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Have you seen the latest Bush ads touting the booming economy? They say they've created over a million jobs. Too bad they were supposed to have created six million by now. Even on the million plus though, do you believe them. Remember the WMDs and the medicare scams. There's no reason at all to believe that the numbers on the economy are any more trustworthy.

If you'd forgotten how sold out the mainstream media are, this sopping wet gushing embrace of Reagan should remind you. I've been watching the science fiction channel instead of footage of the latest travels of the Reagan hearse. Might as well, the information is as reliable, and at least they present it as fiction. For me, Reagan was a dumb face with a happy smile, just like Bush. But I think Reagan had better advisors, rather than the nincompoop neocons Bush has allowed to burrow into his brain like the Gaould worms that control human brain in the Stargate series.

I'm planning a conference for February, Healing America, to be held in early February, in Palm Springs, CA. (I run my other conferences there.) I figure we'll need healing them, whether Kerry wins or not. If he loses, I'll have someone lecture on how to move to Canada and how the resistance dealt with the gestapo. If Kerry wins, it will explore how visions of taking America back even further.

Here's a bit of fresh news from the NY Times (my headline)Surprise! Bush Sides With Big Business on Case that Will Raise Your Phone Bill The Bush administration decided not to challenge a court ruling that will allow four Bell telephone companies to charge more from competitors who use their networks. Who needs more taxes when Bush gives companies more of our money?


Sending a Message with Michael Moore's Movie, Fahrenheit 911

The way the movie business works nowadays, there's one number, more than any other, that grabs attention in the movie business. That's the first weekend's sales of the movie. If it's big, it grabs headlines. If it takes first place for the weekend, that grabs headlines. More important, if those big, first weekend numbers bring in a first place, the movie will tend to have stronger, longer "legs" meaning it will be offered by movie theaters for a longer period of time.

That's why it is so important that progressives and democrats fork out their $8 to $10 a seat to see Michael Moore's movie about George Bush on the first weekend. Don't wait. Making this movie a hit is important. It will send a message that the mainstream media will not be able to ignore. It will create a halo effect, so that regular moviegoers who might have ignored it will see it out of curiosity. The big first weekend box-office will open doors in more theaters, so the number of screens airing it will increase, making it accessible to more people.

A few weeks ago, the movie, The Day After, did very well, and that sent a message. Already it is one of the top 160 grossing movies in the US. But, according to www.imdb.com it is already 116th among top grossing movies when worldwide gross sales are included. This suggests that the negative reviews that the right wing media gave it hurt this movie, directed by Roland Emmerich, who also directed Independence Day,  the number 10 top grossing movie in world sales. Of course, The Day After has only been out a few weeks, and it's sales will continue.

The point is, Michael Moore's newest movie has a shot at hitting numbers strong enough to keep it visible, to make it more controversial. If it makes serious money, that will put Moore in an even better position to get financing to make further muckraking, hard hitting movies, and it will show Hollywood that there's money to be made telling the truth about corrupt politicians, that there's a profit in funding movies that take on tough issues.

We want to see ten more Michael Moores out there creating hard-hitting films with a political edge. Some of them may have already made straight entertainment films. Who knows, maybe even superstar directors and screenwriters may be dying to do a movie that can make a difference. Maybe, instead of making movies about planetary catastrophes like earthquakes, tidal waves and ice ages, they'll take on the real threats to the planet-- extreme right wingers, megacorporations, massive religious fundamentalist movements, ecological monsters wiping out thousands of species... Hey, if Moore's movie shows that there's a profit in it.... why not?

And let's not forget Disney. I've long been a fan of Disney. They've had a hard time of it with fundamentalists for making movies that the religious nuts don't approve of. So it's not like they've just come out against the left wing. Also, they could have played hardball and tried to kill the movie altogether, or dragged out the fight to release it so it didn't come out until after the November elections. And they did fund the movie. So I'm not going to boycott them. But I will take a close look at the movie chains that run the movie and the ones that do not.

