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Bin Laden, al Queda: Jewish?

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Message Charlie Delgado
Al Queda may be a Jewish organization and Osama bin Laden may be Jewish. These are the two points I will try to make in this essay. This is not an attempt to foist blame on the Jews, to victimize them or scapegoat them, something that has occurred throughout history. It is not intended to be an attack on Jews or an exercise in anti-Semitism. It is however, intended to raise questions.

If indeed my contention is correct, that bin Laden is Jewish and al Queda is a Jewish organization, then it is also true that some conclusions can be drawn about Jews in general and about the religion, the ideology, and the social structure of Judaism vis-à-vis or from the perspective of non-Jews, especially about world Jewry as an organized social and political phenomenon which revolves around the modern-day nation-state of Israel, a country physically situated in the Middle East. It also says something about a social milieu that would allow such a phenomenon to occur within Judaism and world Jewry, again from a non-Jewish perspective. This is by no means intended to be all-inclusive. It is intended to equip non-Jews and Jews with a realistic perspective on the realm of the possible as well as provide a convincing argument that much of what is possible here in fact exists. This will no doubt be read, interpreted, and analyzed by Jews and non-Jews alike. Thus, what may prove to be a persuasive argument to some may well also fail to resonate entirely with others. Nor is this simply an exercise in rhetoric. I have written this piece to attempt to provide insight into the social ills of our present time. Caveat lector. The reader beware.

Much of the material for these conclusions was drawn from two books written by former counterterrorism security chief Richard A. Clarke. The two books are entitled Against All Enemies and The Scorpion's Gate. I have also drawn from several other sources including Worse Than Watergate, by John W. Dean, III, The Two Faces of Islam, by Stephen Schwartz, and Ghost Wars, by Steve Coll.

The Living Are Here

In a book, audiocassette and video by Ayn Rand entitled We the Living, the author captures the indomitable will to survive of the Jewish people in the title, and then in a series of books, attempts to codify this "will" into her own philosophy, called Objectivism This came about in the aftermath of the Nazi Holocaust of World War II, when Jews in Europe were systematically rounded up and slaughtered by Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. One of the reactions to this event is a slogan we've all heard, "Never Again." Never again would the Jews be slaughtered in such a fashion. But this is not the only by-product of the Holocaust. In my personal experience, it has also engendered a desire for revenge. My guess is that this occurs both on a conscious and an unconscious level, among many Jews, especially prominent Jews in the United States. Where does the anger go? In contrast to the Christian and Muslim teaching of "forgive and forget," the Jewish mantra in this case is "never forget." But that still does not answer the question, "Where does the anger go?"

While not forgetting, the task of the Jewish philosopher is to "enjoy" and to "live life to the fullest," "--L'chai-em!" The existence of Jews today is thus celebrated by the phrase "We the living," or the phrase, "The living are here."

But the phrase "the living are here" is a declaration that can be made in several different languages. Putting aside the question of how many languages there are today on this planet, the principal languages of the Jewish people are relatively few. In addition to the principal world languages of English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Latin (now a "dead" language), one notices a prominence of Yiddish, Hebrew, Greek, Arabic and Aramaic in Jewish cultural history today.

So when we say, "The living are here," or "We the living," we can say this in one or all of these languages or a combination thereof, and this can still be a contemporary proclamation of Jewish existence in the world today. Thus, for example, we might combine Hebrew and German in making the same utterance. Hebrew is of course the language of Israel. German is the language from which the survivors of the Holocaust emerged. Thus, the Hebrew-German combination makes the declaration, "The living are here," all that much stronger. It is to say, in other words, "We, who are the children of Israel, and who have emerged out of the persecution of Nazi Germany, have once again emerged triumphant and steadfast, and we are here to claim what is rightfully ours, both as ordained by God and wrested with our own hands, in spite of Nazi Germany. We claim the right to be here –both in Israel and in Germany –and anywhere else we choose to be. We have conquered our adversaries. We will survive. And not even Nazi Germany can stop us!" This would be a strong statement, especially when made in German, because it also carries with it the tacit declaration, "In your face, Germany!" So if the statement, "the living are here" were translated into a combination of Hebrew and German, what would it look like? What would the utterance be?

