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Writer's Guidelines and Policy

OpEdNews Policy on reprinting articles

Our goal is to support our writers to help them reach the largest number of people with their ideas.

Our writers guidelines specify that the writer gives permission for articles submitted by a writer to OpEdNews may be sent out in a newsletter or reprinted, generally.

Writers retain reprint rights, but OpEdNews retains the right to publish articles in collections in books or other websites. And our policy is to give permission to other sites to reprint articles submitted by the author directly to this site-- either as an original article or a crosspost.

We do not have the right to give permission for reprinting of articles we have reprinted, which are usually described as such at the bottom of the article.

For all article reprints or forwards, we require that credit be given to OpEdNews for publishing the article. Usually, if you are sending an html email, using the title from the article page includes the link to the original article. We also require that the author's bio, as it appears with the article, be included with the article when it is reprinted.

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