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I consider myself a common-sense environmentalist, and conservative. I am very interested in new technologies to increase energy efficiency greatly, but also realize that something such as a huge asteroid could hit us at any time, making all "conservation" techniques instantly obsolete. Also, a lot of evidence suggests that co2 levels, and other pollutants have been at much higher levels before the internal combustion engine ever came along. I love the idea of electric cars, with solar charging technology - one of the biggest laws is that nothing comes for free - electricity to charge the cars does not come free either.
Many times being a common-sense environmentalist means that you recognise that there is not necessarily a perfect choice, just better ones.
As for being conservative, I feel strongly that our government is becoming very, very, big brother - and uses excuses such as "health care reform" or "global warming" to be able to control the people - this is not exactly a new concept. Create a "disaster" that you will "save" the people from.
What we the people need to do is to take our government back! When Roger Hedgecock has led people to Washington to peacefully go to their senators office and talk about the issues - they are often denied appointments, and have "bodyguards" blocking access to the senators - though it is just a couple of average people, often older - wanting to discuss the issues. This government has actual contempt for the average person - this government does not want America to remain a democracy - it is desired by many of our leaders that America become a socialist government, though they may call it something else.
I believe strongly that we need the government to get the hell out of our way - to stop taxing us to death. We need the government to do only a few things for us, and we need transparency in the majority of their work, to be able to "follow the money". Capitalism is not a dirty word - people need incentives to work, just as they used to have! We need to not hand tons of people money so as to encourage them to NOT work. We must have a strong border, with a efficient way of allowing immigrants into our country, while excluding extreme health risks, or security risks.
While I am not particularly religious, I am so sick of people "apologizing" for America all over the world - all countries have skeletons in their closet, and we are no exception. We also have done so much good for the world, but that seems to be ignored today.
My basic background has been in retail, currently natural foods and supplements, working for a corporation. While this is not a perfect organization by any means, and I have my beefs with our company - I respect having a good solid job and paycheck. I try to work hard, and to be an asset to the company - these are the values I believe in. I believe in careful charitable giving for each person, researching a few select groups that you really believe in to carefully spend your hard earned charity dollars - I believe this is each persons responsiblity. I have an AA in business management, and have considered going back to school again. I love pugs, shelter animals, hamsters, cats, and most animals. People I respect - Rush Limbaugh, Roger Hedgecock. Lynn Harper, Lee Iocacca, Michael J. Fox, Ann Sothern, Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

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