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Here's How Your Articles Can Appear With No Ads and All on One Page

First of all, note the layout of this page. No advertisements appear on this page and the text size is different than a regular article. This is how all your articles (that you have published) can appear on OpEd News for anyone viewing your articles.

Easy Reading

For a small fee, we will show all your published articles that you have already published here (and any articles in the future) with this layout, which is much easier for readers to view. Plus your entire article will appear on one page, without having to press links to see the next page, and the next page, and etc.

We must use advertisements on OpEd News because it costs (considerable) money to maintain the website. Without the income from advertising, we couldn't exist. However, if you can take care of some of the expense yourself, we don't need to show ads on your articles. Same with showing your articles across multiple pages. When we have multiple pages, that means more ads can be shown.

But you don't need to have ads on your published articles. If you'll provide a small exchange, we'll not only remove the ads and show the whole article on one page, but we'll provide a nice layout for your article, too. Anyone viewing your articles will see this superior appearance.

How much should the exchange be? Here's what we thought would be fair:

$5 for one article you submit
$10 for 10 articles you submit
$25 for 50 articles you submit
$50 for all articles you submit

Press the button to see more details about the exchange.

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