I expect that the smaller artsy theaters will carry the film first and I intend to support my local small theater, rather than the big chains. But it is a small theater and I'm guessing that it may sell out. If so, I'll go to the local Regal or AMC.

If they're smart, the DNC, MOVEON.org, and other democratic and left wing communications organizations will get the word out to people to see it on the first weekend, using email and maybe even running ads supporting the movie.

After all the movie tells the story about a corrupt political dynasty. The more people know about George Bush, the less likely they are to fall for his crinkly smile and folksy demeanor. Bush is a sociopath and his family is a cancer on the planet.  This movie tells the truth about the Bush's and we should all do what we can to get that word out.

* * *

Watching TV the last few days, flipping the channels, seeing how the major media showed shots of the hearse driving Reagan's body in the coffin to its next viewing place, the continuous focus on glorifying him... it's disgusting. Thank goodness for people like Ted Rall, who have been unafraid to tell the truth about Reagan, another extreme right wing dumb guy with charisma, just like Bush, who used his aw shucks persona to rip off the American public and perpetrate illegal war crimes.


Back from the mythic journeys conference, and inspired to see things from a mythic, archetypal perspective. I interviewed Huston Smith, the world famous expert on religions of the world and Matthew Fox, catholic priest who was de-frocked by the pope for his liberal views.

This torture business, with the Whitehouse lawyers rationalizing that the POTUS can get away with anything is unbelievable.

A thought. Republicans LOVE terrorists. They keep the fear factor up, occasionally create crises that rally people around the US leadership and  keep the money flowing to their favorite contributors.

May 30

BushNational Security: 300,000 bodies and $300 Billion Short, but He Still Has His Strut

It's hard to imagine how a Bush supporter can feel that Bush is doing a good job with national security.

If we weren't in Iraq, where there are close to 150,000 troops and at least an additional 150,000 mercenaries, troops from other nations and privately hired workers, we'd have all those human resources available to commit to protecting the security of the nation, to deal with the threat and causes of terrorism. If we didn't have the Iraq War we'd have over $300 million more dollars to spend on dealing with the threat and causes of terrorism, rather than seeing that Bush plans to cut the funding for homeland security for the next budget year.

Imagine if we took the $300 billion spent on Iraq, with so little to show for it, and applied it to beefing up our national security, creating new systems for making our shipping, our roads and railways, our air traffic, our water, electricity and food supplies safer? Imagine if we had 150,000 people available to function in different roles of national security.

But we don't. instead we have a new proposal for a budget that cuts homeland security funding. We are engaging in a disastrous quicksand disaster that has drastically increased the ability of terrorists to recruit new suicide bombers because the US has moved from being beloved and respected to being hated and reviled, from being admired for it's freedom and democracy to being held in contempt and disgust for its heinous torture, crooked politics, and international lies and, broken agreements and disrespect for longtime allies.

The only thing Bush still has going for him, in terms of nation security is his strut and his too oft repeated collections of limp, impotent mantras-- "evildoers," "go the distance,"

* * *

It's been said that in WW2 the people trusted the wisdom of their president and followed his lead. Well, back then, the people had the wisdom to elect a great president, not the corrupt idiot we have in office. God! I'd like to see him jailed.

* * *

Readers are disgusted that the US Gov milked the friendly fire death of Pat Tillman, not releasing the truth about his death.

I was browsing at a bookstore yesterday evening and met the head of a NASDAQ company-- nice guy. The topic of Abu Ghraib came up. He raised what I've come to expect to be the standard right wing response. The terrorists are bad guys, we can't be nice guys with them if they are in prison. If they do bad things, that justifies us acting badly, torturing them. I don't buy it. We do not drop our standards to the level of the worst dregs of humanity. We act the way we would want our prisoners treated and no less. It's a simple matter of reciprocity. Anything less is not acceptable and is a failure to keep faith with our soldiers.

