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Current incarnation - Gabriel Donohoe: Writer and Natural Health Therapist. Presently based in Ireland. Sometimes uses the name of Fools Crow.

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The Fed Foreclosed, From ImagesAttr
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Great News Or Disinfo? -- All Global Banks & Corporate Governments Have Been Foreclosed and Their Assets Seized! All banks, corporations, and corporations masquerading as governments have been foreclosed and all their assets seized on behalf of the people. Is this really happening or is it all too good to be true?
(12 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, August 8, 2011
Beware The Risen People, Part 1 of 3: Global Banking -- A Criminal Syndicate Of Tyrants And Thieves! In a time of unprecedented global awakening, the peoples of the nations are rapidly becoming aware of how they've been kept in financial bondage for centuries. The veils of deception and fraud carefully woven by a malevolent Money Power are being torn apart like spider web in a gale... Learn how you can lawfully write off your debt and help tear down this tyrannical institution of criminal banking.
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, February 18, 2011
This Monetary Reform Bill Will Surely Loosen The Banksters' Bowels Dennis Kucinich introduces one of the most radical monetary reform bills in the House of Representatives since the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Bill H.R. 6550 has the potential for transforming America and the world into a new era of prosperity, peace, and abundance. Will the banksters and their political poodles allow it?
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, January 6, 2011
Irish Leaders Castigated As Greatest Traitors Of All Time As a result of Ireland's monetary turmoil the names of Irish leaders Brian Cowen and Brian Lenihan are being reviled as the villains who inflicted horrendous financial disaster upon the Irish people and forced the enslavement of future generations to a criminal cadre of International Banksters. Now is the time to dump these traitors and their ilk out of office and instigate radical change...
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, November 4, 2010
Economists: The Unholy Priests of the Banksters "Political Economists," according to Stephen Zarlenga in The Lost Science Of Money, "became the priesthood of the new Bank aristocracy, often serving as a propaganda apparatus to whitewash the monetary power structure. They put forward false ideas and smoke screens on the nature of money, primitive concepts that help entrench the bankers."
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Snakes And Banksters: A Tale of Reptilian Treachery What have snakes and banksters got in common? A cold-blooded tendency to satisy their own selfish lusts. To that end they would strike the hand that feeds them. Remember Aesop's fable about the boy and the half-frozen snake...?
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, July 30, 2010
Return To Nuremberg: Big Pharma Must Answer For Crimes Against Humanity Big Pharma is guilty of serious crimes against humanity. It is time to compile a ledger of all those who are actively trying to destroy Natural Health and Freedom of Choice with a view to indicting them before a Nuremberg-style court for Crimes Against Humanity.
(5 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, July 23, 2010
Cops Charge Irish Government With Treason When a national police association accuses its government of what amounts to treason it is time to sit up and pay attention. The Irish GRA, a national police association, have charged the Irish Government and its ministers with treason...An incredible occurrence in a modern democracy!