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Formerly a News & Politics columnist for an online magazine for a little more than three years, Heather quit to emerge herself in representing an eco-friendly & Fair Trade, Jewelry & Homewares designer/producer out of Bali, Indonesia. However, she continues to publish her column under the same name, "Progressive Mews" (website below) as a blog.

You can fairly simply sum up the solutions to all the issues Heather believes to be most pertinent to Americans' today, in a list primarily made of these six points:

1) Publicly funded campaigns; for a more productive Congress, with no need to spend half their term pandering for funds, that would also no longer be dependent on nor beholden to lobbyist donations (i.e. not sold out to lobbyist interests).

2) Run-off voting; the end of the sole two party system, as well as the two candidate race. An opportunity to vote our conscious, instead of strategically or for "the lesser of two evils."

3) FAIR Trade, not "free" trade; in order to bring commerce, jobs, and affluence back to middle America. We've gone from more exports to more imports over the last 40 years, and to a trade debt that overshadows the national debt!

4) Universal health care; to put a halt to the third of all bankruptcies due to medical issues - of medically insured people. One of the most rapidly growing homeless populations in the US, after vets.

5) De-privatize the military; to provide better support of the troops & vets, while simultaneously creating job openings for the 60%+ male population of Iraqis in rebuilding their own country (as opposed to turning to terrorism to survive).

6) Media Reform; to legally enforce and institutionalize journalistic standards, so that the public is well aware of the quality/validity of the content being provided by their chosen resource. This very well may be the most important issue; as public opinion of all other issues are largely shaped by our media.

Aside from her vast interest in politics and activism, Heather also enjoys painting, reading, writing, learning about different cultures and traveling. Her studies included such as psychology, theology, and philosophy; and she has a general interest in just about everything to do with humanity in general.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009 (5 comments)     

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Where the Tech-Rubber Meets the Activism-Road A health care reform movement that we can ALL get behind. Get ready DC, The People's Voice is on the way; we WILL become part of the discussion on OUR health care!