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Hold journalists to their own proclaimed Ethical Standards

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Message Zen Seeker
Let me start out by saying that it is refreshing to have so many Americans picking up the stick and slapping those liars and bitches hard, right where the sun don't shine; they surely deserve it! Some of you have even been relentless at going after them and I am so proud to be an American knowing that there are so many of us out there, all across America, who genuinely and deeply care about the well being of ordinary Americans and the sacred soil that we live on. I did not feel this way last year when I wrote this piece on, Huffpo and DailyKos () blasting the New York Times to shame and all those so called liars pretenting to be journalists. I attacked them because they are self-professed truth sayers who are outright liars. Because they proclaim and introduce themselves as journalists, it is automatically implied that their words and reporting are fair, equal and balanced; and it is expected of us to accept their words as insightful, wise and full of benevolent truths without question or doubt. I especially attacked them because they themselves, their entire profession, has a specific Code of Journalistic Conduct and Ethical Standards that requires them to adhere to, among other things:
• Use original sources of information, including interviews with people directly involved in a story, original documents and other direct sources of information, whenever possible;
• Use multiple original sources of information, especially if the subject of the report is controversial;
• Check every fact reported;
• Find and report every side of a story possible;
• Report without bias, meaning don't give any side of the story any more emphasis or credance than any others;
• Approach researching and reporting a story with a balance between openmindedness and skepticism.
• Use careful judgment when organizing and reporting information.
• Be careful about granting confidentiality to sources (news organizations usually have specific rules that journalists must following concerning grants of confidentiality);
• Do not accept gifts or favors from any subject of a report, and avoid the appearance of being influenced;

• Do not report on a subject in which the journalist has a personal interest or bias that cannot be set aside.
They often quote their historic importance and cummulative power and wisdom that can only come with age. Presently, this could not be further from the truth. Is this the wisdom that comes with age that they want to shove down our throats.

Journalism used to be an honorable profession and was held in high esteem when I was growing up. But now, the liars and whores within their own system have managed to hijack their discipline and use it as platform to promote and further their own selfish agendas, detriment to the lives of all Americans. They have used it to blatently rob every single one of us. They are pulling us into another war that will cost us Trillions. They will spill more blood of our young, who are courageous beyond measure, but are blinded buying into their twisted vision of self-patriotism. And we could never blame our idealistic youths either, how can we when they are constantly barraged by messages so cryptic and venomous that even half of our grown ups can't even decipher and figure it out for themselves. We should blame the pied piper. We should blame the ones that are actually promoting these atrocities. We should be blaming those malicious instigators that know full well the dire consequences and the bloodbath that will surely ensue if they get their way. And you will not let them fool you, for if they still defend their justifications and reasonings for the Iraq war, even in the face of all this overwhelming evidence, even in the face of over 60% of the American people againts this war, even after all this time, then you know where they stand. Where they stand is high on a pirch overlooking THEIR world and we are all just tools to them, stupid little humans to manipulate, mere pawns in their game to see who gets to be Queen at their dance and have the honor to pen the biggest and longest chapter in our history books for our children. The American people have woken up and are complaining loudly, but they still do not hear, they refuse to. How loud do we have to scream for you to hear us just a little, please tell us: you are robbing us, don't you see? You are robbing every single decent Americans of our good name! You are killing us. Have you no shame?
This is why I hate lying journalists and we should be writing their names down and discuss their behaviors and flesh out the most devious among them. When they are revealed, and many will be easy to spot, we should be relentless and ruthless in our actions towards these maglignant scums that call themselves human, because they really feel no shame! Only they matter.
And one more thing, not all of them are this way, time has proven me wrong on this point, there are still heroes among us. And those few true heroes wherever they speak up the truth, deserve to be praised and admire and hopefuly one day, emulated by all of us.

This was my piece on Huffpo and DailyKos on 12/2005:
Shame on the New York Times
Shame on the NYT for failing to speak the truth at a critical time, especially when it could have made a significant difference and possibly change the course of recent events.

All those so called journalist out there continuing to defend this administration should all have their true colors revealed and labeled as cowards and whores.

If you really wanted to seek and report the truth, then you should not let anything stop you from doing so. And if you somehow stopped short, or hold out on a story, or delay your reporting, or save your tidbits for a book, then you are in reality a sellout and please don't even bother trying to profess your innocence or fictitious circumstances or motives anymore.

True reporting, like in other third world countries and even modern regimes, requires courage. True journalism, the kind that merits admiration, requires a complete disregard to the powers that be and often necessitates the type of actions that are even deemed heroic. A true reporter will not let unjust laws stop them from reporting the truth when those laws are specifically put in place to shut them up. A true journalist, in the name of conscience, will somehow find a way to leak their story out to protect and serve others even if their personal freedoms or material existence is threatened; even in the face of death. This is heroic journalism.

Where are our heroes? We don't have heroes anymore. Those days are gone, all we have now are stenographic wimps seeking favors and handouts and loud mouth whores pushing their books and selling their souls. The rest are merely cowards of a shell waiting for a safer, just the right time that will never come as they linger to justify their retirement nest egg geting fatter and fatter.

Remember those reporters in the Killing Fields getting their story out? Even in times of war or under repressive regimes true reporting can still happen. Like John Malkovich, the photographer in the movie, under threat of arrest or even death, he still manages to capture pictures to show us the truth. This does not happen anymore. Reporters now ride in tanks and wear bulletproof vests and seldom venture out without a regiment of soldiers in tow that are now their protectors and friends. Their own self interest is now too valuable, more valuable than objectivity and truths, evidently. It's not worth if for them to confront any sort of abuse, corruption, or even outright lies straight to their faces, much less daring to talk to a stranger in Baghdad or just right here at home, on the street corners of New York.
I am losing hope, I long for the day when a truly courageous one out there will rise and stand up to lead us out of this muddy mess into clearer grounds. Please, let there be some left, let it be so. Don't shatter what's left of my delicate illusion instilled since preschool. But, until that moment comes, the rest of those pathetic journalists should be called upon and constantly blogged and loudly labeled their true colors for all to plainly see. This is my only hope.
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