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I Am Ashamed to Call Myself Republican

By Michael Morris  Posted by Michael Morris (about the submitter)       (Page 1 of 1 pages)   30 comments
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I have been a Republican since I was 18. I am now 48, and in that time I have moved more towards the middle because of issues like the environment, but now I may change my party to None of the Above!  In case anyone has not noticed, this Government is in shambles and the election this November will not change that.  It will, in my opinion, only swing the pendulum in the same screwed up direction just with different people doing the swinging.  What this country needs is our elected official to actually represent the American People, like it says in the Constitution, We the People.  Republican Rep. Mark Foley is just the latest example of a Government and maybe a country gone crazy.  Foley was the co-chair of the missing and exploited children's caucus yet he is exploiting the same children he is there to protect!  This is not news to me as I have been divorced with a kid and I know all about a system and individuals that exploits children not for sex but for money.  Next example, Global Warming.  The Bush administration would like us all to believe that it is a myth and that we are in a cycle that happens every twelve thousand years.  I can say as a fact that the greenhouse gases we release are affecting the earth.  Anyone with common sense and no political agenda can see that truth.  If it is all BS as the Bush administration would like you to believe, then why did they try to shut down NASA’s report on global warming?  Iraq, Vietnam the sequel.  Like a bad horror movie America is once again in a situation where the American People’s Children will be slaughtered by the Jason’s and Freddy’s of the world in a no win situation.  Just as not everyone in the movie theater screams, “Don’t open that Door” we opened the door that lets loose the horrors of the world, and according to NIS, has increased the number of horrors we now face.  It is time to tell the Iraq People good luck and if terrorists camps start forming we will be there to shove a missile down its throat no questions asked and by the way you owe the US $500 Billion (USD) in war reparations that we will TAKE in oil.  The Republican “Contract” with America was a joke.  As part of that, the Republicans contracted with America to reform the IRS and the tax system.  Well they sure did reform the tax system, and if you own million dollars homes and have millions in the bank, you benefited.  If you are like me, a working stiff, you paid the difference.  This country needs a flat tax system that pays across the board into one pool.  No more Federal, State and Local taxes, No more real estate taxes, no more occupational taxes, and by the way how is working a luxury?   This pool would insure that that is ALL the money the Government has to work with.  No more PORK $300 million dollar bridges, no more bridges to nowhere, and anyone who misuses these taxes should do life in jail with no parole.  Better yet is what they are doing with our money, a war nobody wants, paying for abortions, using your money to spy on you, need I go on?  On this issue alone, the thirteen colonies went to war to free us from British rule.  Remember “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRENTATION!”  Do you feel represented?  I know illegal immigrants are represented, but are you?  The Jack Abramoff scandal proved who controls Washington.  Maybe it is time once again for all Americans to all meet at Concord and reinstate the documents that started this country by force.  Ok, if that is not enough, how about the nine knuckleheads on Mount Olympus who ruled that they have the right to take your home to build a shopping mall.  That by itself should have had every American storming the gates at the White House and burning it to the ground.  How about the Family in America?  I love the anti-abortion people who think blowing up clinics will stop abortion.  How about re-instating family morals and values into society?  How about taking profit out of divorce by giving 50/50 to both parents?  How about prosecuting Judges who use children to further agendas from the bench, Judges who are no better than pedophiles or child pornographers as all of them use children for their own agenda?  How about bringing GOD back into society, not just as something we trust in money, but as part of what made this country so great?  If you did all of this, abortion would take care of itself stupid!  Hey, let’s beat and torture POW’s - woops - detainees (want to be politically correct here).  Hell while we are at it, why not start hanging Blacks and gassing Jews.  Why don’t we make the prisoners at our bases overseas march back across the oceans to prisons here in America.  Just because people hanged at Nuremburg for doing the same thing, it must be ok for us to do it because we are America and we would never do anything wrong.  That is why the Bush administration attached a line item to a bill absolving anyone who, in this administration, may have violated the Geneva Convention Articles for the Conduct of War.  If they were doing what was right, then why do they need protection?  Are Americans so dumb they can’t see this or just deny it.  Well America, denial is not a river in Egypt!  Does anyone remember that over 95% of the American public supported the removal of illegal immigrants and killing the sale of the ports to foreign governments?  Hazelton, PA decided, by voting, that all illegal immigrants need to be removed from the city and then to reduce the tax dollars needed to support them.  The Bush Administration is fighting them as well as trying to backdoor the sale of our ports to a foreign government or company.  Now there is a Government that hears its people, NOT!  President Bush’s base only cares that they have someone to cut their grass and work in their sweat shops.  Cut your own damn grass and make your own cloths!  Almost forgot Katrina.  Did you know that the Canadian Mounted Police, the Mounties’, horses and all made it to New Orleans before our Government did?  If I were the people of the Gulf, I would secede from the Union.  You would be better off and safer.  You could keep your tax dollars local and not have to support nonsense that will leave you high and dry, pardon the pun, as FEMA is now and will forever be a joke.  Proof of that pudding is that Homeland Security, who is the head of the FEMA snake, approved the sale of ports to foreign Governments and STILL does not check more than 10% of what goes through the port.  Another point, where the hell did all of the money go?  Did I see anyone explain or go to jail for what happened?  Did I even see one person, except Mike Brown, held accountable?  I have only touched on the highlights of the past few years so far, but I think you get the point.  What truly gets me is that all of this occurs because 300 million, excuse me 289 million as 11 million are illegal, dummies trade trinkets for freedom.  We allow this nonsense because we are afraid that we will loose our homes and cars and job.  Well, if Americans band together NO ONE can take anything from us. Your jobs are being shipped overseas everyday.  Take time from you reality TV shows and fight for what is right, what America stands for because if you don’t, they will get your house, your car and all of your wealth, maybe not from you, maybe not from your children, but from your grandchildren.  They have time on their side, we don’t.                                                                             This November not only vote incumbents out, both Democrat and Republican, but go down and in no uncertain terms let your elected officials know that if this nonsense does not stop, not only will you vote them out next election, you will drag them into an alley and beat the living crap out of them.  Maybe then, things will change, as every American should be an alibi for court to every other American until this Government once again represents the People of the United States of America.  

I have fired the first shot across the Government bow with my weapon of choice, the pen.  Every American needs to do the same by writing, phoning, and going in person to our representatives.  If we Americans grow a spine, we can not only change the course we are on, but restore this country to it former glory, make it 100% safe and once again have the greatest nation on earth.

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Michael C. Morris has been involved in racing since the age of twelve (12) when he took a summer job working at Terry's Speed Shop located in Phoenixville PA. With the help of his brother John Morris, they teamed up and joined Razzberry Racing. (more...)
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