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What Has Changed?

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Message Axin Arbili
In a previous piece “Litmus Test of Change in US Foreign Policy”, I tried to explain that if the new President, Barack Obama, really wanted to change the USA and the world for the better; the first thing he must do is to abolish the neocolonial agreements of his predecessors with regimes that are undemocratic, unjust, tyrannic, fascist; must abolish this modern form of slavery which benefits criminal elites and impoverishes the masses; that the new President, if he believes in justice, must give up the agenda and strategy of world domination; must stop the economic exploitation and theft of resources through wars and collaboration with client regimes.

It is this system of unaccounted and unaccountable control, maintained by billions of US tax dollars flowing to fascist regimes and armies, that has blocked democratic developments and has enabled the rise of modern Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism; this system has enabled and supported dictators, terror regimes; has led to crimes against humanity, to genocides:  See Diem’s Vietnam, the Shah’s Iran, Saddam’s Iraq, the military dictatorships in South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Zaire, in Turkey; see the fundamentalist regimes of Taliban and the Saudi kings; the pseudo democracies throughout the Arab world; see the US-installed dictatorships in Latin America.  In these (non-Western) regions, the US governments have enabled, supported, or carried out the gravest crimes since world war two.  US history is not the story of democratization of the world, despite the daily news from corporate media; it is the description of millions of innocent people that have been enslaved, tortured and murdered on the way to US-led global empire.

As the recent events and decisions have demonstrated very clearly, the new administration of Barack Obama has no intention to deliver on its promises of change in the areas that are of crucial importance.  On the contrary, the criminal foreign policy of the United States is being continued with full determination and force.  The crucial areas are the strategy of NATO, the policies of the so-called international community; and the American/Western relations with client states, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, etc.  In all these areas, the message is the same: NO CHANGE BUT BUSINESS AS USUAL!  The only thing that may be called different is the rhetorics of the new President.  Now softer, more eloquent, the deception is concealed more sophisticatedly.  But it is still deception, it is still wrong and immoral. 

Barack Obama and his administration have shown their real faces at the meetings of the G20 in London and NATO in Germany/France; and during the President’s visit to Ankara, Turkey.  The G20 meeting will be remembered as the political expression, participation and preparation for the elites in finance and banking to organize a financial one-world-government and global financial rule; the NATO meeting, scheduled immediately afterwards, was intended to demonstrate Western/US-led military determination that any attempts to prevent the financial global government would be dealt with by all means. 
The NATO summit made also clear that NATO and thus the USA is not interested in changing its relation with Russia or other global players; that it is not interested in change at all; it proved once more that NATO’s relations and strategies cannot be equal, respectful, peaceful.  For that to be the case, NATO would have to be dismantled, should have been dismantled long ago, as its anti-communist purpose, if it was that, and since its counterpart, the Warsaw Pact, no longer exists.  Instead, NATO is continuing the course of confrontation of the “cold war” period by maintaining and strengthening its strategy and by admitting more and more new members, all of them bordering Russia.  One of the candidates, Georgia, was the venue of recent joint NATO-Georgian military exercises disregarding Russian protests against such open provocations and threats.  The question why there is still NATO when there is no longer Communist or any other comparable threat or even perception of threat, is never asked, never answered by the so-called free, democratic governments of the USA, EU, and others.  Nobody points out the contradiction of a President Obama announcing the assumed will of his administration to work towards a nuclear-weapon-free world and the intensification of the potential for new global wars through maintenance and extension of NATO. 

The G20 meeting also proved that there will be no change of US foreign policy towards the Arab oil regimes, in particular towards Saudi Arabia; Obama, like his predecessors, remain loyal and subservient to the Saudi king.  As a reminder Saudi Arabia is not a democracy; the so-called king not a democrat, but head and organizer of a despotic, undemocratic, intolerant state.  Nor were there any critical questions on Turkey’s role at the G20 and NATO meetings.   Either the statistics lie or the rulers’ media are doing a good job at manipulating the facts, but Turkey is definitely not in the top 20 list of industrialized nations, it has one of the highest unemployment rates, one of the lowest per-capita-income; the IMF and USA are pumping billions every year into an unproductive and corrupt country to secure its collaboration on the geostrategic board. 

The inclusion of Turkey at the G-meetings and other international forums is clearly on grounds of imperial politics rather than on its economic performance.  Leave aside economics, its human rights records are similar to Saddams and other butchers of Kurds in suppressing the human, ethnic, national rights of 30 million indigenous people, rightful owners of their territory, denying them free life in their own homelands for decades and centuries – with the support of the “international community”.  While legally and morally Turkey should be banned from all international forums and organizations, while economic, political sanctions should be imposed against the regime; Ankara continues to enjoy and have their respect and is allowed to continue its decades-long fascist, criminal, genocidal measures towards the Kurds.

