Petition Signatures on "End the Debt Crisis with debt-free United States Notes!"

Name Location Date Member Page Comments
Billy Wilson London KY 08/09/2013 Member Page
walter sargent Huntington Sta. NY 06/04/2013 Member Page
Salomon Mendoza St. Helena CA 05/08/2013 Member Page
Raynard Rhodes Wheaton MD 03/31/2013 Member Page
Jason Zwicke Albuquerque NM 03/08/2013 Member Page
Jason Zwicke Albuquerque NM 03/08/2013 Member Page
David Mills Cordova TN 02/03/2013 Member Page
sharon golgan Austin AR 12/04/2012 Member Page
Mike Kirchubel Fairfield CA 12/03/2012 Member Page I have been advocating for the issuance of United States Notes for years, in my weekly newspaper column, in my book, Vile Acts of Evil - Banking in America, in articles here at OpEd News: and in my petition at . Everybody should be made aware of this economic fix. This is simply common sense, unfortunately, it is uncommon knowledge.
Deborah Dills Bellingham WA 11/24/2012 Member Page
R. Lance King Walkersville MD 09/19/2012 Member Page
Daniel Geery Salt Lake City, Utah UT 09/15/2012 Member Page
Rudy Avizius Audubon NJ 09/01/2012 Member Page
Donal Butterfield New York City NY 08/31/2012 Member Page
Mary Lebert Hamburg MI 08/27/2012 Member Page Any bill that Dennis Kucinich (and John Conyers)sponsor is one for "the people." They are two of the very few in government who aren't corporate-owned.
Thomas Hagan Little Neck NY 08/26/2012 Member Page It's time to regain our sovereigntry which we lost in 1913 when the fed took over.
Alex James San Angelo TX 08/25/2012 Member Page
Daniel Penisten Sonora CA 08/24/2012 Member Page
Erv Amdahl Sierra Vista AZ 08/23/2012 Member Page
john williamson n.y. NY 08/23/2012 Member Page
Robert Marble Mission Viejo CA 08/23/2012 Member Page
Arthur M Howard D├Ąttlikon NN 08/23/2012 Member Page
Tom Tonon Princeton Jct. NJ 08/23/2012 Member Page
E.Gerald Chumley Winslow IN 08/22/2012 Member Page
Scott Baker NYC NY 08/22/2012 Member Page

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