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Poll: Does "Free Energy" Exist?

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Poll: Does "Free Energy" Exist?

    Op Ed News Poll: Does “Free Energy” Exist?

By Steve Windisch 3-2009

There are many controversial alternative energy technologies out there today that have been touted as being direct and highly competitive replacements to coal and oil. Many are listed in the series of articles “Free Energy and the Open Source Energy Movement” (Parts 1-4), and hundreds of other places around the Internet… These describe devices that produce no pollution, require no fuel, and are safe. The are not really “free” , in that they produce “cheap” energy (and of course the devices will not be given away). They are also not “free” in that many concerned and educated people all over the world believe they are being “held captive”; in that these technologies important to us all have been hidden and suppressed for many years… Due in varying degrees to the below factors of:

> The Trillions in easy profits from fossil fuels (and the hierarchical monopoly-like control therein from having a society based on “scarcity”). When “following the money” and using the lessons of History, human nature, and group psychology; one could predict with near 100% accuracy that suppressions and worse would happen to defend the current system against competing energy sources that would greatly change society.

> Mainstream scientific dogma anathema to change (..for these technologies would also force changes in widely accepted Theory). This irrational and un-scientific fear of change helps keep these technologies from being openly studied by our Universities, and insures that those “maverick” scientists and Professors who do study them pay a significant price by their Peers for even mentioning “perpetual motion” devices. Of course, there is no “perpetual motion”… The energy is just unseen and coming from another source not predicted by current widely accepted Theory. But even this explanation falls down in the case of Hydroxy… The mainstream scientific community is out-and-out lying about the amount of energy needed to create Hydrogen from water: By a factor of at least “4”.. And they have known about the highly efficient techniques for over 20 years. This does not require change in theory to accept (conventional Capacitive theory would explain the much greater efficiency); yet they still refuse to except the vastly more efficient numbers despite numerous proofs… And still teach the old, inefficient numbers which act to discourage the further study of something that would otherwise prove water is a potent and viable fuel that could replace gasoline. The terms “Hydroxy”, “Brown’s Gas”, and “HHO” refer to the creation of Hydrogen and Oxygen gas by the disassociation of water via electrolysis or chemical means. The only byproduct of burning hydroxy in our existing slightly-modified internal combustion or Diesel engines would be water; which can even be reused.

> Draconian, authoritarian demands of the Military-Industrial Complex for having these technologies available only for themselves. Over 3,000 Patent Requests, most of them related to “free energy” technologies, have been “secretized”… And apparently indefinitely shelved. Even a “non-military” government agency; the U.S. Dept of Transportation, is reported to be holding rights for the last 7 years to certain patents for manufacturing asymmetrical magnets that would be of the greatest importance to designing new free energy devices based on the power of magnets to run a generator with no external fuel. There are no legitimate “safety” or “weapons” concerns with magnets (your local Hospital's “MRI” unit would be more dangerous)…. Why are they sitting on these patents? That is the "Trillion Dollar Question".

> Corporate greed: Many Free Energy and other inventions (some of them wholly “conventional” in nature, such as “vaporization of gasoline” carburetors and systems that would raise mileage by over 200%), have been bought-out and shelved forever, by large corporations who wish for these important devices to never reach the market and change the current paradigm. Several Hydroxy-based and pulse motor/magnet devices are reported to have also suffered this fate.

For those who have looked at the data, and agree with the validity and value of the Free Energy technologies; the above reasons add-up to a grand deception and plan to keep us using fossil fuels that has gone on for well over 100 years. And we believe the time is now, and past-due, to stop this charade… And allow the free energy technologies to come into the light. The planet, and our nations’ economies, can no longer afford the luxury of doing without them.

Below, the Poll asks if you believe Free Energy technologies exist, and if they are being kept from us. If you are unsure about this subject, please take the time to study it; many concerned people from all over the world believe it is of the utmost importance to us all. We believe that you, as many have, will come to the conclusion that there are no rational reasons for our Universities and independent laboratories to not study these important technologies in an open and unfettered environment…

And that is all we are asking.

Knee-jerk skepticism is a large problem we face here. I would ask that if you are unaware or unsure of these concepts, then first search your mind for a valid reason to discount them out-of-hand; other than you may have heard derogatory and derisive (but unconfirmed), things about them in the past. If you wish, look to the general skeptic / debunking sites and search what they have on “free energy”… There is really little of substance there: Only the usual ad hominem attacks with no scientific basis, and some legitimate denunciations of a very few widely-publicized individuals who were proven frauds in the past. This lack of serious debunking material is because there are little or no actual peer-reviewed mainstream scientific studies to confirm or deny these technologies. We would ask: “Why is this”? That is the “Trillion Dollar Question”.

One would think that the oil companies themselves would spend the money for studies debunking them…. If they could. After all, they spend hundreds of millions on debunking "Global Warming"; and these free energy suppression accusations (including the murders or controversial deaths of many free energy inventors and proponents such as Stanley Meyer and Dr. Eugene Mallove), have been persistent “urban legends”, and continual thorns in their side for many years (since the 1970’s or even before).

Note: The below “Rating System” is a means of tallying a numeric average for a definitive answer. It is arbitrary, of course: But so are all polls ;)

The Free Energy Poll (expanded questions; the shortened actual poll Q's with less than 90 characters are below):

1. Free Energy technologies exist! And they have been suppressed and hidden from us. They should be intensely studied by our Universities, and the hidden and shelved technologies for generating safe, clean, and abundant energy be “freed” from secrecy! Rated “+5” on the comparative scale.

2. Free Energy devices may exist, but there is no “conspiracy” suppressing them. They just haven’t reached market yet, probably because so far they haven’t worked. But some show promise, and still should be studied much more by our Universities. Rated “+1”.

3. They do not really exist; there may be some minor proofs but they are inconsequential, their inventors and “followers” misinformed or deluded. They do not deserve further study. Rated “–1”.

4. The ground wire to your tin-foil hat must have fallen off: These things are a hoax! Rated “–5”.

5. I honestly have no idea if Free Energy could be “for-real” or not. I need to look into it more when I get the time. But thanks for asking ;). Rated “0”

If this subject interests you, please read the below articles, which link to many more. In the opinions of many around the world, NOW is the time to petition our governments to allow these important technologies to come out into the light. We may be at a time of cusp, when a small “push” in the right direction may make a huge difference. It is well worth the chance, and effort, to let our elected officials know that THIS year, 2009, is the year for releasing the “Free Energy” technologies to the world: For the good of our economy, our environment, and of us all.

Free Energy technologies exist! And they have been suppressed and hidden from us.
These devices may exist but there is no conspiracy. They just haven’t reached market yet.
They do not really exist. They do not deserve further study.
The ground wire to your tin-foil hat must have fallen off: These things are a hoax!
I have no idea if Free Energy is “for-real” or not.

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