May 29

The Movie, Day After Tomorrow, is a Blockbuster, Great Entertainment Winner; It's projected to Top $100 million this weekend and even better, it could hurt Bush by Rob Kall OpEdNews.com

May 28

Expanding the Cracks in and Crashing Down the Right Wing, Republican Wall by Rob Kall

May 27

Could Bush Step down from the 2004 Race? Would McCain Beat Kerry, While Bush and His Policies Are Melting Down? Is McCain the Leading Edge of a Movement among Republicans to reject Bush and the failed policies that have tarnished the GOP? By Rob Kall

May 24

You've Been Drafted; to Save the Planet... from Bush and the Republican Horde-- no matter your age or sex by Rob Kall

May 22

Was Bush Suckered into Iraq by Iran? thru Achmed Chalabi, the WMD threat "insider neocon sweetheart expert" who was an Agent for Iranians,  by Rob Kall

May 22

A note sent to John Zogby, suggesting some different poll questions.

Why not match John McCain up against John Kerry? As Bush plummets, McCain is one of the few Republicans remaining with integrity. My guess is McCain would do much better than Bush.

If you also ask about republicans standing independent of Bush and DeLay, you might actually help the US by showing republicans that they need to act independently.

I'm a democrat, and really would not want to see McCain running against Kerry, since I think McCain would run away with it, but I am also a patriot, and at least then, there would be two honest people running for president. And that's a win win for everyone.


Fox TV calls Thomas Hamill, the Halliburton employee who was kidnapped, a hero. Why? For being a prisoner? For getting paid a lot to go to Iraq to work for Halliburton? For being pro-Bush? So he's a more appealing guest interview? Fox is trash TV, the Bush's version of Pravda propaganda. Any people who work on salary for Fox claiming to be journalists should be automatically blacklisted from appearing as journalists anywhere else.

May 17

my email to Matt Drudge,  upon him using a picture of John kerry's daughter at cannes, with a semi-see-through gown (it is in bad taste and terrible judgement, in light of her father's candidacy.) :

subject heading: Kerry daughter shot proves you're a total scumbag

I guess you 'll be looking for cum-stains next.

 How about covering Bush 's congenitally drunk daughters?

 Rob Kall   


 OpEdNews.com "Something like the Drudge Report, but designed for People Who Think "  Mike Malloy

* * *

It looks like I've been getting about one of these reports (for opednews mailing list subscribers) out a week. Lately, I've been covering the role of American Taliban Christianists-- extreme right wing politicizing Christians who pretend they are doing the work of "the lord."

This NY Times article, At Mass, Politics Squeezes Into the Pews reports how  colorado's Bishop Sheridan has threatened to withhold communion from people who support pro-abortion candidates. Then it clarifies that no-one will be turned away.  This is pure politics. Religious organizations that operate in so clearly partisan a manner should not have tax exempt status.  I'd love to see all the churches investing political energy in either party taxed for the land they own and the money they raise.

May 15

What if the integrity-bankrupt BUsh supporters figure out that Bush's ongoing implosion is irreparable, if it becomes crystal clear that even monkeying with electronic voting and voter roolls won't be enough to fix the Bush election?  Who would fill the vacuum?

Colin Powell is out. He failed as secretary of state. He sold out his country choosing loyalty to president over loyalty to nation.

But, that still leaves one person who could probely win the election in a moment. ... John McCain. If the RNC chooses to t run him, it is likely that he will be unbeatable, unless Kerry puts a trump card out of his sleeve.

May 14

Now a Colorado Bishops threatens to withold communion from Catholics who vote for politicians who support abortion, stem cell research, etc. I get the feeling that these Catholic Priests and higher ups in the Catholic Hierarchy use their positions of power either to sexually abuse their parishioners or now, to politically abuse them, foisting their political beliefs. These god-damned catholic mullahs are no better than the taliban, no, they are worse, masquerading as men of god while f*cking with american politics.

