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January 2013

Thursday, January 31:

Syria: How We Can End The Bloodshed

"The L Word Lives: Is it Safe to Say "Liberal" Again? "

Bill Black: Yglesias pours the Geithner, Holder, Breuer (GHB) banksters immunity doctrine in our drinks

Colin Powell asks O'Reilly: Why do you only see me as an African-American? (1 comments)

Mark Morford: Godless liberal sickos win again (4 comments)

Wednesday, January 30:

The Psychology of Culture (Making Oppression Appear Normal), by Della Fave at Monthly Review (7 comments)

Georgia man guns down immigrant after GPS sends him to wrong driveway

Biotech Firms, Billions at Risk, Lobby States to Limit Generics - By ANDREW POLLACK

Tuesday, January 29:

Latest Pathetic Conservative Attack on Social Security: Disability Fraud Hysteria

Monday, January 28:

Selling a New Generation on Guns

WWJD? Conservative Christian Radio Host Freaks Out About "Family-Destroying Whores"

The Biggest Carbon Sin - Air Travel (1 comments)

Secret Donors Finance Fight Against Hagel

Military Tribunals and International War Crimes

The Bird Flu Experiments -

Potential benefits and threats of nanotechnology research

Bill Black: The Handmaiden of Capitalism v. the "Swamp" Denizen of Detroit (1 comments)

Sunday, January 27:

Paul Krugman: Makers, Takers, Fakers

Are Republicans the 'stupid party'? (1 comments)

What We Don't Know Is Killing Us -

Saturday, January 26:

Rig the Vote - By CHARLES M. (1 comments)

Alan Gross and Regime Change in Cuba

Moyers & Company: Foul Play in the Senate, and Today's Abortion Debate

Hubris in Virginia - (2 comments)

Weekend Reader: Paul Krugman's End This Depression Now! (1 comments)

Why the World Economic Forum and Goldman Sachs are Capitalism's Worst Enemies

Friday, January 25:

Paul Krugman: Deficit Hawks Down

The Trouble With Roe

The Collective Turn

What Both Parties Have in Common

Thursday, January 24:

David Corn: When John Kerry Was a Lone Hero in Congress

Senate Democrats Unveil Assault Weapons Ban. Can It Win Any GOP Support? (1 comments)

PLO report gives details of 266 Palestinians killed by Israel in 2012

Obama's inaugural speech: Rhetoric and reality What does this new 'liberal vision' actually mean?

Obama to the Left?

Nugent At Gun Industry Trade Show: "If You Want Another Concord Bridge, I've Got Some Buddies"

"The Critical State of Our Mother Earth" (2 comments)

Paul Krugman: Tim Geithner Is Wrong

What happened when I asked Paul Ryan why he hates taxes

You Are Going to Die -

George Monbiot: A telling Silence (4 comments)

Invitation to a Dialogue - Media Violence

What Was the NRA Like in 1905?

A Chance for the Senate to Fix the Filibuster -

Wednesday, January 23:

Torture and the Dark Side of "Zero Dark Thirty" (2 comments)

The Debt Distraction: 5 Falsehoods Hurting Our Economy

Prison Not as Mandatory as N.Y. State Gun Laws Say - By SAM ROBERTS

Obama's Big Deal - By PAUL KRUGMAN

Have We Reached a New Political Alignment Yet? - By ROBERT O. SELF

A Choice for Republican Leaders - (1 comments)

Tuesday, January 22:

World's happiest countries (1 comments)

Warnings From a Flabby Mouse - By NICHOLAS D.

Our Dumb Democracy: Why the Untied States of Stupid Still Reins Supreme | Common Dreams

David Corn: Obama the Organizer: Help Me Win Second-Term Fights

How America Became a Global Kidnapper and Torturer (1 comments)

Monday, January 21:

Profits of World's 100 Wealthiest Could End Poverty Four Times Over (5 comments)

What Do Americans Really Think About Social Security?

