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Part One of: Oil and Water, Corporatism and Truth

It has long been known how to tell when politicians are lying, their lips move. Our federal government is an immense swarm of such lips engaged in the closest thing to perpetual motion mankind has ever seen. Regardless of their pandering and posturing over our democracy, or constitutional republic, “democracy” in America has always been a cruel joke, our constitution is “just a goddamn piece of paper”, [1] and we’ve become a fascist state. The father of modern fascism, Benito Mussolini, said fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it’s a marriage of government and big business. The evidence is overwhelming, America, all prerequisites satisfied; the bride has been kissed, the rice was classified, and the honeymoon is perpetual, same as the lies. Corporate profits are the ultimate priority of the federal government (CorpoGov).

Lies are all we’ve been fed regarding our invasion and occupation of Iraq: “Saddam has Weapons of Mass Destruction”; “We are giving the Iraqis Democracy”; “We are giving Iraqis Freedom”; “We are Liberating the Iraqis”; “Saddam Hussein was involved in 9-11 ; or the latest, “If we don’t fight The Terrorists there, they’ll follow us home ”.... The cluster bombs of lies cannot conceal the fact that we invaded Iraq firstly to plunder their oil, and will continue our current massive military occupation at least until passage of the New Iraqi Oil Law. The new law will put Iraq’s fantastic oil wealth under control of a “Federal Oil and Gas Council” comprised mostly of American Big Oil executives. This institutionalized pirating of Iraq’s oil wealth will pour up to 75% of the profits primarily to American Big Oil for at least 30 years. American puppets masquerading as “democratically-elected” leaders of Iraqi Parliament initiated legislation of the new law with little public knowledge in Iraq of the pillaging of their resources. But the truth has leaked out, and most Iraqis viciously oppose the new law, including Muqtada al-Sadr and his Mehdi Army. That’s bad news for Americans demanding an end to the carnage in Iraq. The ineffectiveness of the loud message voters sent in the last election clearly shows that profits trump the will of Americans—and profits in Iraq have been astronomical, one of the most enormous transfers of taxpayer dollars to war profiteers ever imagined. So regardless of surges, and dirges, public unrest at home or Democratic feints and ruses, don’t expect to see many troops withdrawn. All the rhetoric about bringing the troops home is just so much movement of political lips. CorpoGov’s bottom line remains: New Oil Law, or else. The fact that we are losing in Iraq puts that swinish dictum in Karmic contrast.

Hopelessly quagmired, nearly 3,500 troops killed and 30,000 or more maimed (CorpoGov is very sensitive about releasing the real numbers), over a trillion dollars spent (billions have mysteriously disappeared thanks much to Haliburton—V.P. Cheney’s company), the military is stretched toward breaking, underfunded for replacement equipment—even adequate armor for troops—but mountains of cash still reliably feed mega-overbilling by corporate profiteers. Threat of terrorism against Americans has been multiplied exponentially. CorpoGov debt threatens to crash the dollar. Gone is esteem for America of virtually every nation on Earth except Israel, where more CorpoGov aid goes than to all other nations combined. But ultimately, we are fighting for lies, so how could we win? CorpoGov will never issue any truth about exactly what it is we would call victory. Meanwhile, Iraqis are fighting for their lives, for their country and its resources. Victory is crystal clear. They must drive out an invader that has killed over half a million citizens, created 4 million refugees, poisoned their country with radioactive waste (there is nothing depleted about “depleted uranium” projectiles) that will keep killing essentially forever in the most perverse pollution of air, land, water and gene pool the world has ever seen. They must not let the invader steal their economic lifeblood. Iraqis are fighting for everything we would fight for, doing everything we would do in the same situation. “Insurgents” have justice on their side, righteousness and truth. We have nothing but lies. Even if CorpoGov spilled some truth about what we should consider victory, how could it be anything respectable people would fight for? It’s all criminal.

CorpoGov has a long and ugly history of denying self-determination to every nation on the globe that has valuable natural resources but insufficient military teeth. Standard game plan is bullying and manipulating such nations, installing and perpetuating paid-off puppet regimes that let CorpoGov steal resources and trash environments while impoverishing The People and rendering their cultures road kill. And when there’s “blowback”, [2] CorpoGov gushes lies about The Terrorists hating us for our freedom and democracy, freedom of religion, freedom for women....

