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August 21, 2011

OEN Announcement: Departure of Managing Editor Cheryl Biren

By Rob Kall

After much consideration, Managing Editor, Cheryl Biren, will be stepping down from her position with Opednews. For four years, Cheryl has been an invaluable treasure as a member of the OEN management team. She will, however, stay connected to OEN in a less formal way including consulting on special projects in the future.


Cheryl's work, primarily on site policy, quality, accuracy, security issues and research (her nick-name among senior editors is "Cherlock") and her ever vigilant monitoring of content and issues concerning the site will be sorely missed.

Cheryl also covered many protests and actions for OEN, taking extraordinary photographs like the one below, taken December 16, 2010, at the Whitehouse gate, where more than 130 anti-war protesters, including Dan Ellsberg, Ray McGovern, Coleen Rowley, Medea Benjamin, Chris Hedges and many other friends of OEN were arrested. She remains committed to reporting from the front lines of social justice actions.

Veteran Led Civil Resistance (photo by Cheryl Biren)

We want to thank Cheryl from the bottom of our hearts for her tireless efforts in making OEN a much better, smarter, more whole and wiser site.

I'm certain I speak for all who've worked with Cheryl that she has been an inspiration and sterling example of wisdom, judgment and integrity.

Cheryl, we thank you most sincerely, and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. Should your situation alter at any future time to enable your return to OEN, we will be honored to welcome you back.

Rob Kall and Managing Editors Mikhail Lyubansky, Linda Milazzo and John Moffett

Member Page for Cheryl Biren

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