Inequality Is Holding Back the Recovery (1 comments)

Dallas Fed Reserve CEO: Ending 'Too Big to Fail': A Proposal for Reform Before It's Too Late (5 comments)

Obama wants to add 1,000 armed guards, counselors at schools, post-Sandy Hook

Sunday, January 20:

Paul Krugman: Obama's Big Deal (1 comments)

Americas Third World War: How 6 million People Were Killed in CIA Secret Wars

The Gun Makers in Your Fund Portfolio - By JEFF SOMMER

The N.R.A.'s Diversionary Tactics -DOROTHY SAMUELS

Lessons From the London Whale - (1 comments)

Alex Jones, Guns, Piers Morgan and My Penis -- Part One: Alex Jones Versus Downton Abbey, by Greg Palast (2 comments)

Inequality Is Holding Back The Recovery - By JOSEPH E. (1 comments)

Saturday, January 19:

Over 1,000 killed in US since last month's Connecticut school shooting

Pennsylvania House Republicans Introduce Bill To Rig The 2016 Presidential Election (2 comments)

Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Introduced in Indiana (3 comments)

Friday, January 18:

A Program for Combating Poverty -- Stop the Cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Expand Medicare to All

U.S. CEOs Push Plan To Raise Full Retirement Age To 70 (2 comments)

The States Confront Gun Violence - (1 comments)

Don't Blame the Sandy Hook Truthers (4 comments)

The Dwindling Deficit - By PAUL KRUGMAN

Paul Krugman: The Dwindling Deficit

Rachel Maddow Mocks The NRA For Response To Obama's Gun Control Press Conference (VIDEO)

Gun Violence Prevention 101 | ThinkProgress (3 comments)

Has Israel Become America's Pope? (2 comments)

Thursday, January 17:

Joy Resmovits: Hufington Post Charter School Growth In Michigan Brings Cautionary Tale On Quality (1 comments)

What Would a Down-to-Earth Economy Look Like? | Common Dreams (2 comments)

Deafness at Doomsday - By LAWRENCE M. KRAUSS (1 comments)

President Obama's Plan for Gun Reform -

The second amendment was written to protect slavery, not freedom:

Wednesday, January 16:

Glenn Beck Wants to Build an Ayn Rand Inspired Utopia (2 comments)

Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick: Obama's empire (1 comments)

Tuesday, January 15:

Eugene Robinson: Republicans' Destructive Game Of Chicken

Bill Black: Obama commits Unilateral Disarmament as a Debt Ceiling Negotiator

Monday, January 14:

"How do you justify closing 12 schools in North Philadelphia?" School Closing Plan Gets An Angry Reception | Socialist O

Phil Gingrey, Todd Akin, and Richard Mourdock: The GOP's rape problem is spreading

Prosecutor as Bully (1 comments)

Bill Black: The Most Embarrassing Financial Column of 2013

How "Public Opinion" is shaped by Paid Shills (8 comments)

Jan. 19th is 'Gun Appreciation Day': Mark Your Calendar

Sunday, January 13:

Paul Krugman: Japan Steps Out

Deafening global silence on Julian Assange

Dan Froomkin: How Many Dead and Wounded Soldiers Ago Did Obama Give Up on Afghanistan?

Saturday, January 12:

Obsessed By Megalomania (1 comments)

Charles Blow (NY Times): Revolutionary Language

Progress on Mortgage Regulations -

Joy Resmovits: Tennessee Teacher Cheating Ring: The Plot Thickens

Who was Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Why was she Killed? (1 comments)

The US is an Assassination State (1 comments)

Friday, January 11:

Health Care and Pursuit of Profit Make a Poor Mix - By EDUARDO PORTER

The Hitler gun control lie; Nazis Actually Loosened Gun Control Laws (102 comments)

