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Michael Leo Lively aka Dances with Ducks is a reluctant reincarnation of Mogon Kara the Siberian Shaman who shape shifted himself into a horsefly and bit God on the nose in the line of duty about 15,000 years ago.;). Duty or not God was very riled by Mogon's antics and as Mogon made his escape riding his two-headed Shaman's drum at near the speed of light, God threw a Lower Side Band lightning bolt, which blew off the bottom half of Mogon's drum. To this day, 15,000 years later Shaman's drums still only have one head as does Dances with Ducks' current Micky Hart Signature Series, Planet Drum - Bodhran.

Lively, AKA Mad Mikey, AKA Dances With Ducks, AKA AE4FB has the benefits of multiple personalities, holds a PhD from Altered State University and will take any side of any argument and willingly plays the Buffoon. However, Mikey prefers tame subjects like politics, religion, the Music of the Spheres, Entropic Physics, Dadaist 5 Part Harmony and combinations thereof.

Mikey is also a member of Handi-Hams and will be happy to assist or arrange assistance for Handicapped Hams with their stations or try to find someone in their area who can help them.

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