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Called of God: Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, et al!

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In God we trust?, One nation under God? God Bless America?

My article, Bluffdale Utah, NSA, and The Mormon Quest for Empire was published on Opednews a week ago,   That article was explicit about my concerns of the NSA Data Center nearing completion at Bluffdale, Utah, and that it would be surreptitiously used by the sinister side of the Mormon Church to pull off its 169-year-old quest to implement the "Kingdom of God" with itself at the helm.   This is an enterprise of the Melchizedek priesthood of the church not the church itself and is based on the prophecy of ancient Prophet Daniel as, "a stone cut out of the mountain without hands" and becoming the world government.   (Daniel 7:18, 2, .27)   Additionally, a Council of Fifty was created as the agency to effectuate the metamorphosis.

In the article, I did not go into a depth discussion of my motive in pursuing this course for the past forty years, which I have explained in my two books, Under the Mormon Tree and No Mormon for President. I did not do so because the source information is generally considered "fringe".   I have submitted several articles over the past few years for publishing on Opednews but they were rejected because they appeared to be "fringe".   I don't mean that as a criticism of Opednews but just one of frustration as when one has been given good news one naturally wants to publish it regardless of the source.

William James made this source distinction clear in his book, Varieties of Religious Experience. He said that no one worries about where the roots of the tree may wander; even if in the sewer, only the fruit is judged. With that in mind I am going to be a little more explicit in this article about the source of my motive and concern regarding what is currently the most serious challenge ever faced by our nation's experience with democracy.

In connection with Edward Snowden and others such as Bradley Manning and Julian Assange taking great personal risks of whistle-blowing on the foul acts of our government spying on its citizens and the citizens of other countries, I am going to suggest that their motive to warn America and the world is coming from their own sense of direction gathered from a moral conscience that has affected them for good a great deal of their lives. Christians have been told that the spirit [light] of Christ enlightens every man [and woman] born into this world (John 1:9).    I posit this as a principle of truth.  
With that in mind, I believe that most people are initially born with a good conscience but over time many may lose it when constantly bombarded with the need for devious behavior in order to "get ahead" or survive in this world or worse yet; lose the right of personal conscience because of birth to parents who have previously been tricked into subordination to a cult leadership such as Mormon [there are others], which loss inhibits not only the parent but also the child.   
However, there are those who never lose it and they are the whistleblowers among us to whom we owe a great debt.   We know how badly our government treats whistleblowers as evidenced by what these people go through.   These individuals and many more are still coupled with the light that emanates from the Cosmos and they are unable to turn their backs on improper conduct of government as against themselves and the very people of the United States. As to my own following of conscience with regards to the Mormon Church and leaving it, has to do with a very personal religious experience that happened on the day that I became eight years of age. Neither these whistleblowers nor I can ignore the calling of the still small voice of conscience moving us to do what we must do regardless of the official repercussions against our actions. "This above all: to thine own [ selve s] be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man."   [Shakespeare paraphrased]

I have documented my experience to the best of my ability in both of my books referenced above. The result is as simple as having a personal religious experience in which I learned that the day would come late in my lifetime when the leaders of the main church in The Salt Lake Valley of Utah [Mormon] would seek to set their surviving senior member(s) up as a continuity of political Kings over the earth and that I was called to a struggle against it. I was also given notice that others would be called of God to research the issues that I would use and I would not need to research it myself.

I would however act upon promptings of the spirit to take action based upon the published research of those others to curtail the mistaken notion of these Mormon priesthood men that they act for God. This I have done in the Wallace Vs Romney, et al, lawsuit filed a year and half ago. I stated in my last article that I am battling the Mormon Sleeper Agent chief judge of the court at the present time.

Writing this article is an act of following a prompting of the spirit. In my last article I listed four individuals who have performed the research sufficient for me to act upon to support the gist of the named lawsuit. Those individuals: Klaus Hansen, Charles Wood, John Heinemann, and Janis Hutchinsen, were called of God to research and write their findings. They may not have known their motivation or direction to be from the silent light of the Cosmos.   There are many others who have researched and know the truth but have not published their findings at this time.

As a democratic nation we have adopted some icons and they are abundantly engraved into or on our money and our pledge of allegiance, both referencing God. Our money, currency and coin, state: IN GOD WE TRUST. Our pledge of allegiance states ONE NATION UNDER GOD. Our President places his hand on the Bible and swears to protect the Constitution as a condition of office as do all elected and appointed individuals working in the government. The Congress opens it sessions with prayer to God for guidance; The Supreme Court likewise and thereafter refuses to listen. And we constantly hear, "GOD BLESS AMERICA" yet the blessings that are available from God through His servants are reviled.

The problem is that all of these agents in charge of our democracy are only giving lip service knowing full well that such pleadings have never received a direct response from God. Lightening, thunder, and earthquakes are deemed acts of God; when in reality they are just normal responses to pressures affecting all of nature.

When God makes a move among mankind it is not by direct intervention but rather by the simple technique of stirring the conscience(s) of some lowly persons to act.   Persons such as the above named who have found in their work environment, unconscionable acts taking place within the halls of government, which violate the Constitution by stripping liberties of citizens.    Their consciences moved them to act in behalf of the unprotected ignorant masses. They are the brave souls who risk all.

So it is time for all Americans and all of earth's peoples to realize that God only works within those individuals who have not lost the spirit of light they were born with and that only through them and their consciences may the world become a better place for all humanity.

The need for such broad surveillance as has been reported goes far beyond any need to protect the country against terrorism, but rather, it is needed by the enemy within the government to move against resistive individuals world-wide for the future sickened scheme of fascist theocratic world domination.

With respect to the childhood calling I received seventy-six years ago this past May 8; the issues spoken of at that time are in full bloom today and need to be addressed by the citizenry. Our government is out of line and out of control! It has prostituted its charge to the pimping of our unseen enemies within it. It has corrupted the Constitution as prophesized by Mormon founder J. Smith JR. All done of course with the help of Smith's minions, the unseen enemy within the government. All these individual sleeper agents are identifiable. They are both men and women wearing the mandated secret Masonic marked under-garments acquired in a Mormon temple ordinance.  

As a result of this influence, our government is behaving in a manner not inconsistent with King George in dealing with early American Patriots. Today, the government would charge Christ with espionage and hang him on the Yardarm or even worse, jail him at Guantanamo ad infinitum.

Oh no you say?   Yet what our government is doing or attempting to do to the whistleblowers; Assange, Manning, Snowden, et al, men and women who are guided by the light of conscience coming from the Cosmos [the same source of our Constitution] is the same storied conduct that crucified Christ.  

Time to wake up Americans!

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