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Part 3 Heiress Lives In A Tent: The New Face Of The Homeless In America

Message Deborah Breuner
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March 20, 2012
Finally the pouring rain has stopped, thank God. It will take easily a week for Larry and me to recover if we can stay alive long enough to do the work it requires; we have no food, money nor car. Larry and I have lost our hotplate on which we cooked meals; all the suitcases where our clothes take shelter are drenched.
Yet we're determined to get this out to the public, because the mainstream news and alternative outlets, other than news blogs like this one, won't publish a word. I can prove this with over five hundred letters and e-mails I've written to every news organization I know about.
This should not be going on in our once great United States of America, but it is because of one reason, corruption in the financial institutions and the government authorities that are supposed to regulate these departments of finance. And, prosecute outrageous crime that threatens the consumer.
This crosses all lines between liberals, conservatives and independents. There will be no change after the elections, no matter who gets elected because our country, from my experience, breeds corruption.
I've written every candidate running today about this issue as well and they ignore me too.
The whole government has to be thrown out and replaced. I recommend that you read, Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer.
Of course I haven't read it, but I addressed his work in my book proposal to the publishers because of the reviews I've read about it.
I can't afford to either buy his book or pay for the gas to get to the library. So forgive me if you don't like Mr. Schweizer as an author. I agree with what he professes, "The result is a manifesto for a revolution. The Permanent Political Class must go."
I say "There's nobody watching the henhouse but wolves; and they like eating chickens and eggs."
As promised in Part 2 of Heiress Lives In A Tent I'd continue to share unaddressed crimes that are going on against the public by, "the fort."
I'll start with KeyBank the national financial institution that started the ball rolling to my demise. At that time I wasn't aware of the embezzlement of my eighty million dollars yet? I just knew something had happened to my assets possibly involving crime? I didn't know to what extent or by whom? I knew Shearson Lehman and Paine Webber had both held my trust" first Shearson Lehman then Paine Webber. I banked with the National Bank of Detroit, I believe now owned by Chase.
It is my opinion that when my husband tried to murder me in 1997 and failed he instead, using his vast business connections, sought to kill me off another way "destroy me financially.
The first federal crime was that my money manager; attorney and trustees lied to me about what I was worth; apparently they adjusted account statements to do this?  Without the help of a financial institution, this cannot be accomplished. They also apparently forged my signature for transfers of assets, creating new trust accounts in other's names? I don't know for sure because no one will investigate these financial elite or the national financial institutions involved, while most of my account statements have been withheld from me for a good fifteen years.
Oh yes these financial elite can commit these crimes even to the most intelligent of people. "It takes a village," as Hilary Clinton once said.
To hide account statements all a bank or stock brokerage firm has to do is quit sending your statements. You the consumer can't prove they aren't being sent? It will take often times months or years to find an attorney to represent you; when you do he or she just might not subpoena these account statements and then lie to you about why this hasn't been done yet. They most likely had a muslin moneybag left on their doorstep.
When these account statements cease to be in your mailbox two months in a row it's your clue that crime is taking place.
Maybe your counsel will say something like this, "We're first in line kiddo for a deposition and it will be handled then. Don't worry."  Well he probably has four muslin moneybags on the doorstep.
Of course if I had a degree in law and finance perhaps these crimes couldn't have been committed?  However, I doubt this too, because it's not the crimes; it's the authorities corruption in addressing them. So to the elite financial criminals, who are aware of this fact, it's worth it to go ahead and commit these horrendous acts.
They will most often get away with them.
In my case, looking back today, I can see that my divorce attorney was possibly in cahoots with my ex-husband? He needed to hide the embezzlement of my assets; help my soon-to-be-ex destroy me financially so I couldn't implement my husband, also one of two trustees on my trust account, in an embezzlement law suit. My other trustee was our family attorney so he needed to be protected as well"its called colleague kudos exchanged in muslin bags amidst the elite criminals.
So, trusting as I was in the law and justice at the time, (as long as I didn't hire a bottom feeder) I allowed my muckety-muck famous Bloomfield Hills, Michigan divorce attorney to advise me during the proceedings.
