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December 2011

Saturday, December 31:

Two Cultures, Two Genocides, One Story (11 comments)

A New Year's Resolution: Occupy Our Dollars! (12 comments)

Friday, December 30:

Escaping the Morgue (12 comments)

*Virginia Woolf's Example of Creative Non-Violent Resistance (Review) (2 comments)

The 3 biggest biblical misconceptions

Bible condemns a lot, so why focus on homosexuality? (1 comments)

Isn't Life a Cabaret?

Going Green: 12 Simple Steps for 2012 (5 comments)

Thursday, December 29:

Bureau of Prisons "Disappears" Federal Prisoner Just In Time for His Birthday (18 comments)

MIT to Offer Free Online Education (1 comments)

New Theory Emerges for Where Some Fish Became Four-Limbed Creatures

Wednesday, December 28:

FBI Says Activists Who Investigate Factory Farms Can Be Prosecuted as Terrorists by Will Potter (1 comments)

the Philosophical and Political Advice of the Mystics: A New Years Unfolding (5 comments)

Tuesday, December 27:

An Appreciation of Woman Love in the Movies "Bound" and "High Art" (4 comments)

A Ferrari and Christmas dinner

Miss-Dragon Tattoo-Representation (12 comments)

Horses and Deer "On my Mind" (9 comments)

Merry Christmas OPED (2 comments)

Sunday, December 25:

*How Do We Americans Work Out Our American Identity? (Review) (9 comments)

Little Girls Talk Feminism, Challenge Pink (6 comments)

Saturday, December 24:

Half of America is officially poor

Dear Friend

Bah! Humbug! Dickens, Scrooge, and the Occupy Movement (21 comments)

Friday, December 23:

Gotta love those Presidential anagrams back into the 20th Century (5 comments)

A Postmortem for Progressive Political Punditry

All the Way Home

Thursday, December 22:

Paint-on Solar Cells (2 comments)

How Did This Weedkiller End Up In Our Water, Air, Rain and Food? (1 comments)

When alcohol and anxiety are a dangerous mix (1 comments)

Imperial Messenger - Thomas Friedman (2 comments)

The Cost of Vengeance: The Psychology of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Part 2 (13 comments)

Two Earth-sized Planets Around Dying Star Most Hopeful (2 comments)

Wednesday, December 21:

when oliver high school closes, pittsburgh

Capricorn New Moon, December 24, 2011 (2 comments)

Warren Hellman, Founder of Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, Dies - San Francisco News - The Snitch

Are you Autistic? Maybe, but Probably Not. (3 comments)

Tuesday, December 20:

The Cost of Justice: The Psychology of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Part 1 (7 comments)

Solar Power: 15 minutes

Your Future: Freeing Energy from the Grid, and more

Three Great Truths from Psychology (9 comments)

*Walter J. Ong's Reflections on Being an American (Review) (1 comments)

A Juxtaposition of thoughts-My morning meditation on Christmas (3 comments)

Monday, December 19:

Remembering the NYT's Live Chats

Sunday, December 18:

Montana's Coal to Gas Conversion Proposal: Can it be up and running quickly?

The Beat (Generation) Goes On

Bear Kosik: My "Legal" Marriage: Now Define Excited (2 comments)

as the troops come home

How to Dispel Your Illusions, by Freeman Dyson in the NYRB (1 comments)

Putting All My EGG$$$ in One Small Basket: A Poem (4 comments)

Merry Kwanukasticesmas (2 comments)

Four Easy, Last Minute Ways to Occupy Your Holiday (2 comments)

Saturday, December 17:

Robot with a tip jar = proof times are bad?

