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Put Option On America, Part 2

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Put Option On America, Part 2


Rand Clifford

Investigation of a crime means reading the evidence, first. 9-11 was spectacular crime leaving behind spectacular evidence. Spectacle was the whole thing—give people visions they would never forget, embed fears to shadow them forever. Deep cracks penetrated the American psyche on 9-11, some possibly too deep to heal; therein lies perhaps the greatest ally of 9-11 perpetrators, the collective desperation of Americans for no more damage. We’ve been hurt enough!

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“Looking away” might shunt some pain, and clear the way for explanations that help the wound start to heal, but such neutralizing of evidence offers short-term comfort at best, while actually making things worse with its invitation for greater wounds. The looking away, refusal to consider evidence, it could be called religion based on fundamental faith that our government...“OH! They’d Never Do THAT!” The truth that they would do that, and actually did—as virtually all evidence proves—not only represents more pain, but makes our enemy hard to define. The mass emotional steady-state requires an explanation soothing in its finality while providing a clear enemy, a culprit at which victims can focus their rage. The truth of 9-11 rips many people too far from steady-state comfort, presents a dilemma some can’t handle. Thus, the pervasive looking away, which in this case is the worst possible posture. As long as one’s head is buried in comforting sand, the ass kicking inevitably gets worse.

Had Sherlock Holmes been in New York on 9-11-01, armed with a good view of the WTC, along with understanding of current events because he’s been with us all this time, he might have said upon observing the second tower disintegrating into a free-fall billow of enough pulverized concrete to coat much of Manhattan with inches of powder (1)...Sherlock might have said, “Watson, it’s not so much the demolitions, but the preparations. Pull up information on security functions over the last few weeks especially, any evacuations and lockdowns, power-downs to kill the records—check the occupant announcements for both buildings.”

And later in the day, seeing the essentially undamaged WTC7 dive into its footprint at free fall speed—twenty minutes after the collapse had been trumpeted on a live BBC feed! (2)...perhaps Sherlock would tell Watson: “Exactly as it seems, which is exactly how it will not be portrayed. The size of these crimes today will make their evidence too large for good focus.”

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Indeed, mountains of evidence survive even after frantic destruction, by Coverup forces, of evidence at the crime scene (such as this massive steel vertical support cleanly cut off at 45 degrees by thermate) (3), but the wound has become a fistula. Bullfighters with deep horn wounds often suffer fistulas, where the wound seals over at the surface, but remains angry and unhealed further inside. Such a wound must be reopened, examined, cleaned out—and left open until healing can begin at the depths. 9-11 is a fistula for America as well as much of the world, a wound that unless opened up and properly exposed, will only cause more disease.

When it comes to soothing the masses, our mainstream media (CorpoMedia) is the ultimate pusher, serving up our drugs of their choice (ignorance, distraction, xenophobia, supremacy and bigotry) until death do us part. If CorpoGov propaganda is removed from CorpoMedia, along with celebritneys, sports, sensationalism, and “really gross stuff”, little remains other than weather, and commercials (which are simply another form of propaganda). Omission is obviously one of CorpoMedia’s ultimate functions, the disappearing of so many things Americans should know but CorpoGov wants to hide. Things such as actual American casualty figures for the invasion and occupation of Iraq—which evidence indicates are far, far higher than officially stated. The list of omission is getting so long the “news” is becoming as vacuous as a presidential “debate”; and topping the list is that fistula we look away from only at our greatest peril: 9-11.

Why is discussion of 9-11 so taboo that the blackout is metastasizing even to otherwise progressive sites on the Internet? Could it be for any other reason besides CorpoGov having most everything to hide? If the Official Story of 9-11 were even mildly defensible, would 9-11 really need informational martial law? In a certain paranoid stretch, the truth about 9-11 could be considered an issue of National Security—as CorpoGov is trying to hide an astonishing, record number of issues behind; but whose security, the American Peoples’, or CorpoGov’s? They have become two very different considerations.