His first action was to freeze my trust account holding only my assets. He told me this was the law when I questioned as to why he'd do this? It didn't make sense? And put me in a position where I wouldn't be able to take care of two multi-million dollar homes or myself.
Keep in mind these properties were owned free and clear by my trust, except for a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fee lien on the Michigan home for my divorce attorney's services and another much smaller loan taken out on the same home by my husband years earlier, for tax purposes he claimed.
The remedy to my sudden poverty, brought on by my husband wanting a divorce because he desired to marry his financial advisor new girlfriend, was that I take out a line-of-credit loan, personally, to sustain myself until the divorce was complete.
Mr. Muckety-Muck of course advised me on where I should go for this loan; the first loan I'd take in my life; set up the meeting with his money manager, whom he further advised I should make mine, once my assets were un-frozen.
I should get rid of Paine Webber.
What I didn't know at this time was that this new money manager was a long-time business partner of my soon-to-be- ex-husband. He had been evaluating my husband's failing family business for years and preparing it for sale. My husband's interest in this pathetic business was, during the divorce of course, worth one million dollars.
In 2004 I found, on my own, that my ex-husband and his brothers had sold their business for about eighty million dollars to a huge corporation and this new money manager, that my divorce attorney recommended to handle my affairs, was the broker for the sale.
Hmm, and the business sold for just about the value of what my trust should be worth.
I believe this could be considered money laundering and a federal crime?
In the meantime, not knowing about any of this in 2000, I took out a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar line-of-credit in my name from KeyBank, as advised by my money manager, and the games began starting with my asking Mr. Muckety-Muck, during the divorce, why my trust account was so low?
His answer, a lie I would find out later, "Because the market turned." And, I believed him because I'd already been, unknowingly, lied to for years about my true worth. My elite financiers and bankers had been telling me, "If we invest properly you'll have a nest egg of ten million dollars by 1997."
Apparently, unbeknownst to me, they were adjusting account statements for years, while telling me I was an over-spender? So the loss of over nine million dollars instead by 1997 was horrible, but I still had over five million dollars in real estate and seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars in my trust account, so I could certainly recover if I sold the properties and changed my so-called bad spending habits? Plus my new business was doing very well so I had some security here too.
I put the Michigan property on the market. And though there was certainly a lot of collusion going on preventing me from selling, I won't go into it here. Not as interesting and I finally sold it for close to the asking price.
Now my trust account was worth three million dollars and unfrozen. Larry and my start up business was flourishing. But, not yet incurring a flow of income.
I had put the Sun Valley Idaho property on the market too in 1999. I sold it in two weeks for close to the asking price with a three-month escrow.
On January 3, 2000 Larry, our then three precious dogs, and I packed up the house with the movers and we were just about ready to leave for Colorado for good.
I had one stop to make at the title company"to sign the closing documents. Ah, but just before I left my log jewel on ten acres for the last time, shutting the door on the past, the phone rang.
It was the title company saying the buyer wasn't going to close.
My first thought? "My ex has something to do with this!" Of course I had no proof of it at the time nor did I know about the money manager connection we had. I did know this didn't make sense, since the financial institution had approved the buyer's loan, and during the three-month escrow I had made some small improvements on the property that I was asked to do by the buyer, via his real estate agent.
And this wouldn't have been a big deal if I hadn't purchased a much less expensive home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado already. My money manager, still unbeknownst to me as a partner with my ex, recommended when I found this property in Colorado that I take out a commercial bridge loan, for three months, in order to purchase it, now, rather than make the sale contingent on the closing of the Sun Valley property. I even questioned him on this and he said, "The buyer for the Sun Valley property already has his loan. There's no problem here. I'm not allowing you to use your trust account assets, when they would serve you better in good safe investments."
I know to all you financial wizards out there, this was mega stupid"and an opening for crime. But, I had the best financial and legal help in the country. They certainly weren't going to steer me wrong?  This is what I believed at the time.
Well guess what? KeyBank renewed the bridge loan for three more months then proceeded to destroy every viable sale that took place on the Sun Valley property thereafter. I couldn't understand at the time how they could do this, but now I believe do?
