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He Works. We Wait

Message Betsy L. Angert
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A recent change of the guard in the Massachusetts Senate race force the President to reveal he is working. We, the American people, are waiting, just as we have been for months and months. For a full year, countless citizens have felt as though they were patient. Yet, the President did not seem to have their interests at heart. True change has not come. Countless constituents anticipate none is forthcoming. Three hundred and sixty five plus have gone by and the American people are tired of being patient. The circumstances in their personal lives have proven to be critical, worse now than in 2009. Oh, some remain hopeful. They continue to believe. Several are waiting for Godot, who as we all know, never comes. Millions await the Messiah. Many thought Barack Obama was the great liberator. This human was perchance, a deity, devotees continue to declare. He is a divine being, or was in the eyes of the electorate before he entered the Oval Office. Now, Americans are wasted, wanting. They trusted and waited for him to transform the nation. Today, the people wonder; is it too late.

Senator Obama was and is suave, sensitive, and a sensational orator. Surely, words would become action. Progressives suspended disbelief. The Left listened to a man advocate for more war in Afghanistan. Then, they decided he was the profound peacemaker. Conservatives too saw themselves in this gentleman. He was polished, polite, and predominately known for his prestigious credentials. Hence, the fiscally traditional believed the wait was over. Today, each of these exclaim, as President he is not the one.

In contrast, the markedly Independent did not pause. These mavericks need no intervals. The detractors, decidedly cynical, opinionated opponents, and the perpetually free from Party politics, never waited for what they wanted. They did as they always have. Raging Republicans and "free" thinking Independents gathered the reigns, took to the streets and stood firm. They rallied the troops of discontented Americans. They stood their ground. These lovers of self-governing principles never grew weary. Self-directed voters shouted; they screamed. They garnered strength and swayed some from the Right and some from the Left to take their position. We will kill the Obama agenda, shrieked crowds of "concerned" citizens.

The Religious Right also does not hesitate. Indeed, they never doubted that the person known as Barack Obama was not a savior. He was, or so these individuals said, a "socialist." Committed Conservatives cringed at the notion that Mister Obama might be thought of as the embodiment of a second coming. They would chortle in distress; perchance this President would be another Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

It was not difficult to persuade those who had previously adopted a wait and see approach. Numerous issues have not been attended to. The pledge to end "Don't Ask. Don't tell," frustrated a few. Gay or straight families and friends have become impatient. The thought that Health Care For All was left for Congress to ponder, plan, and present was seen as folly. The President, who belatedly cajoled the House and the Senate, was thought ineffective or just not truly interested in the welfare of the people. Then there were the financial woes the President promised to address and did not adequately do so. Indeed, millions of citizens muse; Obama sold out. Our Chief Executive appointed Wall Street insiders to serve as his economic team. Each of these individuals held a singular intent. With bailout bucks, they would buy friends, influence enemies, and reward former colleagues.

Common citizens cried out in economic pain. Rather than enact policies that might relieve the people's plight, billions were bestowed upon wealthy bankers.

Americans have been waiting for his audacity to bring more than hope for bipartisan approval on program after program. Most of the electorate wanted Mister Obama to exit Iraq fully, not to leave tens of thousands of troops behind. Numerous waited for him to assertively enact a renewable energy policy. However, as was evident at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, the President, does not plan to authentically regulate or reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Since Mister Obama took office, small businessmen and women applied for loans, only to have their applications rejected. Granted, he pressed bankers to respond to the needs of the little people. Still, calls for cash went unheeded. Underwater homeowners also pleaded. Refinance my mortgage please. Requests were denied. Ultimately, days before voters in the Bay State cast a ballot for Scott Brown, a banner headline appeared in the local paper; Obama's foreclosure relief program called a failure. Most borrowers have not been helped.

Credit card companies were allowed to go wild. As the President observed, Credit has become "less of a lifeline and more of an anchor." Interest rates rose drastically, although not on personal savings accounts. While the President proposed and [assed legislation to curb the crunch, The Credit Card Industry found other ways to avoid a pinch. They will Profit From Sterling Payers. Unemployed and underemployed, well, they were neglected just as they had been before the Messiah came.

