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September 13, 2005

God to Bush and Right Wing “Religious” Extremists

By Rob Kall


I talk to God and here’s what she’s told me in the last few days. Of course, she doesn’t always talk directly to me. God channeled a message to me through one of the auctioneers at my weekly used book auction, who remarked that if people think God is punishing the sinners in New Orleans, how come he left the bordellos and liquor establishments on Bourbon Street survive?

At dinner on Saturday, God channeled to me a joking remark through a psychologist friend, that God devastated New Orleans so the people of the US and the world could see what an incompetent failure at protecting THE PEOPLE of the USA George Bush is.

I ask God why she let George become president and she replies,

“Pride goeth before the fall.”

But that really screws up a lot of people’s lives,” I reply.

God: “Yes.”

“And the right wingers are just ruining the US, turning it into a third world, banana republic,” I continue.

God: “Yes.”

And the right wing policies are dumbing down education and turning the media into mindless spewers of garbage.

God: “Yes.”

Do you want this to happen?

God: “No. But I don’t want it not to happen either. I don’t choose nations. I create and then let my creations be free. Goodness and love will rise. Darkness and evil sometimes get their way for a while, but in the end, they fall…. Sort of like gases… the heavier ones sink beneath the lighter ones. I try not to reinvent the wheel--- gases, good and evil—same model.”

So the US could fall because of the evil within it?

God: “yes.”

But what about the millions of good people?

God: “God: “You’re referring to the people who vote against Bush? Why do you think they are good? They sit and watch, mostly in silence, without taking risks, without sacrificing, without doing what it takes—taking action, fighting for goodness, giving up money, comfort. There are degrees of goodness and evil. Those who sit and watch, or read and watch or not much better than those who commit evil or think evilly.”


God: “It’s my universe. I can coin words if I want to.”

But these nutcase right wingers are moving us closer and closer to nuclear Armageddon. Humans, heck, all the life on earth could be erased from the planet’s surface.

God: “So? Pencils have erasers. If you need to correct a mistake, YOU have an eraser to clean up your error. I have nukes.”

Whew. That’s a pretty severe punishment, isn’t it?

God: “Humans are among the highest manifestations of the universal intelligence. But they are just manifestations, temporary bumps, in the fabric of the universe, solar flares of the moment, experiments in the cosmic recipe book. They’re a blip in a moment of time in a universe where time is a way of paying attention. Thomas Edison tried over a thousand times to come up with the right material for a light bulb. Even God gets to experiment with new inventions.”

So we could just disappear in a moment?

God: “No. You don’t disappear, ever. You re-merge with the universe, cellularly, energetically, spiritually, regardless of belief. Some people twist words and ideas and get silly or confused about it. For example. They say God will return. That’s nonsense. I’m here. I’m always here. They’re the ones who disconnect. They’re the ones who are gone. All they have to do is open their hearts and kaching, I’m back, with them, just like you, Rob. I’m with you when you remember to be with me. I’m actually with you all the time. But you forget.”

What about all those poor people who died in the flood?

God: “I make my own exclamation points. They’re being well taken care of. I wanted to help the good people a bit. I wanted to help the journalists who were afraid to do the right thing. They saw things that helped them find their hearts and their voices, their righteous indignation. I can be good at inspiring the real thing, righteous indignation-wise.”

What about the people who died on 9/11?

God: “I have my ways. America has been on a long, downward path. It may go all the way down, to become a minor power, like Spain, Portugal, Rome, Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia. America did some good things, but it has developed hubris, and it’s people have been failing to adapt their nation to the best that could be. That’s one reason I invented death. People die and are replaced by new life, new ideas. Same with nations and peoples.”

Is there hope for the US?

God: “Always. But they better get their asses in gear. People need to wake up and stop being so complacent. It will be the death of America and the death of their liberal souls.”

You don’t have much tolerance for liberals?

God: “I have more tolerance for them, because they have the potential… But they have to learn how to pray. I don’t mean to me. I mean they have to remember, every day, every moment, that they are part of something bigger—the universe, me, and their nation, their democracy, their freedoms. And when they forget, when they fail to remember this, it is like stopping breathing. When they fail to remember that they have to DO things to keep their freedoms, their democracy alive, that they have to do things every day, pay tribute, make sacrifices, then the soul of their nation dies a little death, a little more, each day, each moment. They have to remember, to stay connected to the dream of the original founders, which has become their reality. Or they will sink into a nightmare. Already, they are seeing the fruits of their forgetting, their unwillingness to sacrifice.”


Rob Kall used to be an agnostic. He started talking to God about seven or eight years ago. The beginnings of his conversations are described here.

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