The history of the vatican's mucking around and colluding with royalty and the powerful is very old, ugly and despicable. The fact that a new generation of pedophilic perverts and their bosses who keep their secrets are siding with corporations and torturers is not really surprising.

These bishops and their troops are using the good-hearted faith and spiritual honesty of their flocks for corrupt, deceptive purposes. They

Protected by the Ghost of J. Edgar Hoover

May 12

Over and over, from right wing talk show pundits and senators, I am hearing this insane comparison/complaint-- that we are paying all this attention to the torture abuses in Abu Ghraib and other prisons.... "but what about the terrorists who charred the bodies of the American contractors?"

This argument seems to suggest that our soldiers, that we... are not as bad as terrorists.  This argument seems to suggest that we, as a nation, as an invading "liberating" army only need to be as good as or a tad better than the terrorists.

This is crazy. Hmm. let's take this a bit further. We shouldn't be disturbed by the behavior of the US military in dealing with its responsibilities to operate with honor and integrity in dealing with prisoners.

The right wingers-- Limbaugh, Hannity and loads of call-ins-- seem to be suggesting that the US only has to live up to the behaviors of the worst people on the street.

Yesterday a man from the Philadelphia area was beheaded. The monster who did it used the torture at Abu Ghraib as an excuse. That's all they need. We are not at war with a nation. We are in assymetric conflict with terrorists who know that the media and images are their most powerful weapons. The incredibly stupid invasion of Iraq gave the terrorists the most powerful boost beyond what their recruiting dreams could have envisioned.

The policy decisions at the highest leadership levels created the situations and environment that made the tortures at Abu Ghraib inevitable. The secrecy policies prevented the incompetents running this war from ameliorating the adverse effects of the photos. Rumsfeld's response to the pictures was a total military failure to deal with the asymmetric conflict aspects of the the pictures.

Where is the competent protection of our soldiers? Where is the protection of our national interests from terrorism? What kind of  moral compass compares our forces with the ethics of terrorists?

The Abu Ghraib Scandal has laid bare the failed, incompetent, corrupt,

Democratic congressman said, on CNN's CrossfireGary Ackerman These people didn't want to trade Saddam in for Saddam-light.


Bush Torture Chamber Court-Martials Are Distractions From What They Want You to Ignore by Rob Kall

When does loyalty to your party leader,  to a man who is corrupt, dishonest and a massive failure as a leader, shift to treason to your nation? This is a question at least a few republicans must be asking themselves. There has to be a line drawn when they either see their continued loyalty as bad for America or, probably,  more likely, and more cynically, bad for their future political careers.

* * *

The newspapers and media can't keep up with rising gas prices. On saturday, while up in the Poconos, I stopped at a gas station selling gas for 1.99, had a fresh newspaper that reported that the local gas prices were  at a record high, 1.94. On Saturday, gas prices were $1.91 in my neighborhood in suburban Philly. By Sunday, they'd risen to $1.99 or higher. As the rest of the world continues to raise its hate of George Bush and through him, all of the US, the prices will continue to rise. Print those stickers blaming gas prices on bush and start putting them on gas pumps.

* * *

CNN is now censoring the use of the word BALLS. They got a letter from a reader and showed it as ****S.   Cafferty read it as watchamacallits.  How ironic. 

May 9

I wonder what those Catholic bishops who are threatening to take communion away from Kerry are saying about Bush's Torture Chambers. William Rivers Pitt is always good, but his article that the war is lost is extraordinary.

May 8

American Atrocities Due To Rapacious Privatization and Asymmetric Military Tactical Failure;  The Solution; Patriotic Republicans must cut from Corporatist Sellouts and Rescue America. Blaming a handful of soldiers is a red herring. By Rob Kall Rumsfield admits, President was blindsided.

May 7

Bush the Most Hated Man in the History of the World?

