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Supporter of all Constitutional Rights

If there is really an interest, here you go.

I am a 60 year old retired Army officer. My family has a history of military service to the United States going back to the American Revolution. Few have made the military a career but most have served. This country is worth defending even with its faults. I now work in the civilian world in medical informatics.

I hold a Bachelors and Masters degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Health Administration. But the titles I am proudest of are "Dad" and "Grandpa".

I am a father of two wonderful young women and one terrific young man. I have two super grandsons and three glorious granddaughters. I currently live in a small city in California not terribly far from San Francisco with my precious wife and playful dog.

Politically I am a former Democrat, former Republican and currently Libertarian. I think the two-party system has become more interested in maintaining the parties than in serving "we the people". It truly is time for change.

I am very conservative on fiscal issues. We are leaving a multi-trillion dollar debt for our children and grandchildren to pay off and that is completely irresponsible.

I am socially moderate to liberal. I believe the government should largely stay out of our personal and business lives. They should not be in the business of telling us what to eat, drink or think. They should tend to the budget, defense, public works and not much more than that.

We have only ourselves to blame for social injustices. We are not tending to our responsibilities which go hand-in-hand with our rights and that includes helping our neighbors when they need it. We must stop relying on the government to be our source for everything. We do not need a Police State or a Nanny State.

I am fiercely convinced we must keep constant vigilance of our Constitutionally guaranteed rights, all of them. I write and comment mostly on the Second Amendment because I think we are dangerously close to allowing the government to regulate that right away. Once that right is gone the rest are sure to follow.

I hope you found what you were looking for when you came here.

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