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Living Without Health Insurance Part 2

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Message Philip Ledoux
Surviving Without Health Insurance Part 2 "There are 49 million people in the US without health insurance. We've added a new subject page for "health insurance deprived" individuals." To summarize Part 1 in different words, not until we get suspicious about "medicine," health-care and special interest groups can we really get a handle on the real truth regarding health, longevity and living without health insurance. The biggest problems in living without health insurance are the needed changes you have to make and it is not the does and don't but more importantly it is society, do-gooders and those in authority who know "better than thee" what "thee" needs. When I made my drastic life-style changes I luckily understood human nature well enough that when people questioned my sanity (about the changes) I merely replied that my doctor ordered the changes. To you the reader I will tell you whom that doctor was, although my questioners never thought to ask whom it was: "Me, Myself and I." In other words I took responsibility of my own health. Way back when I spent a year in "pre-med" courses at our state university, although a 91% average was considered poor at the time, one couldn't take the med school exams with less than a 95% final average. In retrospect it was a blessing in disguise, and obviously I've always had a keen interest in health. So, be prepared to receive all kinds of flak, advice and warnings from people who do not want you to harm, maim nor kill yourself. Basically you have to become a closet health advocate and keep it all to yourself until the day that it becomes very obviously apparent that you are exceptionally healthy, do not visit the doctor's office, nor need annual checkups. When it becomes obvious, then you will be asked what you do; yet even then 80% of the questioners will not believe a word you say because it just cannot be that simple! Normally it is not until one is up against an unmoving wall of health problems and one has exhausted all the known solutions that anyone is willing to start searching for the real truths about health. One day a fellow with a large family (made an excellent living selling genuine home-made breads, etc.) contacted me in the store where I worked and asked: "What would you do for a person who had lung cancer?" I replied with a couple of modalities that were easily remembered, then I thought - why is he asking about cancer? So I asked politely: Who has the cancer? "My 5 year old boy." Did you ever have that funny feeling that you'd kind of like to collapse out of sight? Well I did that time!  Not a customer entered the store that day, so I had all day to think of all the possible modalities I had encountered, made arrangements to pick up needed materials and that evening headed out to his home. I have to be careful not to practice medicine without a license, and you will notice that even wholistic doctors prominently display disclaimers. I too have to be careful what I write because of this problem. In the case I'm describing, I merely gave the parent the needed materials, educated him about the principles involved and had him do all the work. The child was so bad that with a stethoscope, the heart was found under the RIGHT arm pit ! ! ! The man had only 10 days before a forced operation was to take place, yet we could find the heart where it belonged after 7 days of applied treatments, herbs, etc. All tests were "normal," "no signs of cancer" by the 10 day deadline. The court again ordered the removal of 3 ribs as originally planned. Luckily the father was allowed to attend the operation (he was a licensed EMT). With his own eyes he saw nothing more than a dried up sac on the affected left rib which tested negative. Quite an argument ensued over taking out two more ribs, which thankfully my friend won the argument of nothing more removed. Sadly the court, in spite of all the "negative, all clear" tests mandated chemo-therapy and radiation therapy as a future preventative. By the time that took place we had learned how to mitigate if not prevent the chemo from doing its thing and had the boy pumped up with enough wheat germ oil (vitamin E) to prevent and counter the effects of radiation. The only visible damage was the loss of hair and the child having to be careful because of the removed rib. As I mentioned before, by using extreme examples, readers can more easily grasp principles involved. Some might truthfully ask: but what has that to do with living without health insurance? To live without health insurance you are going to have to make some drastic life style changes. If your spouse doesn't agree with your ideas, you just might get an invite to the local crow-bar hotel; or if an agency gets involved ("that neighbor of mine is starving his children," etc.) you might just face an administrative court judge; and unless that judge is wholistically minded you definitely will loose your children (whether spouse agrees with you or not) and highly possible a lengthy vacation in a federal prison. So, when taking your own health into your own hands can lead to legal complications especially if you have a family. This is serious business. Been there, been on the inside of crow-bar-hotel, had everyone except my mother and sister questioning my sanity. 