It's not enough to blame Rumsfeld for what happened at Abu Ghraib. Yes, it is true he failed to read the report. It is true that his generals "sand-bagged" th eir response and veiled the announcement of the atrocities in a vague, neutral sounding public report. But this collection of atrocities, that have effectively cost us any success, whatever that might have meant, in Iraq, must be blamed, at the roots, upon policy decisions that came out of the White house.

It's clear that the grunts who actually perpetrated these incredibly sick, cruel torture atrocities were encouraged by private contractors. It is no accident that a military prison has workers who are not military. It is the systematic policy and goal of the neocons, of the republican party to privatize the government-- to replace people who are paid by and accountable to the government with independent, corporately paid and supervised workers. This is another way to shrink government, to weaken the power of government, to further de-regulate different circles of influence and power.

Since this clear experiment in privatization directly led to what amounts to the massive and sudden loss of our nation's credibility and positive influence in Iraq, the blame must be placed on the Bush administration and its advisors.

Congress should not be calling for Rumsfeld's resignation. It should be calling for Bush to Resign and Paul Wolfowitz, who has repeatedly pushed for military privatization.

The families of the hundreds who have died and the thousands who have come home with life impairing wounds should be outraged that this corporately driven policy was implemented, throwing away the achievements their sacrifices produced.

We are certainly seeing just the tip of the iceberg-- an iceberg that could be so massively destructive to the US's reputation, good will assets that it could make the destruction of the titanic seem miniscule. There are over 20,000 mercenaries in Iraq-- more than twice the number of British military personnel. The US has, with hypertestosterone and greed fed aggression, pursued the privatization of vast swathes of the Iraqi economy. This totally out of control, un-regulated rape of the Iraqi's assets is a practice run for what the Bush administration and its corporatist backers plan to do with what is left in the US.

Seeing the abject failure of this policy experiment in the Abu Ghraib prison, it is truly terrifying to consider the damage already done in other areas of privatization, waiting to be uncovered, probably already known by the the Bush administration.

And the Bush policy is to avoid accepting responsibility, blame lower level grunts, transfer the blame to non-government personnel, avoid apology, and finally, to forgive the worst, most failed, incompetent offenders, since they are most likely to, if they are fired, tell the truth about the rapidly collapsing, infested, rotting core hidden by the Bush administration facade.

No, it is not time for Rumsfeld to go. It is time for Bush, his administration and the corrupt, blind, unrepentant right wing ideologues and fundamentalist to be massively rejected by an American public justifiably outraged by the abuses, treacheries and treasons this cabal has perpetrated. And if the mainstream media do not embrace their responsibility to expose the failures and the threats to our nation from within, then they must be looked at very closely as threats to the nation themselves and certainly as shameful failures at responsible, ethical journalism.

Bush is the Most Hated Man in the History of the World  By Rob Kall

Where's the purported character and integrity in a shallow man who refuses to take responsibility, who refuses to apologize and who surrounds himself with sycophants who also refuse to apologize or take responsibility?

Idiot liar Sean Hannity rants that we should be comparing the "abuse" of prisoners with the behavior of the assailants who killed and charred the four Halliburton employees.  Sean, you moron, don't  you get it. The horrible acts in the prison were performed in the name of the US government. What kind of moral standard do you use, comparing our nation's behavior with rogue terrorists and resistance fighters. It's all a smokescreen with Hannity, Limbaugh and the rest of the pathetic apologists for the most embarassing, incompetent, irresponsible, unprepared, destructive administration in the history of the US.


Max, my step-father for the past 24 years, and before that, my uncle since my birth, passed away on Sunday. He lived to the ripe old age of 97, having a great life for all but the last two years, as his health deteriorated. He was an entrepreneur with the first air-conditioned restaurant in Philly-- an upscale restaurant that charged $5 for a sandwich in the early fifties. People came for the air-conditioning.

Scotch and cigars kept him healthy all those years... he drove and lived on his own 'til he was 93.  


Live coverage of the White House Correspondents Dinner tonight--  it really looks like Bush has  dyed his hair. He looks much younger.

