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Immigration and Spirituality

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Message Christopher Patton
The present political power brokers in Washington will likely deliver something touted as immigration reform to the American people in 2007. Whatever President George Bush and Speaker Nancy Pelosi come up with, I can practically guarantee you that it will further the globalist agenda against individual liberty and the middle class, which has been shrinking in the US since the late 60s. History is replete with ancient aristocratic to modern industrial elites governing the masses to their own material advantage. Material advantage includes wealth, power and high status. The increasingly unequal distribution of wealth evidenced by almost all US economic statistics reveals the outcome desired by the modern globalist elite for the US and the world: most of the wealth in their pockets and the masses deceived into thinking they control the government through free elections and that one day they too shall be lifted to the illusory levels of manufactured prosperity enjoyed by the US and Western Europe. See these articles: Rich getting richer, poor getting poorer A recent study reveals a widening gap between the world's rich and poor. In fact, the richest two percent of adults control more than half of the world's household wealth. In 2000, the wealthiest one percent of the world's adults owned 40 percent of its assets. The richest ten percent of adults controlled 85 percent of global wealth, according to a recent study by the United Nations University's World Institute for Development Economics Research in Helsinki. Another lie is that making immigration legal will result in the acculturation of Mexican and other Hispanic immigrants into US culture. This is very unlikely given the close proximity of Mexico to the United States and the reach of modern technology. Ernest Zedillo wrote an editorial in Forbes about illegal immigration that frankly admitted some of the real problems that come with its illegality. The following comments are true in that regard, but they beg the questions about the ultimate cultural relationship between the American Gringos and the Hispanic migrants and deny the true negative impact on the capacity of existing American poor to enter the middle class "American Dream." For example, he does not mention The Mexican Dual Nationality Program. Because of the conditions under which they work and live here, many of them find it difficult to assimilate economically and culturally and are at risk of becoming an underclass and source of social conflict. Changing U.S. demographics imply that the total number of native-born workers age 25 to 54 won't grow between 2000 and 2020, and that those workers will be, on average, more educated every year and therefore less likely to accept unskilled jobs. Filling such jobs, however, is crucial to the U.S. economy's functioning and growth. If the migrant workers needed by the American economy were allowed to enter legally through an orderly process of increased quotas--for temporary and permanent migration--practically all of the negative aspects associated with the immigration of low-skilled labor would cease. Legality would enhance the contribution of migrant workers to the U.S. economy and provide for their paying their fair share to the tax and Social Security systems. It would also facilitate their cultural and civic integration. Quoted from Migranomics Instead of Walls A number of writers on political and social issues have commented at length on these issues. A couple of them that I have read with interest are Pat Buchanan and Frosty Wooldridge. While one never agrees with everything that another may say or write, I highly recommend reading what these gentlemen have to say as they raise serious issues that are generally not even discussed. [If you want to buy their books, please do so through the Faith in the Future Amazon Store. Thanks!] I thought that Frosty's 21st Century Paul Revere Ride was both imaginative and seriously relevant in its intent, so I wrote a poem about it modeled after Longfellow's famous verses. Americans are asleep in their affluent busy-ness as to what is happening to themselves and their country. They need to wake up, but they still haven't. You can read Frosty's articles recounting his should be famous ride at his archive of articles. There are many more to read there, too. What I have not seen written anywhere are the spiritual implications of poor immigration policy. To me, it is all the bi-product of our advancing materialist nightmare called Globalism. Its goal is to crush individuality and spiritual enlightenment. Here is an excerpt from my unfolding book, In Search of Spirituality. Global Materialism Distorts Individual Identity Development This is another way of saying that the super culture of global materialism distorts and oppresses true spirituality. The first way that Globalism crushes spirituality is through the spread of the American and Western culture of secular humanism with its materialist form of spirituality that so confuses the search for true spirituality. According to humanism, spirituality is a matter of individual emotional and psychological need (a crutch) without reference to any absolute or ultimate reality. The influence of this perspective extends into every corner of the world through mass media using multiple formats to communicate the humanistic artificial reality in one underlying message: the only reality is what can be examined and explained by science according to institutionally accepted facts and theories. I discuss the consequences of materialism's impact in many places. Here I want to briefly relate how modern Globalism's values and strategies hearken back to Alexander's more openly stated objectives for his new world order of Hellenism. To me, the ultimate form of discrimination is to eliminate racial and/or ethnic distinctions because it takes away from who each person is as an individual. Please remember that the perspective of my discussion here is societal or systemic and not individual. I do not view individual decisions to marry and rear children of mixed ethnic or racial heritage as inherently unspiritual or wrong on the basis of that aspect of a marital choice alone. Depending on the persons and situation, a decision to marry and raise children of a mixed heritage may the best spiritual decision to make. Racism is a great evil, and it is rooted in materialism and/or false spirituality. It attributes differences in material power and culture to biological differences. Most of the time racism has been expressed as the material oppression of one or several groups by a dominant one due to imagined or real biological and cultural differences. Such oppression is a distortion of conditional love based on the assumption of scarcity and the need to compete for resources vital to survival – particularly an identity group's survival. To preserve itself, the dominant social group forcefully steals life components (from capital resources to liberty of labor) from others. Usually great spiritual violence is also suffered by the oppressed. Biological differences are a fact. The more science researches the human genome, the more complex it becomes, and much of that complexity aligns with racial and ethnic identities. This is how it should be according to Digital Spirituality because unique body characteristics significantly contribute to who we are as persons. The soul identity is created by synthesis of body and spirit. Each of them is different and true spirituality celebrates as holy the uniqueness of each person. Traditional cultures around the world preserved this vital component of spirituality by honoring one's parents and ancestors. The extension of honoring one's parents is to honor one's entire heritage. Such a simple but important truth drives and nourishes the spiritual health and personal creativity of a human being as expressed from gardening to writing an opera with symphonic accompaniment. Evidence of the power of heritage can even be found in American culture with Alex Haley's blockbuster book and TV mini-series, Roots. Identity formation comes about through a series of personal decisions. Some of those decisions are made for us before birth, and some of them we make for ourselves. The destruction of national, tribal or clan entities removes an important component of a person's individuality. It is an attack on healthy spirituality, which is focused on the identification and fulfillment of one's unique place in the universe. Recall that both Nimrod and Alexander the Great established dictatorial policies to eliminate genetic and cultural differences. They opposed national or tribal loyalties as competition to their dreams of universal, international empire. In both cases extreme concentration of humans into large cities was a major tool of their programs. Thus, urbanism has driven Globalism, and Globalism portrays urbanism as the ultimate living experience. Civilizations based on cities naturally attract people from different ethnic and racial backgrounds because great cities are built on trade routes. A natural mixing of people from different backgrounds will always occur in cities, and from that socializing will arise unions that create families of mixed ethnic and racial heritage. Again this is not wrong from the micro perspective, but it also evidences part of a larger strategy to destroy us as persons from the systems point of view. The globalist elite strategy seeks to destroy nationalism in order to further divide and rule humanity more easily because it becomes possible to control political entities through the democratic process, and if necessary, a world without nation-states makes it possible to force compliance effectively with small military forces. A modern social issue relating to this phenomenon deals with immigration policy. Again, it is easy to empathize with individuals trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. While the emotionally strong stories of individual suffering and hope cannot be completely ignored, neither can they be the primary basis for the establishment of a national policy in regards to immigration – particularly illegal immigration, which negatively affects the status and lifestyles of legal immigrants even more than it does naturally born citizens. Because it confuses national identity and weakens the popular (political power) resolve of larger states, my hypothesis is that illegal and legal mass immigrations of peoples from one state to another fulfill the unstated agenda of the global elite. A state composed of divided populations is more easily subjected to external powers, specifically global institutions. Not only do they provide necessary third party mediation of power to settle disputes, but if approached with proper strategy and intelligence, less military power is needed to control the country. The natural consequence of immigration motivated by material advantage is the destruction of any national or ethnic identity based on spiritual principles of heritage. A nation is more than a creed. It is more than a mutual wallowing in material effluence. A nation is a set of related families grown large through long history of interaction and shared culture. The families may be quite divergent as to ethnic and racial heritage, or they may not. What is plain is that most nations recognize, or are coming to recognize, that their identities are being undermined by uncontrolled immigration justified solely by economic and political expediency. Divide and conquer works as well for the control of internal politics as it does internationally. Massive influxes of diverse nationalities into any existing state will wash away its distinctive identity as a people, which in turn undermine and confuse persons about who they are as individuals. Such confusion of personal identity undermines spiritual traditions and the belief in absolute truth or a spiritual ultimate reality. Remember, throughout history Globalism has been instituted by the ruling, wealthy elite to preserve their positions of power and influence at the expense of the masses. While the perspective of the oligarchs is primarily concerned with their material advantage (the accumulation and preservation of wealth and power), it has even more devastating spiritual consequences to everyone alive because it spiritually destroys both "winners" and "losers" in the pursuit of material success. Globalism uses racism to accomplish its purpose of subjugating 95% of humanity to the advantage of those already in power – be it political, religious, social or economic power. The elite always promise, and sometimes reward, one group over another for their sell out in effecting some part of the globalists' strategy. Actual or alleged racism and/or revenge for actual or alleged racism is used as a way to motivate shock troops into doing the dirty work of inhumane beatings and killings. Having stated the above historical roots to Globalism's generic strategies, it is now time to address its most effective and subtle attack on spirituality. Globalism sells its philosophic approach to politics and economics by the "smoke and mirrors" presentation of prosperity derived from the application of technologically advanced secular materialism to social and economic problems. Outside of a show of concern for a moral workforce, because no one wants employees or partners who cheat them, Globalism undermines true spirituality by promoting a material form of it. It creates and sustains an artificial reality of prosperity and success by manipulating the temporal disconnect between the true causes and effects of liberty, prosperity and social justice.
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Christopher J. Patton is the president of Faith in the Future Foundation and is an evangelist with the International Ministerial Fellowship. Formerly a biblical archaeologist, he holds a Masters in Archaeology of the Land of Israel from the Hebrew (more...)
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