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Trouble Shooting

My article or Diary Lost its Spacing or Other Formatting

Usually we see this problem when people write their article in MS Word. Here's how to avoid the problem of losing the spacing between your paragraphs:

Create your article in a program like notepad, which doesn't add formatting. Then, paste the article into the text entry field. And then add links or bold or italic or indent-blockquote formatting.

Or, submit your article  using the legacy button at the bottom, and then, after you do that, switch to the html mode, then add the bold and italics you use


These strategies don't work as easily if you use a lot of formatting or embedding of links in text But you can use our editor to add th ose afterwards.

At one point, all we had was the legacy editor. For most articles, the new html oriented editor is a big improvement, but it's not perfect and we don't have the resources to perfect it. So I encourage you to try these strategies and figure out what works for you.  

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