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Ian MacLeod is a fifty-four year old Vietnam Era vet, now disabled, and a Chronic Pain Patient of twenty-six years; he is also an advocate for CP treatment, with most of that done through the Pain Relief Network at:, a 501(3)(C) Nonprofit, Nonpartisan Corporation. He is a professional musician and singer, and a songwriter, published with Elephant Trunk Music through BMI, and plays almost anything with strings or keys, plus some brass and percussion, has a 3 1/4 octave vocal range. An avid outdoorsman, he is an amateur mycologist, formerly with the Oregon Mycological Society and a volunteer resource for Central Oregon hospitals through the Poison Control Center, but now is recovering after almost two years of caring for his beloved wife, now deceased. He plans on renewing his OMS membership as soon as he is fit to walk the woods again. He is a lifelong martial artist, describes himself as "spiritually somewhere between Native American, Druid, Wicca with a personal homegrown connection," meditates mostly Eastern style, does massage, energy work similar to Huna and is working on herbal remedies. He loves and gets along well with most animals, even wild ones, and is currently owned jointly by six cats; he practices TNR with the local ferals, and traps and relocates skunks, with no accidents so far. He is very much a patriot, and says that politically he is a progressive who is very attracted to the philosophy of Anarchy. He is by preference nonviolent, eats little meat and is considering vegetarianism again (he was an ovo/lacto vegetarian for twelve years).

A former rock climber, he enjoys not catching fish, and basically will take any excuse to get outdoors and away from "civilization." He collects survival skills, among other things. He enjoys cooking for others, he says, because it's too much trouble for just himself, and he likes to eat, avoiding processed and GM foods as much as possible. He's also a former EMT-1 and Paramedic Neonate Transport Tech, ex-Hospital Corps, was also an electronics and mechanical design drafter, insisting it's because when he works on anything mechanical that isn't on paper he invariably gets bit. He speaks English very well, Spanish well enough to get into trouble, and German well enough to get out of trouble - generally. He loves learning new things, and is interested in almost everything, though he finds people to be the most fascinating things on the planet, and women the most beautiful. In fact, he says he wants to learn everything about everything, and though he doesn't expect to live long enough to succeed, he's having a wonderful time trying. Subjects of interest and some study include anthropology, paleoanthropology, paleontology, comparative religion, sociology, mythology, linguistics, psychology, astrophysics, quantum physics, chaos theory, biology, allopathic and alternative medicine, certain areas of toxicology, gardening, carpentry, mycology, ecology, history (especially Egyptian, Greek, American and Roman), poetry, dirty songs and limericks (he says he knows the absolute filthiest version of "Salty Dog" ever written), is very interested in Constitutional law, and all that is just a good, running start.

A native Texan now in Oregon, he stands six feet two inches tall, usually weighing in around two hundred or two hundred ten pounds, though right now he's closer to one-sixty. He has long, dark (with increasing gray) hair and a trimmed beard, hazel eyes, and phenomenal hearing, to the occasional dismay of snarky people who don't talk quite far enough behind his back. He is scrupulously honest with a strong sense of honor, strong opinions, and very strong beliefs. He loves to write, and says that word processing computers have likely saved more than one forest just on his account, as he sheds articles, poems, stories, songs and music the way other people shed hair, but that at least it doesn't clog the drain in the shower.

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