'Taint fair, but 'tis so. That's the real world we live in. Here is another close to my heart event that is meant to drive home principles so that you will not forget them. Any time you hear of "mental problems" you can bet that "sugar" is involved 90% (or more) of the time. But whomever heard of that? There is no profits in removing sugars from the diet, that is the never talked about secret. As I joke with friends - my health education has never come easily as you will see, but as a result all of it is the type you can never forget  The principles involved in mental problems are quite simple, too simple for professionals to understand and I do not state that to disparage them; they do the best they know how. When we eat what we call sugars of any type (not the apple or other things as Mother Nature made them) we eventually (quickly in current culture) wear out the sugar storage shut-off mechanism. The result is that sugars get over-stored. Hang in there, here is the connection to mental problems: The brain operates on blood sugar and glutamic acid (which is a basic building block of life). Yes there are hundreds of chemicals in the brain, but most of them are recombinants, re-recombinants, etc. of blood sugar and glutamic acid. If either one is low, the brain disfunctions. We never think about this connection to accident prone, teen-age behavior, genuine mental problems. The differences are nothing more than the amount of "lack-of." The less blood sugar, the greater the mental disfunction. The only difference between me and thee and a schizoid is the length of time we are dysfunctional. "Don't bother daddy tonight, he isn't feeling well." Actually his blood sugar is so low that he is actually a schizoid! But he shortly goes to bed and by morning his is back to normal (blood sugar in the normal range). The genuine schizoid's blood sugar stays down for days even weeks before it returns to normal. Daddy's not feeling well didn't last long enough for anyone to be concerned, yet his mind was functioning just like a genuine schizoid. Be careful when you take me to task on the subject matter because I've had to place 2 family members multiple times into a mental institution; "been there," found answers, got laughed at.  The table sugar and its equivalent is a serious health hazard. If you do not eliminate it from your diet you will absolutely need health insurance to your dying day! It is more addictive than cocaine and heroin. In a normal diet we get 1,000% more than we actually need. Serious numbers. I'll cover the topic more completely in later editions. This should at least get you thinking about the subject sugar and its consequences and how to remove it from your diet.  After my wife returned "home" from our state mental hospital she could take care of her own personal hygiene but couldn't shop for food nor keep up her apartment (by this time we were not living together, although I cared for her). Thusly I pretty much controlled her diet. I had done enough self-experimentation to know that removal of "sugars" was not a dangerous thing, so the pantry was cleaned out and started anew. What started out as a desire to cut my throat, and if not at least castrate me without anesthesia, gradually turned into an invitation into her apartment and then the ability to laugh and talk about days gone by. Again her delightful self. Everyone in the family were informed about what I'd discovered, a brief principles-involved, and a strong request to "give" NOTHING that contained sugars of any type or sugar substitutes. It appeared that everyone understood. The day after Christmas she was ready to be re-admitted to the state mental institution; someone had given her a sampler box of jellies and jams. I stuck out a living hell because I knew this was now a case of sugar detoxification to return to normal. But this time the mind didn't completely return to normal. Don't wish it on anyone, beware prevention with all its social-dangers is far better than the hell of a mind gone awry.  I suspect that had I been able to continue the rigid diet control gradual improvement would have taken place, but "the gods of fate" had something different in mind, which I hope you all can learn from. "Do-Gooders" from church stepped into the picture. Each one I would carefully explain the whys, hows and don'ts of my wife's problems. Never trust anyone who quickly says that they understand and empathize and/or sympathize; the one who says that it is a big horse pill to swallow and question your sanity is the one you can trust; at least this kind of person is being honest with you. All the Do-Gooders brought candy, which was my wife's biggest complaint in the lacking department; actually she never understood the sugar relationship problem. Even the local padre would bring candy. I explained to him the cycle he created: Day #1, he visits. Day #2 she is on a sugar high, sweet and lovely. Day #3 she is witchy, argumentative, restless. Day #4 I cannot boil water satisfactorily! Day #5 hallucinating, screaming, delusional. Day #6 exhausted, hardly able to do anything. Day #7 recovering. Day #8 another visit, more candies and the cycle repeats. His reply: "But she seems to be lucid and normal every time I visit?" That's when you want to ram a fist down a throat and come out with tonsils! Can educated people overlook and not understand such a simple cycle of events? Beware of that demon Sugar; it is white. So taking a clue from that beware of "white" flour and any of its products. More on all this in another edition.  Philip N. Ledoux
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