* * *

How Dumb Can A President Get? by Rob Kall Responding "... so I didn't like it one bit." just doesn't cut it as a response to the Iraqi prison atrocities done under his watch. 

* * *

Justice Souter was attacked. It will probably get the same aggressive investigation Bush gave to the Valerie Plame outing case. In the Stuart Woods novel Capital Crimes, a lone killer starts killing far right wing power people-- a senator, a supreme court justice, a Rush Limbaugh type.... interesting, but it's a novel. We have the strange death of Paul Wellstone, and now, the close call of a justice who is a lot more liberal than Papa Bush senior expected he'd be when he appointed him. Okay, so this sounds like conspiracy theory.


Troubling: The Right Wing's Attack Word for Kerry

AD FROM THE BUSH-CHENEY CAMPAIGN: Yet, John Kerry has repeatedly opposed weapons vital to winning the war on terror: Bradley fighting vehicles, patriot missiles, B-2 stealth bombers, F-18 fighter jets and more. John Kerry's record on national security: Troubling.

"John Kerry's economic record. Troubling. He opposed tax relief for married couples 22 times. Opposed increasing the child tax credit 18 times. Kerry supported higher taxes over 350 times. He even supported increasing taxes on Social Security benefits and a 50-cent-a-gallon tax hike for gasoline. Now John Kerry's plan will raise taxes at least $900 billion his first 100 days. Kerry and the economy? Troubling."

We find four definitions of troubling from Dictionary.com

To agitate; stir up. To afflict with pain or discomfort. To cause emotional strain or anxiety to; worry or distress. To inconvenience; bother: May I trouble you for directions?



Why Liberals and Progressives Should be Voting Against Kerry by Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com right now, there's no other choice for those liberals who still have an opportunity to vote.

THom Hartmann's article on why


George Tenet must go. The guy is sticking like glue, in spite of all his screw-ups. The 9-11 commissioners suck up to him.... It looks like Tenet has put the fear of God into his employers and job reviewers. Could it be that he learned from J. Edgar Hoover-- that he's got enough dirt on enough people that they're afraid to get rid of him, or even to confront him? There should be a term limit for heads of spook agencies. Meanwhile, this serial screw-up should get a major Donald Trump, "you're fired."

* * *

I spent Thursday evening Driving Dennis Kucinich around Philly. I listened to him give talks that evening and the next morning. What a stark difference between him and the rest of the presidential wannabes-- meaning Kerry. Kucinich hammers again and again that he is still running because he wants to push kerry to be a democrat, not a republican lite. I think Kerry could do it, but he's afraid. He's a man who's shown he has courage, so it's not this he is lacking. He needs to be assured that he must take positions that come from his core beliefs, not the weak-spined, pandering, centrist DLC positions that make so many people feel that there's no difference between Bush and Kerry.

Kerry has to take stands and face up to the wimps and sellouts in the Democratic party before he goes to Boston and comes back from the mountain with a democratic platform that's carved in stone. Kerry must find the stiff part of his spine and take positions that are not Bush look-alike. That means strong stands on Iraq, on the Israeli-Palestinian perpetual problem, the environment, electronic voting, voter roll lists and state level vote process and count corruption.


Boycott Diebold Bank Teller Machines?

It just hit me. Diebold could be offering electronic voting machines with printers built in, so ballots could be re-counted. But they don't, and the head of Diebold has promised to win the election for George the Cretin Bush. I wonder what effect would develop if hundreds of thousands of, even millions of people contacted their banks and said they were going to refuse to use automated teller machines made by Diebold or other companies that make electronic voting equipment that is a threat to democracy.

The next level to take this to is to threaten to move your account to a bank that does not use Diebold, or at least, to insist that your bank demand that Diebold build election products that include usable printers, so they are not threats to democracy-- and that those demands be published in ads.

I don't know. Is this a practical strategy? I do know that businesses respond to letter writing campaigns much more than politicians.

Perhaps the first step is to find out if your bank uses Diebold machines. I'm going to do that with the two banks my business uses and the bank I use privately.

