

Why Jolie's cancer test costs so much (1 comments)

Help Pass the PUPS Act (5 comments)

Web Series Black Folk Don't Explores Stereotypes of African Americans

Thursday, May 23:

The Gran Torino Problem (3 comments)

Friedan Turns Fifty: An Epistle about Some Very Unfinished Business (2 comments)

Short Story: "Representation" (4th in a series) (3 comments)

Defense Against the Psychopath (Full length video) (3 comments)

Wednesday, May 22:

Woman brags about hit-and-run on Twitter, cops tweet back

"N" Bomb Dropped in Park named after Malcolm X! (1 comments)

Tuesday, May 21:

UncommonGoods - Funky Online Marketplace Does Good While Doing Well

Shakespeare, My Love to Him

The Cosmic Story: Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, May 24-25, 2013 (8 comments)

How Impeachment Backfires, Redeeming the Martyred Obama (5 comments)

Little Free Libraries: A Community Builder for the Future? (1 comments)

Why Christians Were Denied Access to Their Bible for 1,000 Years (3 comments)

Beyond Conditioning (4 comments)

ALICE: the American Legislative and Issue Campaign Exchange

Monday, May 20:

African Safari Trip of a Lifetime (1 comments)

Sunday, May 19:

Mainstream Media Acrostic (2 comments)

Growing Old With Joy (3 comments)

Saturday, May 18:

Obama A Big Hypocrite? Ask Legal Schnauzer, Roger Shuler (2 comments)

I Long For A Better World (Music)

Friday, May 17:

The Cosmic Story: 3rd Uranus/Pluto Square--May 20, 2013 (6 comments)

Uranus Square Pluto Round Three: Fight Your Own Fight, KO What Needs to Go (9 comments)

Anxiety in Society - a discussion by Michael Kerr, M.D. & Roberta Roberta Holt (3 comments)

Religious Truths? Don't Be So Sure. (16 comments)

Labor pain simulation on two men who thought their wives were exaggerating! (8 comments)

The case of the missing photographs

It is due to kindness (Poem)

How To Really Conquer Homelessness (1 comments)

National Short Story Month: Five Questions with Four Writers (1 comments)

Thursday, May 16:

The Hushpuppy's Lukomorie (2 comments)

Our Collective Shame (10 comments)

24 TED Talks About Food Worth Watching

Wednesday, May 15:

In the preparation of life

NRA 'Charity' Ransacks 'Enlightened Self-interest' (3 comments)

Tuesday, May 14:

Heart which define the life's relativity

National Short Story Month: Five Questions with Stephen Graham Jones (7 comments)

Patience is a disease

Do We Need Religion? (30 comments)

Monday, May 13:

(POEM) Even Our Life

Getting to Know Best-Selling Author Jacquelyn Mitchard, Part 2 (2 comments)

Robinson Jeffers: America's Neglected-At-Our-Peril Poet-Prophet (3 comments)

(The Climate Change Poem) Moon, I Have Begun A Journey

Sunday, May 12:

(Poem) Neither I have seen the road

To the Motherless on Mother's Day--Part 2 (15 comments)

Saturday, May 11:

National Short Story Month: Five Questions with Five Writers (3 comments)

Friday, May 10:

Salt is Good for You in Moderation

Getting to Know Best-Selling Author Jacquelyn Mitchard

Book Review: Present Shock

Fundamentalism, Ignorance and Fear for Profit. (11 comments)

Raped Victims: His Daughter who was raped

Yarn bomber uses Wilmington streetscape as her canvas (7 comments)

Thursday, May 9:

Christian Apologetics: Revisting Faith and Reason (21 comments)

Suzana Megles: A Tribute to Eldon Wesley Kienholz (1928-1993) (2 comments)

Wednesday, May 8:

A Very Special Great Dane (7 comments)

Could America Become A Theocracy? Steven Jonas Thinks So - And Wrote "The 15% Solution" to Prove It (10 comments)

the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra - YouTube

Naming Our Children: Freedoms under Assault by the State (1 comments)

Monday, May 6:

iPads as Cash Registers Are About to Go From Novelty to Norm | Wired Business |

Rebutting 9/11 Conspiracy Beliefs (202 comments)

Sunday, May 5:

Bottom up Religion? (45 comments)

How I Gave Up Science And Learned to Write in The Hot Lead Linotype Era (4 comments)

Web Panel at IFP Highlights Erosion of Barriers to Diverse Filmmakers (2 comments)

Saturday, May 4:

Harper Lee Sues Agent Over Copyright to To Kill A Mockingbird (4 comments)

Beyond Eva's Pain: The Creative Labors of Zoe Hudson (3 comments)

The Cosmic Story: Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse 2013 (3 comments)

Friday, May 3:

A New Beef With Meat and Eggs? My Gut Reactions (7 comments)

No Quagmire Left Behind

Ghosts, by Marge Piercy at Monthly Review

Thursday, May 2:

Behind the Scenes of "This I Believe" with Dan Gediman, part 2 (4 comments)

If We're Adjusted to a Crazy World, Are we Crazy? (11 comments)

Path of Peace and Magic: World Labyrinth Day, May 4 (23 comments)

Wednesday, May 1:

NRA Jungle Law Domesticates Bush Doctrine (2 comments)


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