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Erik is a single dad with two kids living in a small city. Along with playwriting he is interested in the challenges of ending NATO and American world hegemony and fighting UN Agenda 21. In particular he is interested in understanding the complexities of economics and changing our economic system. Somehow, despite the horror in all of this, there is lots of humor to be found in the sheer hypocrisy, insanity and madness of the way the world is operating. Irony, laughter and education will get us through this. He doesn't drive a car nor eat meat (#1 thing anyone can do to save the planet). He is good at wearing out the phone lines to his representatives in government including all the umpteen "agencies" and "districts" that govt now encompasses.

And, of course, he is deeply interested in the original sin of the 20th century: "Modern" architecture and its hyperbole, ugliness, crassness and, most of all, cheapness--cheapness of beauty, soul and humanity. The American empire may end but what's the good of it if so-called 'architects' continue to ruin our environment. However, for good laughs, there's nothing better than reading an architecture review and then looking at the actual piece of junk whose existence it's rationalizing.

UN Agenda 21 is tied in with 'modern' architecture and the effort to control and dehumanize every aspect of our lives for the supposed sake of the environment. Start with Rosa Koire's democratsagainstunagenda21. Please let me know anytime you see articles about architecture and, especially, about how UN Agenda 21 is developing in Europe. Angry, sarcastic articles are especially appreciated.

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