BTW, this can also apply to other electronic voting machine companies besides Diebold. I think Sequoia also builds ATMs, or is a subsidiary of a company that builds them.

Driving Dennis

I was the local volunteer Driver for Dennis Kucinich the other evening. I found out six days earlier he'd be in town and a day or two later, contacted the local volunteer coordinator, the person who'll be  his convention delegate if we pull 15% of the vote for Dennis in the PA primary next week. I offered to do the driving, knowing that she, a single mother of four, was not likely to be able to do it.

I guess if I were totally selfless, I could have volunteered to baby-sit her kids all day too, but that didn't occur to me at the time. So my offer was appreciatively responded to. I could take my better half's  new Chevy SUV or my beat up '98 Ford Windstar van.  The response was surprising, but understandable. Dennis likes American vans, and refuses to ride in SUVs. This is a man who walks his talk and his image. That presented a problem. My van is in good running condition, but it looks sort of like my desk.

April 17

Bush Knew and Failed to Protect the Nation from Attack within our Continental Borders, as Clinton Had Done, As Every President Has done For close to Two Hundred Years by Rob Kall

April 16

Republicans, Learning from Terrorists, Use Political Asymmetric War Strategies;       By Rob Kall Bush's "Stay the Course," meaning  "Re-Elect Me" is a Psycholinguistic meme

April 15

Summing up The Bush Faux Press Conference; By Rob Kall  Bush's Subliminal Tie, Signs of Journalist Testicles and Morning After Ozzian Fields as Bush fails to apologize, admit error or answer questions

April 12,

DuPont to Fire 3,000 Workers, Shut Canadian Factory (Update4)

Dupont fires 3500 workers and their stock goes up. That's the pattern of positive economic news we have here in the US.  Bush's good economic news is BAAAD for the middle class, bad for unions, bad for technology professionals.

April 9

Even Bill O'Reilly is worried about George. He says:

"At this point, President Bush is actually running against himself. With the situation in Iraq tenuous, Bush finds himself in a race against time to straighten things out in the land of Saddam. Even though the U.S. economy is improving, chaos on an overseas battlefield is emerging as the endgame issue in the upcoming election.
Wisely, John Kerry has said little about the Iraq fighting. You don 't criticize the commander-in-chief in the middle of a firefight. That could be construed as putting U.S. forces in jeopardy and undermining morale. Kerry would be smart to keep it zipped.
Also, the senator can read the polls. President Bush is sinking into the morass that Iraq is threatening to become. If things are this messed up over there next October, Kerry won 't have to say a word. He can wave at the voters, and they 'll wave him right in.
So George W. Bush has to stabilize things in Iraq over the next few months, or he goes the way of Lyndon Johnson."

The rest of O'Reilly's article is about the media not treating George well on the economy.

* * *

Coaching Condi and George on Testifying before the 911 Commission by Rob Kall A guide to testifying under oath and not-under-oath

* * *

CNN reports on a man who's crucified himself each year, for the last 20 years. "Following him through the flagellations and crucifixions..." they promise to show the gruesome details. Do you think that Mel Gibson's movie THE PASSION had any influence on their content decision this Good Friday?

April 8

I've been out of town, visiting in-laws in Canada. Up in Canada, the Liberal party runs the government. They get some flak, but it is inspiring. Remember that the US is a form of Liberal Democracy. It is only due to the likes of drug abusing vermin like Rush Limbaugh that the very word describing our democracy is reviled. I'm proud of it and will soon be adding a section with classic writings that have contributed to formation of the core concepts of liberalism.

I did write an OpEd on the wars against America, within America, which just needs some final polishing.

April 3,

E-voting; Don't Count Un-recountable Votes By Rob Kall

April 1

Liberal Talk Radio is Busting out all over  by Rob Kall

March 31

Operation Desert Badger; Bush's Failed Plan to Instigate  an Early Iraq War by Rob Kall

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