I believe these financial institutions report to the buyers' lenders that the property isn't worth the loan they'll be extending, so the buyer must reconsider the purchase, and find another lender or property to buy. But, these new lenders still have to talk to the owner's lender, while being told the same thing.
Not to mention KeyBank actually had their own appraisal on my three million dollar home, which they used to circumvent the recent professional appraisal I already had. No one from KeyBank even walked onto the property to get this appraisal that they used, and I being the owner of the property didn't have a clue that they had lowered their appraisal by half the value of my property. This is secretly done and held close to the vest by the loan officers.
In the end this became very apparent through the legal wrangling I went through for seven years that didn't end with KeyBank.
Soon after Larry, the dogs and I settled in Colorado, and after KeyBank destroyed the second sale of my property, I noticed that my money manager was forging my signature and removing up to forty eight thousand dollars from my trust account.
I started looking for a Colorado attorney in 2001; contacting the US Attorney General; financial watchdogs and the FBI.
Then I got a call from my Michigan KeyBank loan officer telling me KeyBank was going to foreclose. When I asked, "Why, my loans are paid up?" He arrogantly said, "We can do anything we want," and "laughed."
Soon after this all my account, loan and trust statements ceased to arrive in my mailbox.
I immediately alerted Mr. Colorado Attorney who, after almost a year of representing me still hadn't gotten my past account statements, but verified I wasn't just paid up on my loans I was paid up one year ahead on the line-of credit, while KeyBank was calling me in default on this personal loan?
How do they do this? They create phantom accounts and credit these accounts, which makes the borrower appear to be in default. So the first mistake a consumer makes today is to take out any kind of loan at all with a financial institution or even have an account.
The only crime banks haven't figured out how to commit yet is stealing from the consumers who have no loans or accounts"otherwise heads up American public.
My attorney a few years later continued, "Your Sun Valley property is owned by your trust and it will take three years for KeyBank to foreclose judicially, just get that property sold!" This was in early 2004.
As if I were doing something to prevent the sale?
By the way trusts no longer protect the holder from crime or embezzlement.
Meanwhile I had no clue to what assets I had in my trust account, with no account statements; only my own accounting and the knowledge that my money manager was forging my signature and taking funds out of my trust account anytime he wanted to. By this time he had done it twice that I knew of.
I was frantic!
In October 2004, just months after Mr. Colorado Attorney said there was nothing KeyBank could do to me, they foreclosed on my now three million dollar Sun Valley property, non-judicially, using the line-of-credit loan given to me, personally, completely ignoring that my property was owned by my trust and that I was paid up a year in advance on the line-of-credit? Besides this my property still had close to two million dollars of equity available.
This is a federal crime.
Mr. Colorado Attorney now says, "These guys are just a bunch of "Wing Nuts' you need to file a suit against them, but I can't do it. You must retain Idaho counsel."
I couldn't believe the federal crimes going on and couldn't figure out why Mr. Colorado Attorney could do nothing to help? So I contacted all the protectors of the public again. I'm ignored for the second time.
Soon both Larry and I were on the phone day and night looking for law firms who all turned us down? Why, because they had been hired by KeyBank and therefore had conflicts?
Needless to say we were shocked. What financial institution needs a hundred law firms on retainer? Then we got it. This is their way to protect themselves from being sued after the crimes they commit against the consumer"another trick of the trade.
Finally we found a really great law firm in New Orleans who couldn't wait to file suit against KeyBank. As one of the partners with an MBA went over documents, he e-mailed Larry, "What has happened to Deborah's assets? With three and a half million dollars in 1966 at a conservative five percent interest her account should have been worth 80 million dollars by 1997!" It was now late 2004.
I was shocked and pleased at the same time. Suddenly I understood a whole lot more about my life and what had happened to me than ever before. What's more I was worth four and a half million dollars in 1966. So Mr. New Orleans Attorney wasn't estimating my actual worth from the correct starting point. But that's okay, it was all gone now and I had two lawsuits.