Clinton: International portfolio, domestic concerns

Yes, SF Weekly Was Sold to the Same Guy Who Owns the Examiner and Bay Guardian - San Francisco - News - The Snitch (1 comments)

Coins Against Crazies - By PAUL KRUGMAN

Bank Deal Ends Flawed Reviews of Foreclosures -

Reframing the Gun Debate - By CHARLES M. BLOW (1 comments)

America's Health Disadvantage -

Democracy in the House -

Paul Krugman: Coins Against Crazies

Thursday, January 10:

Kristoff: In Defense of Hagel for Defense

Another Slap on the Wrist for Big Banks -

On Stephen Hawking, Vader and Being More Machine Than Human

The Day that Einstein Feared has Finally Arrived (4 comments)

Wednesday, January 9:

Companies Exploit Tax Break for Asset Exchanges, Trial Evidence Shows - By DAVID KOCIENIEWSKI

"Overcoming Powerlessness" by Ralph Nader (1 comments)

The Next Round of Tax Increases - (1 comments)

The worst Sandy Hook conspiracy theory yet-- Salon (37 comments)

Why President Obama is picking fights with Congress

Geoffrey R. Stone, esq.: Understanding the Second Amendment (1 comments)

Tuesday, January 8:

What the Fight Over Guns Is Really About - Room for Debate

The four business gangs that run the US

Judge in San Francisco lets biggest medical pot shop stay open | Reuters (1 comments)

Monday, January 7:

The Big Fail - By PAUL KRUGMAN

Debt-limit fight takes shape: Will Mitch McConnell ever be satisfied? (1 comments)

This is what would happen if we breach the debt ceiling (1 comments)

Chuck Hagel's Biggest Problem: He's Like President Obama

Paul Krugman: The Big Fail

Surprise, Surprise: The Banks Win

Sunday, January 6:

Bank Settlement May Leave Tiny Slices of a Smaller Pie

More Guns = More Killing - By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL, (2 comments)

White House weighs broad gun-control agenda in wake of Newtown shootings

The Madness of the NRA (2 comments)

BREAKING: Shell Oil Rig Crashes near Alaska coast - Sierra Club

Saturday, January 5:

In Republican Resistance To Hurricane Relief, A Stink Of Hypocrisy -- And Worse

San Francisco Sunday Parking Meter Enforcement Begins This Week (4 comments)

Secret and Lies of the Bailout

Save Social Security! (1 comments)

Visions Worth Having

Why Single-Degree Climate Changes Matter

Friday, January 4:

A New Year's Resolution For the American Conservative Christian

House Republicans remain determined to ignore women

Why Al Jazeera owning Current is a good thing for media, country

There Is No Such Thing as a 'Pro-Life Feminist' (1 comments)

Paul Krugman: Battles of the Budget

Thursday, January 3:

Our Failed Trade Policies Are Not Creating Jobs at Home

Eric Cantor's revolt exposes Republican rift in fight for party's future

Charles M. Blow: Cliff After Cliff

Frank Rich: The Fiscal Cliff Was a Molehill (1 comments)

Wednesday, January 2:

Chris Christie Went Ballistic On John Boehner In A Press Conference That Was Like Something Out Of A Movie (1 comments)

Here's What Every Liberal Is Worried That Obama Will Do Next (1 comments)

Politics as Usual Doesn't Work Obama, Boehner and Pelosi Plan More Theft Under the Guise of the Fiscal Cliff

The Estate Tax Is a Huge Giveaway in the Fiscal-Cliff Talks - Matthew O'Brien - The Atlantic

US Budget Compromise Demonstrates Ongoing Political Stasis in US

Latin American Backlash Against GM Food

Hillary Clinton Haters Hammered for Mocking Her Illness (5 comments)

Tuesday, January 1:

When fracking came to suburban Texas

Paul Krugman: Perspective on the Deal (1 comments)

Michael Hudson: America's Deceptive 2012 Fiscal Cliff


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