Exquisitely revealing were the shrieks of CorpoGov’s mainstream media sycophants at Congressman Ron Paul’s recent prime time exposure of the truth that Terrorists hate us for CorpoGov’s foreign policy, not for what We The People ARE. That simple, essential truth gaining traction in the American awareness scares CorpoGov into pushing even harder the illusion that The Terrorists are mindless religious fanatics who cannot be reasoned with, only blown to bits before they blow us to bits—REMEMBER 9-11 Such sweet illusion lets CorpoGov continue to steal foreign resources, annex foreign land for forward operating bases (14 military bases are rising in Iraq, along with a new CorpoGov embassy bigger than the Vatican). That sweet illusion keeps CorpoGov’s cash cow of continuously escalating war and war profits safe—so curse you Dr. Paul If too many people realize we are hated by The Terrorists because CorpoGov has terrorized them all these years, and the solution is not Global War On Terror (GWOT), but rather, a change at least in the general direction of the kind of decency most Americans have in their heart, the GWOT cash cow might choke to death on its cud.

And so it has gone in the terrorism arena since long before Reagan declared war on international terrorism in the 1980s. As Congressman Paul mentioned, a classic example is Iran, 1953. Mossadeq was a very popular Prime Minister working to nationalize Iraqi oil, from which the British had for decades siphoned 85% of the profits. Mossadeq’s efforts to secure for the Iranian people a fair share of profits from their own resources led to Operation Ajax—a coup by the Americans and British that took out Mossadeq and installed the Shah. CorpoGuv and the Britts made a killing on Iranian oil. The Shah of Iran’s murderous American-puppet regime terrorized Iranians so comprehensively for over twenty years that even a brutal theocracy was a relief.

The Mossadeq coup in Iran is one of myriad CorpoGov ventures imperiling We The People. And now we have seen the most diabolical of escalations, something so hideous that, ironically, CorpoGov’s main shield is the decency of American people—the reluctance, if not innate inability, to believe CorpoGov would murder 3,000 of its own citizens. “Oh, they’d never do THAT ” remains such an ally for the perpetrators it even blinds reasonable minds to irrefutable evidence. Everyone killed in the collapse of Twin Towers on 9-11 were certainly victims of terrorism—victims of a global terrorist threat as menacing as any other: CorpoGov.

Virtually everything that happened on 9-11 points to CorpoGov complicity—at the very least. But nothing is more obvious than the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers, and WTC building number 7...or the Pentagon being hit by one of our own fighter drones, not a Boeing airliner. Controversy over what hit the Pentagon has been so lamented in CorpoGov’s mainstream media, even though confiscated footage from various local surveillance cameras recorded the truth. Why doesn’t CorpoGov simply end the controversy by releasing the recordings?

Back to the Twin Towers...CorpoGov officially altered the original plans of the buildings to fit preposterous collapse scenarios, substituting flimsy truss networks for concrete cores massive enough to coat three square miles of Manhattan with three inches of concrete powder. This is a most chilling fact because there is only one way the cores could have been blasted from concrete reinforced with 3 steel bar, to powder...that is Cold-War technology developed for self-destruct missile silos. When the towers were constructed in 1972 and 1973, the 3 steel reinforcing bar of the cores were coated with C4 plastic explosive. CorpoGov acknowledged enough realities of the Tower cores back then to claim the special coating on the reinforcing bar was for anti-corrosion, anti-vibration purposes. And it was flammable, requiring special precautions that only government welders with security clearances and armed escort could handle, always behind visual screens. [3]

Hard to imagine, terrifying to realize...the World Trade Center Towers were built to be demolished, built for the exact purpose they served on 9-11. [4] When emotions are tempered, and evidence is analyzed scientifically, there is no other possible explanation. The only way to put enough explosive energy in contact with the concrete of the cores to pulverize them was using reinforcing bar coated with plastic explosives. Any externally-applied explosives would have been way to obvious—even more obvious than what we saw when the towers went down at virtual free-fall speed.

No matter how desperately we wish the obvious reality of what happened on 9-11 were different, CorpoGov’s history makes it clear that hiding behind “Oh, they’d never do That ” is becoming lethal. Mountains of evidence reveal: They did do “That ” and more. 9-11 was the mother of the new GWOT, mother of the contemporary “Shock and Awe” of lies. Plans for 9-11 were being implemented more than thirty years earlier.... [1]

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Rand Clifford lives in Spokane, Washington. His novels and earlier essays can be found at
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