Then he informed me that my money manager wasn't only my ex-husband's business partner, but KeyBank owned the investment company the money manager worked for. Oh, so now I had the whole picture.
But Mr. New Orleans Attorney's firm had a conflict with my divorce attorney, who had committed federal crimes against me in Michigan, so he sent me on my way to find another law firm.
However, I'll always remember him as a good honest person amongst the rats in this country who annihilate the law, and in doing so often blame their victims, such as I'd experienced and continued to suffer from.
Being an heiress worth ten million dollars, I was quite a lush with money when it came to spending on my family. Being an heiress of unknowingly eighty million dollars plus I was extremely thrifty. Yet, for years while all these financial entities lied and stole from my trust I was constantly criticized for my outrageous spending habits; another trick of the trade.
My ex-husband use to say, "Debbie thinks she has plenty of money in her account if her checkbook is full of checks." He'd then emotionally torture me on Sundays while paying bills. My Paine Webber money manager would chastise me as well.
After meeting Mr. New Orleans Attorney, I was given a new lease on life about who I really was.
With the knowledge he gave me I called Shearson Lehman to retain back statements of my trust account from before I moved to Paine Webber. Here I got the shock of my life when I was told, "Sorry we only have an account under your husband's name and no records indicating we held your trust." Well this was odd since my ex-husband didn't have a cent to his name when we married and I had no clue that he had this obviously secret trust account? It wasn't listed on the divorce decree?
Then just before I found new legal counsel, my newly hired money manager called and said, "Well all your money is gone now; the account is empty."
I frantically contacted the protectors of the public once more. I wrote President Bush, since the US Attorney General was continuing to ignore me. Seemed he was enjoying my demise as watching a great movie, while stuffing his mouth with popcorn.
Meanwhile, in steps Mr. California Attorney from Orange County, California" the curse that could poison a prison. And, I'm about ready to experience the first federal crime he will commit amongst many before he's done with me.
Straight out of the Verified Accusation I sent to the California Supreme Court, after the California State Bar refused to charge this attorney is printed below. His name I'm withholding until listed on
16) Mr. California Attorney advises that I sell my Steamboat Springs home, which was in foreclosure to him, temporarily, rather than file bankruptcy; threatens that he won't take my cases if I don't do what he says, and neither will any other attorney. Then he claims a lease/purchase smacks of fraud, but he can do it legally. (This is in direct violation of California State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct: rule 4-300) and  (California Civil Code 1695-1695.7)
This is moral turpitude and a federal crime. Our government authorities completely inore this.
And, while they refuse to uphold the life affirming laws we have in this country they create new ones, that damage the public, such as allowing congress to have inside knowledge of the stock market" just recently apparently revoked. But, don't tell me congress will suddenly refrain from this practice or weren't partaking before the law passed? Or how about this one?
Colorado Water laws prohibit the use of rain barrels or any methods to catch rain for use. They claim the rain has already been legally allocated to the state and individual may not capture and use water to which he/she does not have a right. New Laws passed in June 2009 eradicate this law.Link
I'm glad they eradicated the law, but can you imagine the time that went into this ridiculous issue, while our financial institutions, government authorities and unethical attorneys can commit any federal crimes they choose?
And, please don't calm you brain or ignore your soul into believing, "Well she was an heiress worth a lot of money; I'm not worth that so it won't happen to me or my family." Wrong. Because the laws I've seen broken affect anyone that does business with a financial institution. I've met people that had far less than I did; they report the same crimes and government corruption ignoring them. Many of us just die in the streets with our voices silenced. So there are few stories to read or hear about.
Buy a safe; stash your cash in it; dig a hole and bury it underground. In fact don't put all your eggs in one basket and have many money pits at your disposal"until our government authorities have convinced you that they are upholding the federal laws.
I just learned about this project; Let's all check it out.
That's enough for today, but I'll be back with more about "the fort" that is destroying our lives and our country.
Hopefully I've added a new video below, if not I will.
by Deborah Breuner
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I am a Fashion Designer, Writer and Heiress. I have had all of my millions stolen and now live in a tent. The authorities WILL NOT INVESTIGATE.
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