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One of the Few Fence sitters remaining in this country of Polarized Politics..While I lean a bit to the Conservative side I am not oppossed to too much of the lefts stances on issues..I am not now or ever will be however a Socialist or a communist. Not that I believe Capitalism has all of the answers, the fact is it has More questions than anything. Capitalism run responsibly with the Greed factor removed and a focused attention on the elimination of Waste through distribution when and where needed would go a long ways to helping the entire planet. Economics driven society must reign in its reckless use of resources and get back to building consumer items that Last and eliminate the throw away and buy another mentality...Bring back the Old style dumps and set up recycling/composting and parts and equipment area's where people can recycle by picking through the deposed of items...All items manufactured should be able to be repaired rather than replaced. This would go a long ways to helping our pollution problems and our resource issues!!..Laws on the books that make it difficult to impossible for individuals to start business's should be re-thought..Individual Freedom to do what one wants is what America was founded on and this individual freedom should be protected at ALL COSTS!!! Get rid of laws that supress freedom..Make Politicians Accountable and Limit their term in ANY and ALL offices..No Ladder climbing from House to Senate to President etc.. Eliminate MEDIA advertising for Political opponents, Get rid of Electronic voting and the Electoral College. I am sorry but politicians are NOT smarter than everyone else and have proven time and time again that they are not to be trusted overtly..If you want to really make a difference in this country, elect people who do not WANT the job!!!

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