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BALLOT, How Do I Cast Thee...?

Message Kim Cassidy
Let me count the ways... to steal this election. And the reasons why so many have walked away from voting entirely! For the first time in our national history, people are fearing for their very lives the election of the opposing candidate. The amazing thing is, thanks to propaganda, this terror is equally related to either a Romney or Obama win. It is why decided voters are unmovable, and why a new group of non-voters has risen on the political spectrum. Many of these are among the most informed individuals in our society. This is very bad, because fearful voters who are thinking the election could be stolen, through corruption, are targeting non-voters in a most unfair and sometimes vicious way. And you know who they will blame, if the 'other' side wins...
There are a few things finally making it into the media now that are waking people up to the corruption going on in the entire American election process. Election fraud is not new, but its techniques increase and become more varied every time. We have way more methods with which to cheat today than ever before and, HAVE NO DOUBT, they are ALL being employed right now in order to allow Romney to win this presidential election. When you discover what is going on, you will be amazed by the creativity, and gall, behind many of these tricks, and at the sheer vulnerability of the process at every stage, by design. 
These tactics have been known to exist by candidates for decades. When corruption is detected, there is almost always the pattern of stolen votes going to republicans. Democrats try to control for this, but do not succeed, and never seem to catch or punish anyone, even when on record and obvious to all. But they never told US what was going on! Only now, and at this very moment in national history when fraudsters can WORST affect us, are we beginning to hear about them ourselves, and WE are the ones who have the primary right to know!
To vote, or not to vote at all, that is the question...     
So many trusted friends amazed me this election, when they said they were NOT going to vote at all. And they could not be budged, I tried. This seemed too dangerous to me, because I had been suspiciously watching Romney already, ever since he corrupted Sarah Palin's early campaign for governor, and I knew if he ran in the primaries he had the skills to rig a win for himself. He did, and he did (vote-flipping). I am deathly afraid of the horror he would be, for all of us, if in office, and I tried everything to win my friends over with everything I had. But they are very furious with this election on at least three levels. 
First, they are angry and disappointed with President Obama (condoning palestinian genocide, NDAA, war, drones, gitmo, Iran, and sucking up to Israel, etc.). Next, they are THROUGH with the 2 party system (which has actively and unfairly kept other, better parties out), and lastly, with the obvious recent past elections' corruption, and a complete lack of punishments for the perpetrators, it looks pretty clear that neither party respects the American citizens' right to a fair, honest election. They see a blurring of party lines so sinister, that it is hard to believe the two sides are not secretly working together, even though nearly all admit Romney, and all other republicans, are clearly the biggest threats.   
Of course my arguments in support of Obama have been to ask them to "look at the man" (he has heart and conscience), his goals (healthcare, jobs, family, etc.), his abilities, intelligence, and his intention. Then I would remind them of his very public sabotage at every juncture by republicans. It did not help my case that I agree with them on all of their reasons, EXCEPT I give Obama credit for trying, if not succeeding, believing that he WOULD have resolved all of these if he could have. That now, if he wins, he will be able to finally turn things around. I still hope and believe this, but am thinking no matter what, america needs a plan b. Big changes, and fast, to reverse the significant damage already done. 
The signs of the end of democracy are ALL here, and we need to pay close attention. Quickly changing laws which reduce citizens rights, increase arrests, build military and police, and favor reducing or eliminating punishments for violence against minorities, women, or other groups, are a familiar sight to nations who have seen the stepping in of a dictatorship. The world is watching, with bated breath. Only one other country wants Romney to win, that I know of, but to avoid argument I'll shut up about it. Like many of us, most foreign citizens know that our republican party and CIA have been directing the military, who are too anxious to continue and start war, and to cause turmoil in order to control, or steal, their resources. 
They fear the idea of American corporations controlling the seas and the skies. They despise our use of drones. To date, despite my efforts, I don't believe I've made any headway in convincing my non-voting friends to take one more shot at democracy, which makes sense, because their arguments are ROCK SOLID. There's not much transparency, either, or hope, when Obama keeps getting run over by repubs, but doesn't explain to us how or why he gives in. Instead, these savvy and very intelligent friends moved me off my own solid stance-- that's what facts can do. And having friends that you respect, who actually do their homework..        