And it was imperial politics with which Turkey was convinced to accept the Danish Prime Minister, Anders Rasmussen, as the new secretary-general of NATO.  The generals, Turkey’s real rulers, were going to veto his appointment because Denmark allows the only Kurdish TV station that broadcasts the facts and pictures of suppression of the Kurdish nation by these Turkish generals, the Turkish army, policy, and state.  A deal must have been struck to guarantee even more Western support in eradicating those few Kurds who have fled the suppression, trying to survive in the mountains as free Kurds, where they can speak their own language and live their own culture, trying to help their brethren left behind at the mercy of the fascist Turkish state.  These few free Kurds are called “terrorists” by the Ankara regime and its international supporters, the West, including the USA, and are fought with a standing army equipped with all the weapon systems, with the latest Western technology.  If it is a conflict between Turks and Kurds, why isn’t the USA/West at least neutral, why does it side with the Turks, supply them with everything they want, provide them with crucial intelligence? 

But Barack Obama, too, decided not to be impartial, decided not to make just judgements, something he claimed he would always do as president, but to continue helping the Turks.  He did not wait to show his gratitude to Ankara’s acceptance of Rasmussen, for Ankara’s past and future role in the US-led strategy for global economic and financial control.  The post of the vice-general-secretary was given to a Turk recognizing Turkey’s obedience and its pride at the same time.  That strategy, masterful designed, masterfully executed, was demonstrated by President Obama particularly well.  But one wonders how a man with a black heritage, who should know better, who should have some empathy with those suffering, how any person with a sense of justice can go to the altar of the Turkish god and pay tribute to the slavemaster and suppressor of the Kurdish nation; can lay flowers in memory of a military dictator; how he can go to a parliament, filled up with the Kemalists and Islamists, both united in suppressing the Kurdish nation, how he can praise Ataturk and the Turkish state so shamelessly, how he can disregard so categorically its victims.  The words he uttered were like swords and knives cutting the hands and throats of the Kurdish people who are forced to continue living under the Turkish tyranny, terror, humiliation, who face torture and death day in day out when they dare to resist, when they want to be free, when they request the same rights given to all the other peoples of the world.  Barack Obama though agrees with the Kemalists and Islamists in their policy in which animals even can have more rights than Kurds.  The glimmer of hope the suppressed had when they saw him elected as the President of change and hope, was put out once and for all when he said:

“I have the honour to pay tribute to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk a man whose vision, tenacity and courage put the Republic of Turkey on the path of democracy and whose legacy continues to inspire generations around the world. As the 44th president of the United States of America, I look forward to strengthening US-Turkish relations and to supporting Atatürk’s vision of Turkey as a modern and prosperous democracy giving hope to its people and providing ’peace at home, peace in the world’”

No mention of Kurds, no mention of a 20-million-population humiliated, tortured, murdered, enslaved, without recognition of its ethnicity, culture, language, natural, God-given rights.  This man clearly is on the side of the powerful, believes that the powerful is right.  He supports the propaganda and lies of the powerful, and he has become another anti-Kurd in the long, in the endless line of anti-Kurds that have gassed the Kurdish people, cut their homeland into pieces, let hostile, aggressive majorities, Arabs, Turks, Iranians, rule, exploit, and destroy them as they wanted.  While he is reaching out his hands to Iran, the Teheran and Ankara regimes and armies are collaborating in bombarding the Kurdish resistance and civilian settlements throughout Kurdish territory.  For Kurds, this is a reward for their aggression against a defenseless people!

This visit to Ankara, the worship at the altar of the Turkish Kemalists and fascists, was an eye-opener for the most naïve, the most hopeful, for all those that wanted to believe his promises of change.  Following his visits, the Turkish police and military started their operations in revenge of the recent local election victory of the Democratic Society Party, the only truly democratic party and truly social and humanistic movement in Anatolia.  The Turkish state detained more than eighty Kurdish intellectuals and politicians without any legal proceedings, without any legal rules but the rule of force, without any protest from the EU and others of the “international community”, these self-proclaimed custodians of democracy and human rights.  In Amara and other Kurdish places, the Turkish police, that is the fascist terror units, hit, beat, kicked defenseless children, women, men as they liked, because they are Kurds who can be beaten, kicked, tortured and murdered by the state of Turkey without consequences.  This barbaric violence, and previous barbarism by the state, has been recorded and can be seen on the internet, but one can only assume what the level of violence must be in the Turkish prisons when there is no recording of torture and murder.

Barack Obama is another example of “change-that-is-no-change” policy of the ruling elites.  The new President very powerfully demonstrated that such hidden rule and hidden agendas exist, that they are not about democracy, human rights, freedom (except for the white race and a few supportive minorities within Western spheres); foreign policy, international affairs, United Nations, etc. is nothing but the instruments of these secret power and money elites to establish total control of the world.  They are associated with organizations such as the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.  One of these key figures in stating the political views of these elites is Zbiegniew Brezinski, the foreign policy advisor of Barack Obama and co-founder of the Trilateral Commission.  In their agenda, control of the world and its resources, the states are either with them or against them, and history shows how opponents are dealt with.  For those under US client state terror, the message from Washington and Barack Obama is: Do not expect help from us, we do not care.  We follow orders from others, so should you. Give up your dreams of freedom, of justice.  We seek an all-powerful global government, and in that goal the Turkish pashas, the Saudi millionaires, and all the other collaborators will continue to get our support.

But here is the message to Barack Obama and the powers that made him president:  The suppressed will never give up their hopes and dreams of being free.  That hope, the right of freedom, is more powerful than any plot, any army, any weapon in the world, because it is a just and God-given right.  Despite their power and money, despite their evil lies and plots for more; if not today but certainly one day; justice will always prevail!
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