These troubles are not unique to any one region. Trials and tribulations exist throughout the United States.

While some may prefer to wait for the day when the President's plans bear fruit, doubters do not. For millions, the results in Massachusetts speak volumes. These persons proclaim, this election, just as the two held months earlier, were not a reflection of a poorly run campaign by Martha Coakley, Virginia's Creigh Deeds, or the New Jersey incumbent Democratic Governor, Jon Corzine. All were sure signs of voter discontent. The Republican wins were a blow for the Obama Administration. Now, perhaps, the President will hear the message.

Certainly, Obama enthusiasts have come to accept what cannot be avoided. Americans lack confidence in the Commander-In-Chief. The tidal wave of resentment has generated much concern. Loyalists, know not what to do. They gather round cyberspace chat rooms. Some seek solace in the acumen of broadcasters. What will Keith, Rachel, or Jon Stewart say? How might these masterful commentators direct the stalwart? A few hop onto another bandwagon. The theory is a populist philosophy will turn folks around.

This is the position the White House adopts. Shortly, after the special election results were released, Mister Obama answered without hesitation. He stood before an audience in Elyria, Ohio, a community devastated by what some suggest is an economic Depression. There the President enthusiastically proclaimed he is working for us. For emphasis, Mister Obama forcefully opined, "Let me tell you - so long as I have the privilege of serving as your President, I'll never stop fighting for you." The Nation's Chief Executive then assured average Americans, "(T)his isn't about me. It's about you." Yet, this novel appearance calls Mister Obama's assertion into question.

Several observers stated Obama was back. Fire was, once again, in his belly. His campaigner style will certainly help his poll numbers to soar. His persuasive presence would ensure a Democratic win. However, the familiar rationale proved to be erroneous.

The President had attempted to coax a Massachusetts crowd days before the dire voter decision. At the behest of Martha Coakley, the nation's Chief Executive rallied round the Democratic candidate. Still his rhetoric could not reverse the momentum. Indeed, what would be an overwhelming demise was delivered.

Possibly, more than a mere Senate seat was lost. Patience amongst Obama supporters has waned. The reality that American Independents and Republicans never looked back became more clear. Scott Brown was but the amplification of the incensed mantra. Stop health care. Do not provide civil trials for terrorists. Rather than raise taxes; cut them. Secret backroom deals will not stand. Special interests are not ours.

Average American Joe and Jane are jollied. Unlike the blindly faithful, they knew not to wait for Barack Obama or Godot. The energized, eager, and enraged took the government back.

The hurt and hurting citizens saw that Barack Obama made the office his own, or perchance, he preserved the Clinton presidency. The incensed did not trust the followers who point to the progress made in the effort to exit Iraq. Instead, those outraged by slight concessions sympathized with the soldiers who struggle to survive on foreign soil.

Disheartened, even early supporters squeal at the reality this President has increased America's involvement in the Middle Eastern affairs. The Obama Administration authorized targeted assassinations.

Today, the once hopeful also speak out. "He Wasn't The One We've Been Waiting For." The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan did not foretell what was to come.

Devotees did not expect the President to defend the latest unemployment numbers as the he did. "The jobs numbers are reminder that the road to recovery is never straight." This thought was not what disciples hoped for. No, the devoted Obama aficionados did not expect him to apolitically offer an axiom, the path towards peace. is a rough road to travel. Nor did the dedicated expect that support of the Messianic President would equate to justification for a mixed record on Counterterrorism Reform.

Few from the Left thought they would help elect a Republican. Dutiful Democrats could not imagine the day that they would declare I will wait no more. For decades, people trusted, a President from their Party was, as Mister Obama opined, working for them. Yet, this time, perhaps in the previous two elections, and in the next go round, the public will proclaim as Boston area Waitress Vitoria Vigna, did. "I am a Democrat and to say I voted Republican was, I was like, oh, my god, I'm voting Republican." However, as Ms Vigna expounded, the sentiment is, "people are more agitated and anxious and a lot of people's attitude is what has really changed? Really?" What has changed? Possibly, the population has given up on Godot and on Presidents who they believe have not fully perform as promised.

He Works. We Wait, or did . . .

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