Upon visiting the public library and consulting a Hebrew-English dictionary, I learned that "al chai" (pronounced "al-khai") could mean "the" plus "living," or, "the living" in Hebrew. I also learned that "da" translates "are here" in German. Thus, the phrase "The living are here" would be "al chai da." Al Queda is also written "al-Qaida (Dean, Schwartz), which carries with it the same pronunciation as "al chai da." Thus, depending on how you pronounce it, al Queda can mean "The living are here."

My thesis is that al Queda, or al-Qaida (Dean, Schwartz) is a phrase that has a double meaning.

On the one hand, the meaning of the phrase "al Queda" is the conventionally understood meaning. It is a terrorist organization that is responsible for the September 11 attacks --or so we were told --and Osama bin laden is its head. It means "the foundation" in Arabic. This al Queda of course represents an international underground network of Arab Muslims who are involved in a jihad, or holy war, against the United States, Israel, and their allies. Or so we are told.

In reality, however, this is only partly true and it is only part of the story. The name al Queda is a recruiting tool. Yes, it is used to convey the name of an organization that in Arabic means "the foundation." But it is what the phrase does that is important, not what it means. This phrase is used to induce, entice, and suborn young Arab Muslim males into joining a jihad and engaging in acts of terrorism. Both the phrase and the organization thus succeed in channeling hatred into violence --organized violence.

According to Richard A. Clarke in Against All Enemies, this al Queda is a Jewish organization created and operated by Jews loyal to Israel. This al Queda recruits, tempts, engenders hatred in, and then uses Arab Muslims. It engenders and then manipulates and channels this hatred in young Arab Muslim males and then directs it against targets of its own choosing in the form of violence. It uses religion --Wahhabi Islam, an aberrant form of Islam rejected by 90% of the Muslim world, to accomplish this end. Clarke argues that Wahhabi Islam was begun by Arab Jews and has been nourished, fostered, and promoted by the house of Saud since the 1700's.

Clarke suggests that the Sauds are actually Jews living in Saudi Arabia under complete secrecy and under the cover of being nominally and outwardly Arab. Although it might sound like a contradiction in terms, Clarke also suggests that Osama bin Laden is a Saudi Arabian Jew. So is Saudi Prince Turki Al-Faisal, the former head of Saudi Intelligence, Saudi Prince Bandar, the Saudi Ambassador to the United States, and Bandar's father, the Saudi Minister of Defense, as described in Richard A. Clarke's books, Against All Enemies and The Scorpion's Gate.

Clarke implies that this "al Chai da" could possibly be the Israeli Mossad's answer to anti-Israeli Arab terrorism. Instead of running away from or fighting Arab terrorism, the strategy here is to "take the bull by the horns," to re-channel it, and control it. This strategy is to lead others into temptation, a notion that would be considered un-Christian because it conflicts with the part of the Lord's Prayer which says, "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, Amen." But let's not forget that the Jews are not Christian and Israel is not a Christian nation. Since the Lord's Prayer assumes that Jesus is Lord, and Jews do not, there is no conflict. This is something most contemporary Christians and so-called Christians fail to realize. In rabbinical teaching, (rabbinical law), it is not considered immoral or contrary to God's laws to lead someone else into temptation --especially when that "someone" is your adversary. The teaching is simple and clear: If you're against me, I'll take you down --any way I can. Period. The craftiest way is to use someone else's energy against him, like in Tai-Chi. In this way, it is possible to lead someone to bring himself down rather than to have to resort to bringing someone else down yourself. The best part about doing it this way is, this method escapes the attention of the public view. To all appearances, you didn't do anything; --they did it to themselves. In this way, the purpose of al Queda is to use the hatred of Arabs toward Israel against themselves in such a way that they bring themselves down. Thus, al Queda leads others into temptation and then uses or re-channels their hatred to kill others who are enemies of al Queda's choosing. It uses the hatred of others (Arab Muslims) to induce or suborn them to kill and carry out acts of terrorism, and this killing is thereby done to serve those who control the organization --or think they control the organization. At least, that was the purpose of the organization when it was created.

When was al Queda created and how did it come about? Ah, that is another question, which I shall get to in a moment. But first, I wanted to show that there are two meanings of the phrase al Queda. This is the first: Al Queda is the terrorist organization behind the September 11 attacks. Or so we've been told.

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