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After finishing H.S., I voluntarily enlisted in the military, not out of patriotism, but to get trained in electronics. Honorably discharged after 4 years, I studied philosophy, psychology, and economics in NYC (non-credit night-time courses), and then returned to a career in electronics. Most of my work, both in and out of the military, had to do with calibration, testing, field support, or troubleshooting. These jobs required certain virtues that are also generally necessary for survival: rationality, productivity, honesty (in the sense of facing facts), and communication skills. A college degree was not required, but it may have been a mistake not to work for one.

I helped with the beginnings of the Libertarian Party around 1969 to 1972, and co-published (financed and wrote for) a libertarian journal for about a year, until differences with my co-publisher (I was pro-choice with respect to abortion issue) seemed to be what killed the venture.

I married my current wife in 1975. Our kids finished college and are relatively successful.

I retired from Lucent Technologies in 2001, as the company "fell on bad times" (due to corrupt and incompetent management, in my opinion). In 1973 we left NJ for Arizona and have lived here since then.

Recently I have gotten politically active, supporting Ron Paul, and joining the Republican Party as a Precinct Committeeman. So far I have been pretty ineffective as a PC--still learning. I was disgusted with the Romney choice and with the incredibly stupid way the Republican Party apparatchiks treated Ron Paul and his supporters. Romney deserved to lose, even though Obama did not deserve to win. Both parties are destroying the country. If you are more concerned with Liberty than "security" or government handouts, then you should oppose the foreign policy and the corporatism that BOTH parties supported over the last 130 years. Whether you are a Dem or GOP, get involved with your party at the precinct level, bring in like-minded people, study the Constitution, also Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard. Defend liberty at every opportunity.

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