Early last spring, in order to understand this better, I began doing research on what is actually going on in our elections, and what the repubs are willing to stoop to, in order to claim this one. (Truthfully, I still haven't even slowed down.) Within this time I began to see something I never imagined--that it would take nothing short of a miracle to EVER have a valid election with this set up, and that we could actually end up having Romney elected, even if only a very few voted for him!   
I think about my friends opinions, especially when they differ from mine. I know I frustrate them at times, because I don't ever just go along, I always HAVE to prove it to myself. The closer we got to the election, and with the republicans' blatant tricks being openly discussed in the media without any mention of so much as a warning for them to stop coming from anyone at all, in my gut I just KNEW we would need the numbers only Obama could get in order to win. But the issues nagged at me, and the more PAC money the republicans collected, the more those folks struggling, like myself, were being asked to donate to the democrats and other parties. 
This didn't seem like anything I wanted to sign off on. I allowed myself to rethink everything as I did my research, and for a time I seriously considered not voting myself (this made me feel even worse about our future, though), so I went back to voting for Obama, then to voting for green party prez candidate Jill Stein, back to Obama, Jill, Bernie Sanders (new com pty), Jill again...and now I have cast my ballot, for Obama. Jill Stein is definitely worthy, though, and I will most likely change my affiliation to GREEN after all of this, based on her values and courage, which is lacking elsewhere in the presidential campaign. Mostly, I know the right answer is to POSTPONE THE ELECTION.  
Why wait, right? To fix it, to do it a new way. When we are such an incredibly intelligent nation, with some of the best minds in the world, it is preposterous to believe that we can't figure out how to mark pieces of paper and count them, and be able to check for accuracy. But herein lies the problem, which is illustrated in our blindly patriotic faith in the election process, but which actually represents the reason ALL of our national problems have been allowed to take seed and grow into a monster which is likely to eat us all, and that is that when we hear about some change or event that frightens or concerns us, we tend to tell ourselves not to worry, that there are surely others more capable than we who are probably already working on it, that this is America where justice always prevails, and that the nice guys (us) will always win. Historically, for many other countries, those types of denials have been "famous last words". 
This tendency to automatically assume others are going to be successful in fighting for what is right, leaving ourselves free to do our part by not getting 'in the way' (very handy excuse), means protesters and other activists, and the scientists and other experts who inform them, are on their own with little or no support, even from those sharing their exact political views. Further complicating things, many people are not equipped for facing reality, and may isolate themselves from media or individuals that try to warn them or ask them for help. This not only reduces the chances for progress significantly, it divides and conquers the population, leaving a plethora of new opportunities to utilize propaganda in ways that accentuate and cement the divide. 
Much like bringing into the campaign several unrelated issues that divide people in different kinds of groups, for instance white vs. minority, men vs. women, rich vs. poor, union vs. corporate, pro-life vs. pro-choice, and violence vs passivity. Sound familiar, don't they? Instead of a pretty equal division of the population, like cutting it in half with a knife and hoping to win enough of the outsiders to one side for a win, which will be close, this multi-issue approach is more like using a shredder. Lies are the basis for making us fear and hate each other, and this is exactly how Goebbels and Hitler, and Stalin, and many others, have been able to begin their awful occupations, mass incarcerations, and genocides. 
Will Obama win anyway? Or will Romney take over and punish the world with his 'day one' promises? It's a giant risk, and I'm pretty nervous. Will this election be the last one in America? Let's hope not. We must not promote the lies that are the foundation for dividing us. Another thing we all must do right away, though, is make up with each other and work together so that, whatever does happen, we can stand as one to face, and if necessary, thwart, that which would take our rights and our futures.
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I am an american born woman, in my late 50's, with B.A. (Psychology) and 99% completion of grad school (sociology, psychology, womens studies). My studies were pre 9/11, so I am old school, believing in the values of keeping families together, (more...)

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