Ron Paul did bring up 9-11 in an early presidential debate; not in context of who were the actual planners and executioners, rather, the crime itself being blowback for crimes of CorpoGov. Rudy Giuliani was swift, vicious and false in his rebuttal, even demanding that Paul retract that statement! "That's really an extraordinary statement,” said Giuliani. “As someone who lived through the attack of September 11, that we invited the attack because we were attacking Iraq; I don't think I've ever heard that before and I've heard some pretty absurd explanations for September 11." So have we, Rudy, such as the Official Story.

Unfortunately, the crowd went wild, apparently without a reasonable thought among them, such as, “Hey Rudy, where ya been? Are logic and truth really so offensive to you?”

Few if any in that debate crowd might realize how insulting the Official Story of 9-11 is to people who think for themselves, people more inclined to believe what they see over what they are told by professional liars. The Official “Investigation” of 9-11 is a powerful indictment of the intelligence of Americans, and people around the globe. The Bush administration fought like the screaming, thrashing, snotty child it is against any official investigation of the events of 9-11, and they won—at least so far. There has never been an actual investigation of the greatest crime ever committed against Americans. That in itself speaks volumes. BushCo finally did acquiesce to a whitewash—with Henry Kissinger as the main washer. Yes, that Henry Kissinger, career criminal and professional liar wanted in so many countries for war crimes that his international travel is highly restricted. Kissinger chairing the phony investigation would have been like a serial rapist managing a shelter for women. Mass indignation kept that from panning out, but the thought itself says nearly as much as the continued absence of an independent investigation.

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So Thomas Kean led the committee to jeer at thoughtful people through whitewash, and essentially declare Americans complete idiots. Perhaps one of the most telling conclusions of the Kean Omission is that they just don’t know why WTC7 imploded. Apparently they have not seen the PBS documentary where Larry Silverstein blithely admits that they made the decision to “pull” WTC7 (demolish through controlled demolition), and they “...watched the building collapse.”(4) Again, it’s not so much the demolition as the preparation; why was WTC7 rigged for demolition BEFORE 9-11?

Right up there with the WTC7 Official Shrug is the Official Story of the Attack On the Pentagon. Essentially, Americans are being asked to find comfort in the conclusion that a Boeing 757 disappeared into a comparatively tiny hole virtually without a trace (5). The Official Explanation is every bit as likely as an elephant disappearing into a teacup—and they keep saying that’s what happened, even sometimes lamenting that so many people don’t believe their story. Well, why don’t they show us what happened? Numerous recordings of the elephant disappearing into the teacup taken by surveillance cameras of businesses near the Pentagon were immediately confiscated and, classified as Ultra Top Secret. So they have video recordings from various angles of exactly what happened at the Pentagon; if they show us the proof in living color that an elephant in fact did disappear into a teacup, it might make some of the other miracles of 9-11 that much more believable.

Again, if the official version of events on 9-11 had anything to do with what really happened, why is any mention of 9-11 such CorpoMedia taboo? Sure, there might be an occasional squeak about 9-11, but there is never any mention of the growing legions of professionals—and even former government officials including BushCo Republicans saying the Official Story is a farce; it’s always something meticulously vetted into propaganda supporting the idea that Islamic maniacs want to hurt us. It’s always something of the be-afraid! variety...something to support perpetual war, meaning the War On Terror, which is actually a war on us. Vast taxpayer monies are being sucked up by war profiteers to kill innocent and apparently inferior foreigners so we can control their resources, and the main thing Americans are reaping is peril of intensifying hatred of the rest of the world. Are we really supposed to believe that antagonizing the rest of the world is making Americans safer? Apparently. We spend so much making the world a more dangerous place that nothing is left to improve the lives of Americans; we are simply left with debt, insecurity, decaying infrastructure, many millions without health care....

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Rand Clifford lives in Spokane, Washington. His novels and earlier essays can be found at http://www.starchiefpress.com/

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