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January 23, 2013

Hillary and the Big Bad Benghazi Wolves of Congress

By Rob Kall

my take on Hillary's testimony on Bengazi today-- and her 2016 potential


image from House of Reps feed, shown on MSNBC

I'm not a huge fan of Hillary, but she has comported herself admirably in dealing with a crew of GOP senate jackals nipping at her heels.  Rand Paul was particularly cretinish, auditioning for a Dr. Seuss book, saying, "If I were the president-- I'd fire you" to Hillary, and suggesting that her retirement was an admission of her failure. As the TV ad with the baby says-- "What a pantsload."

As I write, Hillary is addressing the house committee, which I expect to be far worse-- but, based on the way Hillary handled McCain, Paul and others, I expect them to be more mosquitos than jackals. 

If the GOP hoped to squash her hopes for running for president in 2016, they clearly failed. She acquitted herself in a way that shows she's smart, strong and very presidential. As I said, I'm not a fan, but Hillary is facing what could have been her Waterloo and turning it into a visit to the water fountain. 

I must say that I've never seen such a collection of vapid smilers as I have the GOP questioners who, for the most part, start off with fake niceties, with the intention of eviscerating her with their brilliant interviews. Entertaining, humorous, but certainly they've failed to even show signs of substantive thinking. 

It's fun to see the wet-dream fantasy of the right wingers-- confronting Hillary with all their Bengazi conspiracy theory froth and floridity, only to see her calmly drain their spleens, etc, leaving them limp-- jawed and impotent. 

Not surprisingly, the Democrats are fawning shamelessly over her. 

I have a feeling that overall, the right, which initiated what they'd hoped would be a roast, will be hurt by this, and the Democrats, if they can overcome their propensity to f*ck up royally, will be able to gain advantage from this. 

In four years, 2016, I want a woman to be elected to be the next president. Clinton is more conservative than I'd like, but if she runs and wins, it is clear she has the smarts and experience to do a more than competent job. The question, of course, is WHO she will be competent on behalf of-- the 99% or the one percent and the banksters, as it seems Obama has performed.

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