Friday, December 16:

Bright Future for Solar

Climate Change May Modify Half Earth's Plants (2 comments)

Bear Kosik: Waiting in the Examining Room (1 comments)

Election Integrity's Victoria Collier Speaks Up (11 comments)

Thursday, December 15:

New Drug may Prevent Alzheimer's Progression (6 comments)

Palast Back in DC to Sign Vultures' Picnic (1 comments)

Lots to Gardens: Bridging the People of Lewiston Maine Through Food Production and Sharing (3 comments)

Birds Scream in Attics

Nukes are 100% Safe! (from The Onion)

Wednesday, December 14:

Hundreds of Threatened Species not on List

The Hidden Cause of Clinical Depression (14 comments)

The Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci: What Does He Have to Teach Us in Modern Day (14 comments)

Tuesday, December 13:

Action and Accountability Required to Challenge Oppression (2 comments)

Myths about Gender and Math Debunked (3 comments)

At-Home vs. In-Office Neurofeedback: What's the Difference? (1 comments)

on the bus down

Propaganda in the Cinema - You're Being Attacked (1 comments)

Monday, December 12:

Welcome to the Planet of Weeds (1 comments)

An Appreciation of True Stories, a Movie by David Byrne about (the fictional town of ) Virgil, Texas (4 comments)

Review of Kymatica (12 comments)

SETI Team Intercepts Alien Message A Hoax, say Aliens (2 comments)

War on Iran has already begun. Act before it threatens all of us (8 comments)

Sunday, December 11:

Computer Simulations Shed Light On the Physics of Rainbows, by the Science News Staff (1 comments)

Saturday, December 10:

Visiting the Jim Morrison Mural in Venice CA (1 comments)

I AM JUST A NINETY-NINE (song lyric) (3 comments)

The Occupy Movement Finds a Direction: Vacant Homes (2 comments)

Frustration Builds As Climate Talks Go into Overtime (2 comments)

Rapid Climate Change Coming to Your Home? (2 comments)

Spike in Greenland Ice Loss Lifted Bedrock

Friday, December 9:

An Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree (2 comments)

Quidam Occupies: Cirque du Soleil's Revival is in Step with the Times (3 comments)

Thursday, December 8:

The Occupy Theme Song?

Occupy the Hallelujah Chorus: A Must See Musical Tribute to Wall St Excess

Solar Power Less Expensive than Analysts Purport

*Bercovitch on the American Self and the American Covenant (REVIEW) (2 comments)

What if What We Think is Real is a Lie? (5 comments)

From Dover Beach to Arlington (1 comments)

earth note 162

"Join, Or Die" (2 comments)

Wednesday, December 7:

The Big Fix By STEPHEN HOLDEN (1 comments)

Contemporary Artist, Sona Mirzaei's Solo Exhibition

Tuesday, December 6:

Gemini Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse: December 10, 2011 (3 comments)

Global Carbon Emissions Reach 10 Billion Tons

Global Winds, Record Rains, Tornadoes


Hal O'Leary: Anti War Poetry Hal O'Leary (1 comments)

United States will provide an additional $ 50 million to the fight against AIDS

Monday, December 5:

The Wisdom of Bob Johnston (3 comments)

Gag order silence parents of boy charged with sexual assault for playing doctor (1 comments)

Save Our Horses (4 comments)

Handle Holiday Stress by Harmonizing with the Season (1 comments)

The Great Antidepressant Hypocrisy, by AlterNet's Maia Szalavitz

Sunday, December 4:

Gifts That Say You Care, by Kristof, NYTimes

Happy Raccoon Rescues (2 comments)

This Year, Send A Care Package to 40,000 Sioux at Pine Ridge Reservation (1 comments)

Astronomers Find 18 New Planets (2 comments)

Occupy Broadway Street Performances, Dec. 2-3, 2011

Saturday, December 3:

Drop in CO2 = Creation of Polar Ice Sheet (5 comments)

Thursday, December 1:

A Protester's Poem (3 comments)

Is Anything Right with the World? (2 comments)

Five More Paintings by the Incomparable George Condo (4 comments)

chasing hank snow all the way to brooklyn nova scotia


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